Best Baccarat Guide Part 1

Heard you ever heard about Punto Banco? Punto Banco is the most common form of Baccarat at casinos online. Baccarat is available in several different varieties and punto banco is the most common one in casinos, both in Sweden and UK. Punto banco is a classic card game that often appears in movies. In movies with James Bond in the lead role, it's usually a variant called baccarat chemin de fer.


The movies that this famous game appears in are “in the secret service of her Majesty” and “Thunderball”. But you should probably not see a bond movie to learn the game. When we are talking about baccarat we usually mean Punto Banco. The word means “player” and “bank” and the player always tries to win against the bank.


In the past, it was only the European government that played punto banco, but although the game is not as exclusive now it's just as sophisticated as it has ever been. When you play punto banco at online casinos, it's the most sleek and modern version you have the opportunity to play, and the graphics and software functionality makes the games feel like you're really sitting at a real table at a real casino. It doesn’t matter where you are and what that happens around you at the same time!


With smart phones with an internet connection, you can play anywhere at any time. You can become a millionaire when you are sitting on the bus. This game also has one of the highest RTP:s within the industry. RTP means return to player and the higher the number, the better it is for us players.