Bitcoin Currency Part 1

Did you miss the bitcoin hysteria? Here are some tips that you need to know. Last year it increased in value by over 1500%. In addition to Trumps escapades, fake news and hurricanes, the progress of bitcoins and crypto currencies is the great news when 2017 is summarized.


Bitcoin was a long time just as well well-known and the cryptoanists were cared for. But with the rocket-like upturn, the world's media, banks and small savers have opened their eyes to what was launched in 2008 by a mythical programmer who called himself Satoshi Nakamoto.


The subject of crypto currencies leaves hardly anyone untouched. Wall Street executives at Citi to JP Morgan to Vanguard are talking about clever currency as a "plague", "a fraud", something "for criminals" while tech magnates like Bill Gates see the potential of bitcoin and its underlying technology - the block chain - which is believed to be a of the coming decade's major breakthrough.


At the same time, bitcoin has no underlying value; few understand how it works; It is completely unregulated, and can fluctuate in price by tens of percent within a day. Is this 2000's tulip bubble, or a revival of the IT boom? Or are we witnessing the beginning of a totally digitized economy?

Hang on the thriller that was 2017 and take on the unprecedented course of events that made the crypto currencies mainstream.


At present, the annual return on bitcoin is more than 1500 percent. Its first step had the bitcoin peak peak at around a thousand dollars a coin a few years earlier. With the unprecedented price hike, a little bit of early bitcoin investors have made a lot of wealth - at least for the moment. It is estimated that about 1000 people own 40 percent of all bitcoins.