New Casino Sites in the UK 2019 New Casino Sites in the UK 2019

To find the best new casinos online has become one of the most important things here on Casinomir. We look for the safe and secure new online casino site, that will give all UK players the best bonuses and promotions. You can find a list with all sites in the UK and we add new online casinos to our list every day!

The casino list on the website is updated daily! We provide you with the latest information and the best bonuses possible. The deals are negotiated directly with the new online casinos. This is to give our players the best possible conditions for winning. Before we add a new casino to our list we test them thoroughly.

The most important factors for our players when they are choosing a new casino are the games, payment methods, bonuses, mobile casino, site design and the customer service.

Best New Online Casinos UK - January 2019

Find and Compare the Best New Casino Sites in the UK 2019 Find and Compare the Best New Casino Sites in the UK 2019

Do you want to find the best new online casinos in the UK? You need to ask yourself – what makes good online casino? We only list the best casinos at our site and give each one of them an independent review and grades. We grade a new casino after these factors:
  • Bonuses
  • Game Selection
  • Customer Service
  • Mobile Casino
  • Payment Methods
  • Site Design
Find and Compare the Best New Casino Sites in the UK 2019

All players want to find good and safe new online casino. We are very proud of all our casinos at this site and we can recommend them to all of our players. All our casinos have a license in either Malta, Gibraltar, Curacao or by the UK Gambling Commision, which means that all your winnings are tax-free for UK Casino players.

This year has been a record year when it comes to new online casinos in the United Kingdom. For the players, it is good. The reason for this is that the casinos are competing by giving out the best possible bonuses. If you play at a new casino you will most certainly get a good welcome bonus. In addition to this Casinimir offer exclusive bonuses at new online casino sites.

Top 8 Newcomers

£2 000 MAX BONUS
Spinup Casino
1st Deposit Bonus 300% up to £1000
+ 100 Spins
2nd Deposit Bonus 200% up to £1000
+ 50 Spins
Wagering Reqmts 40x
£6 000 MAX BONUS
Bronze Casino
1st Deposit Bonus 200% up to £2000
+ 50 Spins
2nd Deposit Bonus 100% up to £2000
+ 20 Spins
3rd Deposit Bonus 150% up to £2000
+ 30 Spins
£4 000 MAX BONUS
1st Deposit Bonus 300% up to £2000
+ 66 Spins
2nd Deposit Bonus 350% up to £2000
Wagering Reqmts 35x
£1 200 MAX BONUS
1st Deposit Bonus 200% up to 600
+ 50 Free Spins
2nd Deposit Bonus 100% up to 300
+ 50 Free Spins
3rd Deposit Bonus 50% up to 300
+ 50 Free Spins
1st Deposit Bonus 100% up to 300
+ 100 Zee Spins on Starbust
Wagering Reqmts 35x
£2 000 MAX BONUS
1st Deposit Bonus 200% up to £500
+ 50 Spins
2nd Deposit Bonus 25% up to £1000
+ 50 Spins
3rd Deposit Bonus 50% up to £500
+ 25 Spins
Dazzle Casino
Signup Bonus 10 Free Spins No Deposit
1st Deposit Bonus 100% up to £200
+ 25 Exclusive Spins
Bonus Code 10PIGS
£3 000 MAX BONUS
Signup Bonus 30% Cashback on each lost deposit
1st Deposit Bonus 150% up to £1500
+ 50 Extra NetEnt Spins
2nd Deposit Bonus 200% up to £1000

New Casino Sites for UK Players New Casino Sites for UK Players

The most exciting new casinos usually have a unique niche. Something very popular right now are the adventure casinos. On these new websites, you will get different challenges and rewards. When it comes to new online casinos in general, this is usually what they have in common:

  • Great bonuses
  • Good mobile casino
  • Modern and good-looking sites
  • Live Casino Games
  • Untested customer service
  • Smaller range of casino games
To start a casino is not easy at all. It requires a lot of knowledge and experience. Today almost all the online casinos look the same and have the same casino games and the same type of bonuses. Usually it’s only the established casinos that are testing out new cool themes because they can afford to fail.

We only list the best online casinos that have a casino license that gives out with tax-free winnings. New casinos are perfect for those players that want to try something new, in addition to this, new casinos often offer the best bonuses. Check out our list below of the best new online casinos in the UK.

