Get better on live betting with cash out!

When you are playing with a cash-out gaming company, there is an opportunity to end an ongoing game of odds. By being able to finish an ongoing game before the match is settled, players can get a portion of their bet back and thereby don’t lose their entire bet. But you can also finish a game when you have a winning game to ensure a win if you are unsure that the final result will not be as you had imagined. Some betting sites also have automatic cashouts, such as Bet365.


Example of how to close a game

For example, if there is a football match where the game company gives the odds of 3.00 for the home team to win, 5.50 for draw and 2.25 for the away team to win. For example, if you make an odds game that the home team will win £100 against a odds of 3.00, then you get £300 if the home team wins.


When the match is then played, you can follow the match live and see how the game evolves. Say that the home team make a goal and thus get a small takeover in a match that they really do not win, then you can use the cash-out feature to get their win directly, even though the match is not resolved. You probably get a little worse odds for their game, maybe 2.00, but it gives at least £200 back, which means you have made a profit of £100.


Then it does not matter that the away team then turns the match and wins in the second half of the match, which would have meant losing all of its bet. Through the cash-out feature, one can win a game of odds if you are using cash-out on time, even though the match ends in such a way that you would really lose all of its bet.