Slot Guide Part 1

Do you want to start playing slots online? Then this is the right guide for you! Here you can read all about the rules, different types of slot machines, the history and where to find the best games. Playing slots is both fun and sometimes very exciting. The rules are simple and the winnings can be very high. There are also a variety of different variants to choose from, so you will most likely find a casino game that fits you well.


Today you will find slots at all online casinos in Europe. But the game was long before the first online casino opened. The very first slots were mechanical, with a handle on the side that was pulled in to start the wheels. Thanks to the handle they came to be called slot machines. However, the one-armed bandits with their lever on the right side are becoming increasingly unusual and have given way to the digital online slot machines, which only require a press at a button.


What is a slot machine really?

According to the lottery inspectorate, a slot machine is a machine where you can bet cash to win cash, goods or free rounds. Machines where you can not win anything, for example, flipper, are called gaming machines.


Today, the majority of slot machines, as said are electronic and the lever have been removed for a long time. Most of the slots are digitalized and found online. But there are of course physical machines all over the world and these can be found at land-based casinos, ferries, restaurants and pubs.


In many countries, only the state have the permission to place land based slot machines. Since the very first game machine saw today's light, a lot has happened. Today's machines are available in all sorts of variants and versions and numbers, you can find both jackpots, bonus games and special features in the games. Most modern slots consist of 3-5 wheels but there are those who have even more.


On the different wheels there are colorful symbols that start spinning when you press the start button. These then last in a random combination and depending on how the symbols end up, you have either won or lost. The amount of a combination that gives you a win can be seen in the game payout table.


Slots are usually very easy to play, but it is important to keep track of the bet. Modern slots with many winning routes, bonus games and stake levels can be a bit more complicated. Therefore, we have developed this guide for anyone who wants to learn more.

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