Poker online and cryptocurrency - A match made in heaven

The future of crypto currencies may still be a bit uncertain. There are now more crypto currency wallets than ever before, and the number just keeps growing. Big companies like Amazon and Dell are also getting into the game. In addition to this, crypto ATMs are popping all over the world.


This is a curious phenomenon and the crypto currencies can offer many advantages to online poker players. Both are obviously created for a digital era. There are no physical exchanges and transactions occur immediately. In addition to this, everything goes with the speed of light and this is what we expect for all services today and at the same time everything is completely anonymous.


Players can rake in serious amounts without having to report their earnings to the taxman. Many investors view the volatility of crypto currencies as a negative thing, online gamblers however have a more positive view on this. Players can earn money without even playing if the currency increases in value.


Several countries don’t allow online gambling but there are workarounds. The main problem is to deposit and to withdraw money from a traditional bank. One of these countries is the US but they consider cryptocurrency as property and not cash. American players can use crypto instead of real money to play online.


From a business perspective, the cryptocurrency-based poker also makes a lot of sense. Transactions are 100% secure and irreversible. There are no bank charges at all, so the operations receive a much larger portion of the income. In the end, crypto currencies going to be a win-win for everyone involved.