Slot Guide Part 2

In this article we will write about the history of slot machines. Slots is by far the most popular game type when it comes to casino games online today. For this reason, you will find these slot machines at virtually all online casinos, regardless of whether they are based on land or available on the internet. Slot's history goes from being a pastime for female casino players to have become the most exciting casino game out there and you can win millions on any spin.


How it all began..

Fortunately, it's a mechanical poker machine that underlies today's modern video slots. The machine consisted of 5 reels that featured playing cards. When pulled in a lever, a simple random generator was activated that changed positions on the cards. When the wheels finally stopped, one saw if the cards had generated a winning combination.


Despite its relatively complicated design, the poker machine did not have a pay-out functionality. The winnings, instead, had to be paid in the form of cigars and free drinks. Sittman and Pitt, the entrepreneurs who lay behind the fancy poker machine, achieved some success but not big enough.


The slot machine is being developed..

In 1895, four years after Sittman and Pitts's first prototype, the inventor Charles Fey took over. German-born Charles worked as a mechanic in San Francisco at this time and at times he developed the poker machine. The five wheels were dropped down to three and the symbols were changed. Charles also developed a system that automatically paid out the winnings.


The new slot machine was named The Liberty Bell and one of the symbols was the Liberty Bell Liberty Bell - an American freedom symbol. Other symbols consisted of horseshoes, stars and diamonds. The Liberty Bell became a huge success and Charles had trouble meeting the need.


Slot's history suggests that the games were initially intended for the women who accompanied their men to the casino. The machines would serve as a pastime for women during the time when the men played at the traditional casino games like Roulette, Black Jack and various poker games. However, as development progressed, the vending machines got a completely different meaning and quickly became a popular feature.

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