Non Swedish Licensed Casinos

The iGaming and online casino industry is booming in a range of countries right across the world, and Sweden is no exception. In order to operate an online gambling site in Sweden, organisations and companies must adhere to a strict set of rules as laid out in the Swedish gaming regulation guidelines. However, some players find these regulations restrictive and wish to play at online casinos that offer better terms.

The Swedish gambling market was only opened up to outside investors and brought out from under the government’s monopoly ownership in January 2019 with the Swedish Gaming Act. This prompted the rapid expansion of the iGaming industry in Sweden, so players can find a wide range of Swedish licensed casinos. Equally, many online casino operators have chosen not to take a Swedish licence for their casinos.

Despite the imposed restrictions, the number of online casinos licensed in Sweden is growing. In 2019, a total of 70 operators in Sweden held licenses that allowed them to operate online casinos and iGaming sites and more are expected to be licensed in the future. Because the regulations and offers are so different, it is important to be able to distinguish between these casinos and casinos without Swedish license.

Players in the UK do not have to settle for second best when it comes to choosing an online casino. In practical terms, there is absolutely nothing to stop a player from signing up to casinos not using Swedish license and spending their time and money there. In this article, we will be taking a deeper look at non Swedish licensed casinos and the reasons why many players choose them.

How to Play at a Non Licensed Casino

  1. Pick a Casino from the list

    Select the online casino from the list of non Swedish Licensed brand and sign up via bank-ID or enter your personal details

  2. Choose your deposit method

    Select between credit card, bank transfer or Trustly

  3. Select your welcome bonus offer

    See the options available at the website and start playing with your welcome bonus or free spins

  4. Select your favourite game and start playing

    Select between live casino, slots or betting and play to win at your new casino site in Sweden.

Why Play at a non Swedish Licensed Casinos?

One of the main reasons that a player may choose to use non Swedish licensed casinos is that they often have better bonuses and offers than licensed sites. Online casinos that are not operating under a Swedish license are free from any applicable rules and regulations, so players can enjoy a wider range of VIP bonuses, free spins, cashback bonuses and so on.

Non Swedish licensed casinos do not have to follow regulations on having a delay period between free spins. So when a player has a free spin they can use it straight away and keep the fast pace of the action going. The delay time between free spins for Swedish licensed casinos is currently set at three seconds. This can have a big impact on the speed of a slots game.

Gambling regulations in Sweden require players to maintain a loss limit and a deposit limit when using an online casino. Simply put, a player can only deposit a fixed amount within a certain period of time and can only lose up to a set amount. At non Swedish licensed casinos, these rules do not apply. Players can bet any amount and make as many deposits as they see fit.

• Bonuses may be larger at non Swedish licensed casinos

• Non Swedish licensed casinos have no limits on losses or deposits

Regulations around self suspension and identification requirements can also be a factor in choosing to play at a non licensed casino. If a player has joined a self suspension programme, such as, then a Swedish licensed casino will not allow them access. Likewise, many licensed casinos in Sweden require players to have a BankID or Mobile BankID. Without such identification, a non Swedish licensed casino is the only option.

Bonuses are often used by online casinos to entice new players to sign up and to keep existing players loyal and excited about using the site. These bonuses can be used to build up winnings in a short amount of time and are looked upon favourable by players. Under the Swedish Gaming Act, bonuses are highly regulated with only one bonus per player allowed.

Is it safe to play at non Swedish licensed casinos?

Yes. We do recommend checking licensing rules and Terms and Conditons.

How old do I have to be to sign up to a Swedish online casino?

You must be at least 18 years of age to register.

Is it better to use a Swedish licensed casino?

It depends. Swedish licensed casinos may not have as many bonuses.

Where can I find a casino’s licensing information?

On their homepage, FAQs or in their Terms and Conditions.

Do I have to pay taxes on winnings from a non Swedish licensed casino?

Only if the casino is licensed outside the UK or EU.

Can I use Trustly to Deposit?

There are several non licensed casinos in Sweden that offer players the option to deposit and withdrw via Trustly and direct bank transfer.


How to Check Where a Casino is Licensed

The majority of online casinos and iGaming sites are regulated under a license of some kind, with many being operated from countries such as Curacao, Malta, the United Kingdom or the United States. These sites must conform to the laws and gaming regulations of the countries in which they operate, so players can usually assume that these types of online casinos are legitimate and reputable entities.

The best way to tell where an online casino is regulated and licensed, is to simply check the casino’s registration details. Most online iGaming sites will have these details at the bottom of their home page. If not, players can usually find the relevant licensing information on either the Frequently Asked Questions page or it will be listed in the casino’s Terms and Conditions.

