Bet on eSport Part 5 of 6

If you play on e-sports often, you will become acquainted with some gaming site's customer service staff over time. This allows you to quickly contact the gaming company's VIP department. The VIP department does everything in its power to make you feel like a player on their game site. They will therefore offer you bonuses on your deposits, even after your original welcome offer has expired.


Being a VIP member at one of the major gaming sites brings some benefits, including being able to attend major events such as gaming trips to, for example, Malta, Las Vegas or Macau. The smaller gaming sites may also prioritize some less VIP players and are often more generous with bonuses and the like, as it is primarily this they have to offer their VIP customers.

Happy hour bonus - Be sure to get extra bonus on deposits


A happy hour bonus is exactly what it sounds like: During selected hours you get an extra bonus on all deposits you make to bet on e-sports. These extra money make it easier for you to earn money on your e-sports betting. Compensation during a happy hour, of course, varies between different gaming companies, just like any other kind of bonus.