Slot Guide Part 3

In 1908 the famout inventor Charles began a collaboration with American Herbert Mills. Together they developed “The Operator Bell”, which became a sequel to The Liberty Bell. Now the fruit symbol, which is still alive today, was introduced on many of the slots in the world. The slot machines became even more popular and spread like wildfire over the continent.


From being available only in single places, slots began to appear at all possible establishments such as bowling alleys and tobacconists. You could simply play almost wherever you were. It also contributed to the dramatic increase in gambling in general. As slot machines became increasingly popular, competition also increased. Hard development of the first poker machine was copied rapidly, and soon there were several players in the market that all wanted to achieve success.


The Electro-mechanic approach!

In the early 60's, the slot machine Money Honey was launched. It was the first electromechanical slot machine to contain a whole new coin system. A new era took place and the outdated mechanical machines were abolished at a rapid pace. Money Honey could automatically pay 500 coins which was an extremely high figure at this time.


The electronic slot machines were able to handle small as well as large sums, which streamlined the entire process. Another advantage was that the new machines were also considerably more reliable than the older mechanics that often caused problems after a few thousand turns.


The story of slots continues in the 70's and 80's with a technical revolution that came to develop gaming machines even more. New symbols and different themes gave the machines a real boost. The technology's acquisition also gave manufacturers the ability to implement microchip in the land based machines and a random generator (Random Number Generator - RNG) which, as a rule, made cheating impossible.


In conjunction with the gaming machines equipped with brand new technology, one could simultaneously change the design. The side rail was replaced with pushbuttons and the mechanical wheels were switched to a graphical display that presented the symbols. You could also introduce new bonus features like those we are used to today.


Since the launch of the first online casino in the 1990s, development has progressed at a furious pace. Today, new slot machines are launched almost on a daily basis. Another development that has got slots to be extremely popular are the jackpots. Many of the slots in the net offer a lot of millions in profit if one manages to spin the correct combination of symbols.

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