1. Online casinos should prominently display their licensing details

2. Swedish sites are licensed by the Spelinspektionen

If a player is searching an online casino’s site for licensing details and cannot easily find this information, then that is a red flag that the site may not be trustworthy. Reputable casinos will always show players their parent company name and registration number and state which country they are licensed in and what their license number is. If this information can’t be found, we recommend not to use the site.

As well as the actual registration information, there are other things to look for when assessing whether or not a site is licensed in Sweden. Swedish gaming laws are directed at the online casinos themselves, not at any individual player. By knowing what some of the requirements of these laws are, players can find telltale signs that will help them to determine if an online casino is registered in Sweden.

Sites that are licensed in Sweden will feature the Spelinspektionen (Swedish Gambling Authority) logo on the footer of the main page as well as the BankID logo. The BankID logo will usually also appear on the registration page. As mentioned previously, online casinos that are licensed in Sweden cannot offer more than one bonus, so if a site has a range of promotions of offer it is not licensed in Sweden.

Language options are another sign to look out for when assessing if an online casino is licensed in Sweden. Casinos that hold Swedish licenses are required under the Swedish Gaming Act to provide a Swedish translation of their site. The other major Scandinavian languages – Danish, Finnish and Norwegian – may also be featured. Swedish sites will also display the logo of the national self exclusion scheme

Popular Swedish Casinos without a License

  • Cookie Casino
  • N1 Casino
  • Slothunter Casino
  • Spinia Casino
  • Slot Wolf Casino
  • BetAmo Casino
  • Leo Monaco Casino
  • Maneki Casino

The Disadvantages of non Swedish licensed casinos

Using a non Swedish licensed casino can have its drawbacks. In fact, there are many reasons why some players may choose to sign up to a Swedish licensed casino. For example, since the majority of online casinos with Swedish licenses use the BankID system for verification, their registration process is easier and faster – although this may not be applicable for players in the United Kingdom.

If a player has had a problem with their gambling habits getting out of control, then a Swedish licensed casino may be a good option. The lack of bonuses and the tight controls on betting amounts and deposit limits can help to keep gambling within a reasonable threshold. Players that have chosen to re-enter the world of online gaming after being in self exclusion may find these features attractive.

As in Sweden, certain countries may place special regulations upon online casinos that are licensed within their jurisdictions. These restrictions can also be problematic for many players but equally the lack of regulation can be an issue. A case in point is Curacao, which has very lax standards when it comes to giving out gaming licenses. This lack of control can result in a reduction in the quality of the site. Many UK sites not on Gamstop are available through this license.

Because a Curacao online gaming license is easy to obtain and relatively cheap, many less than reputable iGaming sites are registered there. Players may find that they have to wait months before being paid out winnings or that the security systems used by a casino licensed in Curacao are not of a reliable standard. We would advise players to exercise caution when using these online casinos.

Further to the last point, players must be aware that playing at any non Swedish licensed casinos may involve them having to be subject to increased taxes on their winnings. Currently, UK players using online casinos that are not within the United Kingdom or the European Union must pay taxes on their winnings. These taxes can be up to 30% of the total, which is a significant loss.

The quality of the customer service offered by non Swedish licensed casinos can also vary wildly. As Swedish licensed casinos are regulated under the Swedish Gaming Act, they must offer a high standard of customer service. Any disputes that a player may have with a Swedish licensed online casino will be fairly mediated by authorities like the Swedish Consumer Agency and the Gaming Inspectorate, not so at a non-Swedish licenced site.

Why Casinos Choose not to Hold a License in Sweden

Many operators of online casinos have chosen to not seek a Swedish license for their ventures. For some of these companies, they may have chosen not to obtain a license in Sweden as they want to provide their potential players with a wider range of bonuses and welcome offers or run continuous promotions, all of which are currently prohibited under the Swedish Gaming Act.

Sweden is well known for its high tax rates, and the online gaming industry is no exception to these regulations. The tax obligations for any online casino that is registered and licensed in Sweden can be quite high, causing operators to move their businesses elsewhere. At the time of writing the Swedish government requires online casinos to pay 18% tax on their net profits.

Adding to the cost of operating an online casino or iGaming site with a Swedish license is the actual cost of obtaining a license in the first place. Currently, the Spelinspektionen imposes an online casino license acquisition fee of SEK400,000. For many smaller companies, this fee may simply be too high to make launching an online casino a viable financial investment. There is also a range of ongoing costs.

