Best Baccarat Guide Part 4

This is how you win in punto banco. If you bet on one of the hands, punto or banco, you will win your bet and your bet money less 5% to the casino. Chosing the right to draw gives you unbelievable eight times the money in profit, but the casino's share of that is also great, 14.1%.


If you feel that the luck is with you, it's an option for you to bet on a draw, as it means high risk of losing the bet but at the same time a big reward if the bet fails! If you bet on a draw consistently, you can expect to go for a while, to take it back with a big win when there is a tie between punto and banco. Likewise, getting double money when you bet on either punto or banco, but on the other hand you win the more often.


And the win is matched by the bet, so with a high bet the win will be big even if you bet on punto or banco. It is therefore important to know the conditions of what you choose to bet and do not lose the courage if the winnings are allowed to wait when you have chosen to bet on a draw that gives few but big winnings.


Sooner or later the happiness turns and the profit becomes the greater. As you play more and more, you will refine your betting routines, where all strategy for punto banco is located, and know what to choose. Start that process already with a few rounds punto banco on online casino!


Once you've got a good idea of ​​punto banco, which is the simplest and most common form of baccarat, it may be a position to start looking at what other variants are. If you go to memorize or watch those Bond movies, including the secret service of her majesty and Ur mortal point of view, you will probably find that Bond and the others play another variant of baccarat.


It's called baccarat chemin de fer, or chemmy, and is the French original version of the game. In that variant, the player has a greater chance of influencing the game, and thus it is not a game of play as much as punto banco. Then there is a third variant called baccarat banque, but now you have at least punto banco, which is still the most played.