Best Casino Cities in the World 6-10

These are some of the most popular casino destinations you have ever heard of. If you like to travel and gamble you can find some real gems among these ones here on the list. It is however always better to play at online casino sites, the RTP is a lot higher.

10. London

In recent years, London has strengthened its position as the poker city in Europe. Several major tournaments are held here annually, including EPT (European Poker Tour) and the opportunities for London to become a real big city in casino games are huge.

Already one of the world's most luxurious casinos, The Clermont Club, is located right in central London. The Clermont Club is not open to the public, but you must be approved as a member before you can enter the casino's doors.


Fortunately, there are 24 other casinos located in the city for those who do not want to apply for membership. One of them is the Casino at the Empire found at Leicester Square, with 24-hour opening hours and a wide range of games. Poker tournaments, Black Jack, Roulette and multiple slot machines with progressive jackpotts are offered.

Other casinos worth a visit include, for example, Hippodrome Casino, also open 24/7, and Victoria Casino, hosting one of the world's largest Punto Banco tables with its 36 players. Most of London's casino has free entry, which obviously contributes to their growing popularity.

9. Singapore

Singapore is Asia's opposite to Europe's Monte Carlo. This is where the rich jetsets gather to exploit some of the world's most luxurious casinos. Although Singapore was completely out of casino until 2010, the recent years of gambling here has made the city one of the most popular venues.

Singapore has been passing Las Vegas for a long time and attracts about one million visitors annually. It's also here to find the world's most expensive casino, Marina Bay Sands, built for $ 5.5 billion.


Singapore's casino is assembled on the island of Sentosa, on Singapore's southeastern coast. Nowadays there are two casinos adjacent to, among other things, a Universal Studios Amusement Park and the world's largest aquarium. For the western visitor,

Singapore can be a gaming experience beyond the usual, as in addition to classic games such as roulette and poker, the city also offers exciting Asian games like sic bo, tai sai and pai gow.

8. Seoul

In South Korea, there is only one destination for those looking for good casinos and luxury living - the capital Seoul. The South Africans themselves only have to enter the game at a casino in the country, but as a visitor, one is free to try the luck at all the casinos. The largest is called Paradise Casino Walker Hill and is renowned for its habit of giving their guests gifts as thanks for their visit. 


7. Manilla

The Philippines's capital has entered the international gamblers scene and has become one of the hottest casino cities. Here, it's casualties by casinos and visitors come from all over the world. It is estimated that one million people each year pilots to Manila to experience the city's culture and casino games.

There are almost as many visitors as the city has residents! Manilla offers a cheaper casino experience than its European counterparts, and visitors can try their luck just the way they want, here are all the casinos open 24 hours a day.

6. Atlantic City

Atlantic City is located in New Jersey and is the East Coast's response to Las Vegas. Unlike its west coast, Atlantic City is a city dedicated to attracting a particular kind of player to a particular kind of casino.

Each casino here has its own specialty, and every gaming experience is tailored to fit into this. Bally's is for those attracted by the Wild West, Trumps Taj Mahal for the Asia-inspired and Caesar's self-awareness for those attracted by the formality of the Roman Empire.


Atlantic City still appears as a charming small town despite its huge expansion over the last decades. Their casino is assembled on the seafront and has beautiful water views. Here, it's not as much on luxury as in Las Vegas, for example, the goal is to offer a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere.