Information about Premise Casino License

A premise license is a permit that allows you to operate a specific kind of entertainment in a physical place. They are needed for services that serve alcohol, that provide live entertainment and also offers gambling services. A premises license is also required by the Gambling Commission or any relevant regulator, but it is given by local authorities.


If a gambling service or a casino site in UK plans to run from a physical premise instead of going online, they are required to hold all correct paperwork. A premise license is required to only gambling services or casinos running or trading to public from a physical space.


Since casinos usually offer gambling in addition to other types of entertainment, like a live entertainer, live music, and bars that serve alcohol. The premise license would cover all the aspects of any services sold, like selling of alcohol and permitting gambling take place.


Premises with a license are required to meet certain conditions but if these conditions are broken, the license would be revoked shortly as a form of sanction, or completely when it is a major offense. Premise licenses are required with gambling permits and other parts of the legislation. The premise license approved cannot be used in place of a gambling or casino license.