Increase your Knowledge about Casino Games

All casino games look different and has different rules. Some of these differences are RTP, volatility and pay-out. Those who want to play the casino games online can easily find a great place here at our site. There are very many casinos gathered here in a transparent view. You can play for free at almost all of the casinos in our list.


However, everyone is not ready to enter the casino world without having more information and knowledge. Perhaps you are someone who quires more information about casinos organizer and the games that they offer.

This article gives you a general overview of how a online casino game could be programmed and how improve your winning chances.


What is RTP?

RTP is an abbreviation and the meaning is Return To Player. That's how much of the players' bet is being paid back to them in terms of winnings. This is expressed as a percentage. If a game has a RTP of 97.2%, it means that 97.2% of a bet will be paid back to a player.

The remaining 2.8% goes to the casino. That's their margin one can say. The RTP may vary in different casino games. In slots, it's usually around 96-98%. In board games around 97-98%.