How it works to play with cash-out

To get the maximum benefit with a cash-out, you should follow the match that you've played on live so you can evaluate how big your chances are to get a winning odds game.

When you have a winning odds game, you can use this cash-out feature to stop its ongoing odds game, even though the game is still in progress, thus eliminating a portion of the win that would have been won if you had also won their odds game when the match was settled.

That way, one can win a part of the win even if the match had ended with losing his odds game when the match was settled.


Say, for example, that you want to play a football match where Team 1 has odds 1.50 and Team 2 has odds 3,20. In this example, you place a odds game on Team 2 of £100 to the odds of 3.20. It usually means that if 2 wins, you get back £320, which gives a gain of £220. We always list the best online casino sites at Casinomir.

Team 1 is, of course, a favourite in this match, but say Team 2 is able to take the lead with one or two goals. Then you can choose to stop their odds game through this cash-out feature and thereby get a part of the win. It might mean that you get a win equivalent to a odds of 2.00, which means that you can earn a win of £100 for this odds game, even if you have lost your odds game when the game is finished.


Likewise, you can also use cash-out to stop an ongoing odds game where you are losing your odds game. This means that you can get a part of his bet back and thus you do not lose your entire effort. Playing with gaming companies with cash-out allows you to always win a smaller amount or minimize their losses, depending on how the game develops and how cool it is when evaluating their odds game.