Roulette Strategy Guide – How to Win Money – Part 3

This guide will explain more about the Fibonacci system in roulette. This system is quite similar to Martingale (and with the same limitations). This system is based on the famous number sequence that begins 1-1-2-3-5. Upcoming numbers in the series are obtained by putting together the two preceding ones, the next being 8 (3 5) and so on.


When losing, just like in Martingale, you should do the same type of bet, but the bet is based on the Fibonacci sequence. So if you bet 10 for the first time, you will bet 10 also the second time, then 20, then 30 and then 50 kr and so on.


Unlike Martingale, you do not completely begin when you win. Instead, take two steps back in the series and start from there. So, if you started with 10 kr and won when you bet 50, you should start again at 20.


Fibonacci Example:

  • Game 1. Bet: 10 / loss = total income -10
  • Game 2. Bet: 10 / loss = total income -20
  • Game 3. Bet: 20 / loss = total income -40
  • Game 4. Bet: 30 / profit = total income -10
  • Game 5. Bet: 10 / loss = total income -20
  • Game 6. Bet: 20 / profit = total result 0


Just like with Martingale system, you need an unlimited bankroll to ensure the Fibonacci system wins (if we now ignore the casino betting). Roulette systems are not always 100% waterproof!


Roulette betting systems are available in many shapes and forms and have a plethora of different names and you can learn about all these systems and more on our site. The only thing that betting system can’t do for you is to eliminate the house's advantage. If you spend enough time and energy to understand and follow the systems, you will definitely improve your chances of winning. However, of course, it is not enough to just follow the system to become a big winner in the long run, you also need a bit of luck!

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