Blackjack Online UK 2019

Blackjack or twenty-one (21) as it is better known as for some people many people is one of the most mythical casino table games of all time. Online casinos have brought a whole new dimension to the game by introducing blackjack online, which according to many people is the most exciting version of the card game. 

With the aim of getting as close to 21 (but not higher) as possible you are not only playing against the cards but also against the dealer. When you play blackjack online you can either play the regular animated version of the games or face to face a real-life dealer in the live casino. 

Whether you are preference is in for an exciting round of online gaming. Many online casino websites give you a flying start by giving away free bonuses for you to test your luck when playing blackjack online. Go to Casinomirs list of online casino sites to read more about these exciting promotions for blackjack online.

How to Play Free Blackjack Online

The easiest way to describe how to play Blackjack online is that you as player should compare your cards with the ones of the dealer, also called the bank. Whoever has got the best cards wins the round of play. The usual 52-card deck is used where variations exist in terms of number of decks. 

There are games with one, two, four, six or eight decks of cards. The more decks that are being used, the bank´s percentage of winning. In all its simplicity, it is based on getting 21 points with at least two cards. If you succeed in just two you get blackjack and win but if you get over 21, you get thick and lose the hand. If the cards don’t allow you to aim for 21, the next option to get as close as possible to beat the dealer. 

The bank, in turn, loses if the player has the higher hand, or if it becomes thick. All face cards are worth ten, aces are worth one or fourteen and the others under the normal denomination of the card. Read the rules in the paragraph below here to learn more about how to play blackjack. Another way to learn is to watch the movie 21 with Kevin Spacey as a card-counting professor.

Blackjack Promotions at Online Casino Websites

This is the record year of online casino, with new sites being released every month. This fact also leads to many generous promotions. These are being offered on online casino websites for new players. Some sites give away free money which you can still use to compete for real prizes or welcome bonus packages. 

Some internet casino websites will you give you up to 400 % of match bonus on your first deposits. You will find all the best offers here. In our list you can find the most generous casino promotions. You can also find slot games for free thanks to free spins no deposit required offers. 

Casinomir have chosen to gather all the best offers from safe and secure UK online casinos in one single place. You will find all exciting promotions and free online blackjack offers in our list of casinos. You can also sort the list based on newest casino or largest amount of bonus. Make sure not to miss out on any of those blackjack promotions. This is to boost and maximize your chances of winning on online casino.

Online Blackjack Strategies

Each round of blackjack begins with the player betting the desired amount as long as its above or below the table limits. This occurs before the cards are dealt. The bank then gives card to the player and one card to himself with both visible. Subsequently, the dealer award both the player and him or herself another card and at this stage the player himself decides if he wants to draw more cards into their hand or stop. 

Once the choice is made the bank now play its own hand, where 17 is the limit. According to most blackjack rules, the bank must stand on 17 or higher. According to the rules you also must draw cards at all during the 17. During the game, the player has a few options that can be exploited. A split is possible if the two cards of the same rank sits on hand. The other possibility; a double up means that the player can double the bet if the sum of his cards is of the desired value. 

When you can and should double up depends on the different variations of blackjack, but as a rule is when you get 11 always a good time not depending on what the dealer has got on the hand. The player wins twice the amount of the initial bet if he or she beats the dealer, except for blackjack when the player is paid 3-2. Note that there are a lot of variation in rules between different forms of blackjack regarding when doubling may take place, when the split will take place, how the initial given work when cards are dealt to the player and the bank, and that the above is an example of typical European blackjack rules.

How to Play Free Blackjack Online for Fun

It is today very tough competition for the customer between online casinos. Players like to play both slots and blackjack online. Casino websites must offer many type of games to compete. Here in Europe, where we are accustomed to an established variant gives blackjack online is a great opportunity to try out new versions and play blackjack for fun. To mention a few:

  • Double Attack Blackjack originating in Atlantic City allow doubling when the player seen the bank's initial card. Here, blackjack, however no higher payout than the other wins. The game also has a few side games that can pay out bonuses.
  • Vegas Style Blackjack can save the player if he becomes thick and gets over 21 in the sense that the operation goes back even if the bank becomes thick while a higher amount with their cards.
  • Spanish 21 gives players the advantage of including one to double no matter what cards are on the table. Here are all the tens removed from the game. One feature is that the bonus is paid if you get 21 with at least five cards.
  • Vegas Strip played with four decks of cards only give the player the opportunity to split the ace and only once while doubling allowed on any two cards at any time.

Find the Best Bonus for Blackjack Online 2018

We hope that you now have all the tools to play blackjack online. With this guide as a foundation you can go out win some real big money. You can play online blackjack both for free and for real money. The casino websites listed here will give you both options. 

As we have already mentioned, you can start playing with a bonus. This is to boost the chances of winning when first playing. Sometimes the bonuses for slot games will be better than blackjack and roulette. Make sure to read the full terms before you get started. 

Sign up today and try out playing blackjack online today. You can both play live blackjack and animated games on most online casino websites today. We wish you good luck and hope you have learned the game from reading this guide!