Online casino operators must renew the license of their sites, adding to the financial burden. Smaller companies may not be able to afford to maintain compliance with the Swedish Gaming Act and so will base their operations in other less expensive jurisdictions. A company must pay a licence for every brand it has, which raises the financial cost of operating an online casino business in Sweden considerably.

How we Choose a non Swedish Licensed Casinos

We seek to provide players with a list of quality non Swedish licensed casinos that they can trust and that will provide them with exemplary gaming experience. When choosing which non Swedish licensed casinos to recommend, we take many different factors into account. The number of welcome bonuses are on offer, for instance, or the types of ongoing promotions that a company may run are considered.

The variety and quality of the games on offer by non Swedish licensed casinos plays a large role in whether we recommend them or not. Many online casinos simply purchase their games from platforms that provide collections of games so there are quite a few sites that offer the same suite of games. We look for casinos that provide players with a range of gaming options from reputable developers.

The quality of the security options provided by our recommended non Swedish licensed casinos must be beyond reproach. We look for online iGaming sites that require players to undergo a stringent verification process before they can sign up. This prevents fraud and identity theft. We also require our recommended casinos to use the latest in security software and to provide competent and easily available customer service options.

Although we cannot control the regulations or laws set down by any individual country, we do try and offer our players a selection of sites that will give them the best returns on their winnings. The sites we recommend must also offer players a range of banking options for withdrawals and deposits. In general, non Swedish licensed casinos, tend to offer a greater range of banking options than their Swedish counterparts.

Games on Offer at non Swedish Licensed Casinos without Spelpaus

These days, most gamblers who choose to use non Swedish licensed casinos can find all the usual casino games. Most sites have many different variations of poker, such as Texas Hold Em, Seven Card Stud or even the Indian version Teen Patti. Blackjack is also a common favourite, with many different options available to players. The other most easily available card game found on non Swedish licensed casinos is Baccarat.

Online slots are hugely popular with gamblers in the United Kingdom and throughout the world. These days there are a massive selection of slots to choose from, with games that vary wildly in complexity and payouts. It is worth noting that some slots developers only offer their games on casinos with a Swedish license. Microgaming, Netent and Playtech games are usually not offered at non Swedish licensed casinos.

Most non Swedish licensed casinos will offer players the chance to compete in a live casino environment. In these areas, players can pit their wits against experienced croupiers or play against other players from around the world. In some cases, players can also place bets on real time sporting events at non Swedish licensed casinos. However, since operating live sports betting is more complicated, these sites are limited.

Final Thoughts on non Swedish Licensed Casinos

Gamblers can choose to play at licensed Swedish online casinos, or they can try their luck with non Swedish licensed casinos. Both options are completely legal and are freely available to all players in the United Kingdom. As we have seen, there are many factors that come into play when a person decides to spend time and money at a Swedish casino or a non Swedish licensed casino.

We must recommend that anyone who chooses to use any type of online casino research the site properly, whether you choose to play at non Swedish licensed casinos or casinos operated from Sweden. Players should make certain that they check the license numbers and parent company of their chosen casino to be sure it is legitimate. Reviews from other players can also be useful in evaluating the reputation of a site.

• Be sure to research any online casino

• Make certain the casino you choose is reputable

Most non Swedish licensed casinos will provide players with a range of banking options to choose from. Direct deposits from baking institutions or credit cards are freely available as are other methods such as Paypal, Skrill and Neteller. Anyone wishing to use a non Swedish licensed casino should be aware that these sites usually do not accept deposits or withdrawals from the Swish mobile payment system.

In the end, the choice is a purely personal one. There are a number of pros and cons of using non Swedish licensed casinos. As long as a player has ascertained that an online casino is legitimate and feels comfortable spending time and money there, then they can take advantage of the extra welcome bonuses, ongoing promotions and other offers that these casinos can provide.

The majority of non Swedish licensed casinos are safe to use and operate within a set of tightly controlled laws and regulations. They must regularly undergo audits aby independent authorities such as TST, GLI, eCogra, iTech Labs and other entities. These independent authorities ensure that the Random Number Generator systems used by non Swedish licensed casinos are in fact random and provide players with a fair experience.

If players are comfortable playing within the restrictions of the Swedish Gaming Act then there is no reason not to choose to use a Swedish licensed casino. However, players should bear in mind that we do find that non Swedish licensed casinos have a wider range of promotions and bonuses that can enhance their gaming experience. We will continue to provide players with the best recommendations on non Swedish licensed casinos.

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