Non UK Casinos – Find a non UK licensed casino

There are hundreds of licensed casinos in the UK and there are new brands opening their digital doors for new players every month. Is there really a reason to play on a non-licensed casino? Not really – the licensed casino brands gives you higher security and the UKGC is working for the players right.

Some players, however, miss the days when the bonuses was huge and gamification natural part of casinos. The strict rules from UKGC have limited this opportunity for many UK licensed casinos and this is very the offshore casinos fills a gap in the market.

The Best Non-UK Casinos

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150 £1500
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UK Players Accepted
UK Players Accepted
T&C Applies | 18+
100 £4000
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UK Players Accepted
UK Players Accepted
T&C Applies | 18+
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UK Players Accepted
UK Players Accepted
T&C Applies | 18+
45 £3000
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UK Players Accepted
UK Players Accepted
T&C Applies | 18+
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UK Players Accepted
UK Players Accepted
T&C Applies | 18+

Casinos not in the UK – What does it mean?

If you have been playing a lot at online casinos throughout the years you have most likely already played on non-UK casinos. The truth is that basically all casinos operating online in the UK is based offshore. Many casinos have their base in other countries than United Kingdom. This is mainly due to tax reasons or because of the original origin of the company. To operate in the UK however, they must have a valid UK license.

Normally, when people talking about a non UK casino they don’t mean the actual base of the company which is behind the casino. Normally they mean casinos that are not licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. It is very important to understand the difference between casinos not based in the UK and casinos with a non-UK license.

Casinos not based in the UK

  • Normally based off-shore for tax reasons
  • Almost all operating casinos in the UK is based outside of the UK
  • Normally holds a UKGC license
  • Is tax free as long as they have a UKGC license

Non UK licensed casinos

  • Some casinos is operating without a UK license
  • Bigger freedom to the casino to act outside the UKGC guidelines
  • This means less security for players
  • Normally bigger bonuses due to bigger margin than a licensed casino

So, as a casino player we always recommend to play on the UKGC licensed casinos but there are still a demand for online casinos not in the UK from many players. If you are choosing between a non-licensed and a licensed casino you should be aware of risks with playing on a non-licensed casino.

Frequently Asked Questions about non-uk Casinos

Is it legal to play on a non-uk casino?

Almost all online casinos operating in the UK is based offshore. What you should look for is however the casino has a UK license or not. For you as a player though, it is not illegal to play on a non-UK licensed casino.

Why play at a non-UK casino?

If the casino doesn’t hold a UK license, you should preferably go for a casino that has one. However, some players don’t want to play under the UK Gambling Act and there could be numerous of reasons for this.

How do I know if the casino has a UK license?

Normally, the casino itself states on their website if they have a UK license or not. There is normally a banner in the footer. To be 100% sure, you can however search on the website of Gambling Commission for valid licenses.

Can casinos loose a license?

Yes. The UKGC have a lot of rules the casinos must follow to operate in the UK. Normally, there is a fine if they don’t but if it happens a number of times, the casino can loose their license. Search on the Gambling Commission website to make sure a casinos license is valid.

Why doesn’t all casinos just have a UK license?

The UKGC is extremely strict with their license. The UKGC is created both to generate tax money (to benefit UK citizens) and to keep the players safe. This means a lot of rules and strict KYC’s. Some casinos aren’t granted a license and some choose to operate without one to have larger opportunities for basically anything.

Is my rights limited when playing on a casino without UK license?

Yes. Normally these casinos are based in Curacao and the Gambling Act of Curacao is less focused on the safety of the player and more focused on the benefit of the casino. This is a very important thing to know when playing on a offshore casino.

Foreign casinos that accept UK Players

As mentioned above, the main part of all casinos in the UK is actually based abroad. The taxes is still payed in the UK by all the licensed casinos but normally the lower company taxes in places like Malta, Curacao, Gibraltar and Isle of Man attracts companies operating online to have their base somewhere else.

EU Casinos that Accept UK Players

non uk casinos

Basically all casino sites with a UKGC license is based within the EU. This means that countries within the EU can offer their services (including casino) to any other EU citizen. When you’re playing on a EU casino there are some benefits, but the biggest one is that you’re not eligible to pay taxes on your winnings. Imagine spending a lot of money on casino, eventually win some and then have to pay taxes on these winnings? This is the reality if you play on a non-EU casino.

There are still casinos within the EU operating in the UK without a license, but these casinos are rare.

Non-EU Casinos that Accept UK Players

When playing on a non-EU casino there are some things to take into aspect. If the casino has a UKGC-license, you’re fine, but if they don’t have you must be aware of some things. For example, you’re eligible to pay taxes on your winnings which means you have to report your winnings to the government and let them know about this, then pay the taxes needed for this amount.

Normally these casinos are based in Curacao and they still have a license – but a Curacao license. This give you as a player less security than casinos operating under the UKGC gambling act.

USA Casinos that accept UK Players

The USA Casinos that accept UK Players are very rare. It is illegal to offer online casino services in many states in the US but in some states, New Jersey for example, there is a license for online casinos. To operate an online casino in the US you must however have a land based casino, which makes it very hard and very expensive. There are casinos offering US players illegal casino alternatives but these casinos is not recommended to play at.