Online Blackjack Strategy Part 1

If you're looking for a strategy for blackjack that's pretty quick to learn, try this simple strategy for blackjack online. It is by no means a perfect strategy in any way, but it can bring your game in the right direction and it's easier to memorize than advanced blackjack strategies and card counting methods, etc.


Here are the four different options that you have on each turn:


  • T = Take card
  • St = Stay
  • Sp = Split
  • D = Dual


This simple blackjack strategy is designed for “Las Vegas Strip Blackjack”, so if you play blackjack with other rules it these tips won’t work.


Other rules:

  • If the strategy says you're going to double but it's not allowed, take a cardort, unless you have 18 you should stay.
  • If the capability to surrender is (surrender), you should do that by 16 to 10. If it is not allowed, take cards by 16 to 10.
  • If the strategy says you should not split, follow the rules for hard 8, 10 or 20.


Basic blackjack strategy

Here below you will find a basic blackjack strategy designed for blackjack tables that meets the following points:


  • The dealer does not smear in advance if the bank has received blackjack. (The dealer will give himself two cards right from the start and check their cards in advance to see if there is a blackjack is common at casinos in the United States but not usually in Sweden or in other Europe.)
  • 6 cards are used
  • The dealer must stay at 17, including soft 17
  • The player gets double at 9, 10 and 11 but not in any other hands
  • It is allowed to double even after splitting
  • Surrender is not allowed
  • This is not an optimal blackjack strategy, but it is relatively easy to apply.


If you spend time at the blackjack table at a casino, you will most likely see many different blackjack strategies in practice at the same time. Some are pure superstitions or personal preferences, while others are based on insufficient understanding of how blackjack works.  Never take cards if you have 12 points or more (hard hand). To apply this strategy you will never be guaranteed to exceed 21 points.

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