Bitcoin Currency Part 2

Among the richest bitcoin magnates are the twins Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss - best known for the controversy with Mark Zuckerberg on the copyright to Facebook (filmed in Social Network). The two brothers received proper compensation in the trial against Zuckerberg and invested early $ 11 million in bitcoin - an investment that grew to $ 1.3 billion today. "We're not going to sell until bitcoin is worth at least as much as gold, or about $ 380,000 dollars per coin," Tyler Winklevoss told the New York Times recently. "Anyway then."


Bitcoin's father Satoshi Nakamoto, whoever he is, is estimated to own bitcoin worth $ 20 billion. In the wake of bitcoin, many other crypto contractors have created their own coins, and these have been released to the public through Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). A wave of money has swarmed into these alternative crypto currencies, "altcoins" and made ICOs this year exceeded the amount of money invested by world venture capitalists.


Among the 1360 different altcoins available today are the most famous pieces Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Dash and Zcash - most are variations on bitcoin. The differences between the coins are primarily technical, and differ from current issues such as smart contracts, the amount of coins, the size of memory blocks where the transactions are stored and more.


Bitcoin is by far the largest crypto currency market today, accounting for about 265 billion of the crypto currency market's total capitalization of $ 600 billion (5 trillion), according to


Bitcoin Cash. After unsuccessful attempts to fix bitcoin's slow transaction times and high costs, in August, a so-called "hard fork" of bitcoin, the launch of bitcoin cash, was launched. The new crypto auction was received as a kind of new issue: Everyone who owned 100 bitcoin suddenly got 100 in bitcoin cash.