A new casino is an online gaming website or casino that is brand new to the market and which usually contributes with new features and exclusive offers to the customers. Thanks to the fact that online casinos are so popular, new gaming sites are launched with new concepts and themes on a regular basis, making it extremely interesting and exciting.
New casinos have a variety of benefits. Because they are brand new, they do like in any other industries need to do extra things to attract customers. They can either do with new features and themes or by offering generous bonuses, free spins and promotions. All in all, a new casino can choose to do both to attract players from other casinos and that's why it's so incredibly advantageous to play on new online casinos.
It's hard to say exactly how many new casinos that are launched every year around the world, but here in the UK we usually see a couple of very big launches per year and a few smaller per month. As online casino has become more and more popular in recent years the number of newly established casinos has increased by at least the same pace.
The fact that the casino website has a license is very important because they are then guilty of following the law in the country in which the license is distributed. In UK we have our own Gambling Commission and in the rest of the EU countries, Malta has become the most popular place for having a license. If you enter a website with either of those two licenses you can feel very safe and secure.
Just like in all other industries, new companies need to offer spectacular deals and prices to attract customers and online casinos are no exceptions. Given that this benefits you as a player, when you get to use these offers, it's a good idea to review the list of new casinos here at Casinomir, to find the best and most generous deals offered from new casinos, in order for you maximize your winning chances the next time you play.
Here on Casinomir we do our best to highlight the new casinos we value and give them the chance to be seen a little bit extra. You can sort our list of all casinos according to which one that is the newest or simply look at our top list which new names you have not heard of before.
Of course, not all new casinos online are perfect, especially not from day one. Sometimes you can expect it takes a little while for them to get 100% ready, but on Casinomir we do our best to only highlight the highest quality websites that we think are worth trying out.
On Casinomir we have noted that a number of the new online casinos launched in the past year have had a clear theme focusing on adventures and so-called gamification, where you are continually are given new assignments and rewards along the way. Casumo can be said to be the very first casino with this setup but has since been followed by a number of similar casinos such as Cashmio and Kaboo.
All casinos licensed in the UK are always 100% free of tax for UK players, regardless of whether the persons behind the casino are of British or of foreign origin. We always try to highlight the importance of licensing and rarely cooperate with casinos that do not have their license in the UK.
At Casinomir we test all new casinos that are being released and we will never list the online casinos that we do not think meet the standards that we assume. These standards include things like proper license; secure payment solutions and customer service. We are obviously watching the theme and game selection on the website as well, but have mainly chosen to only focus on the casinos that are 100% safe and reliable for you as players.

New Online Casinos 2019 - What To Expect? New Online Casinos 2019 - What to Expect?

Trying to predict the future is always a tricky one. However, from what we’ve seen and heard about the latest development when it comes to online casino, there a few things we will see develop even further in the future:

  • Gamification – Many new online casino sites such as Casumo, Cashmio and CasinoHeroes are built like adventures. You as a player take part and achieve different goals on your casino journey. This is a good way to keep the players engaged and to constantly reward them while playing. On we are certain that this development will continue during next year as well.

  • VR (Virtual Reality) – It is still very early days for this revolutionary technique. Many people in the tech business believes it will change the way we live our lives. When it comes to online casino there have been some developments with a few casinos branding themselves as “VR Casinos”. If this area keeps developing, we can surely expect it to also be more and more involved in online casino in the future. On Casinomir we wait with excitement on VR Casino to be the next big thing within online gaming.

  • Internet Currencies (Bitcoins) – With people from different part of the worlds speaking the same languages and moving across borders, currencies and payment methods are today one of the few things we see separate different cultures and countries. The men (and women) behind Bitcoin saw a need for a new and digital currency that could replace all the current money across the world. Some casinos do accept Bitcoins as a payment method today and we will definitely see more and more Bitcoin Casinos over the next couple of years. Find a casino who will accept it and try it yourself!

How do I Find New UK Casinos? How do I Find New UK Casinos?

This year it is estimated that over 100 new online casinos will be launched. Due to the increased competition, many new casinos are targeting a smaller audience. It is done to become more competitive. Each day we are scanning the market for new casinos and if a casino is good enough we will add it to our casino list at this page. The number of new casinos can vary from month to month, some months there are a lot of new casinos and some months there isn’t. All in all, the choices among new casinos are enormous.

It is not easy to know which ones are the best and everyone have different preferences. When we grade new casino sites we take these aspects into consideration: Free Spins, Bonuses, Design, Support, Payment Methods, Mobile Casino and Casino Games. This is how we work with new online casinos:

  • Scan the market for new casinos.
  • Sign up at the casino and test it thoroughly.
  • If the casino is good enough we will write a comprehensive review.
  • Negotiate unique and better casino bonus deals for our players with the casinos.
How do I Find New UK Casinos?

Whatever you're looking for, we have a casino for you! Whether you're on the subway with your mobile phone or on the couch with your iPad, or in the Chair in front of your computer, you will be able to find the perfect new online casino for you here.

The Latest Online Casinos – Find the full list on Casinomir The Latest Online Casinos – Find the full list on Casinomir

There are plenty of things to look after in a new casino site. If you look around here on Casinomir you find plenty of options. Here are some things that you as a player must think about when you are choosing a new online casino:

  • What type of casino license does the casino have?
  • What kind of wagering requirements are the bonuses attached to?
  • Which payment methods are available?
  • Does the casino have a working support functionality?
  • Does the casino have NetEnt and Microgaming casino games?
We only have safe and reliable new casinos at this page. More and more new casinos are being launched now. Because of this, the competition between new and older casinos increases a lot. The advantage for us players is that the welcome bonuses are becoming better and better. At this page, we list all new online casinos in the UK with biggest bonuses for those of us who love beating the casinos.

Which New UK Online Casino Should I Pick? Which New UK Online Casino Should I Pick?

What makes us British players choose to play at a new online casino? This is one of the most important questions within the gaming industry. Each day casinos try out new ways of getting new players. This year alone one new casino tried to get new players by offering a free pizza on the first deposit and another casino offered free internet for an entire month on the second deposit.

Right now, the competition is fiercer than ever, and more and more crazy deals are being offered. At Casinomir we are experts at online casinos and our tip when picking a new casino is not to look so much at the bonuses. Of course, a good online casino bonus will give you a flying start on your casino adventure and give you a better chance of winning money.

If you ask yourself the question: What makes me keep playing at an online casino? The answer here should guide you in picking the best casino for you. In our opinion, it is the casinos with the best VIP-departments that are the best casinos to play at in the long run. These casinos often prioritize their existing players rather than attracting new players and it is in a casino like this that you want to play on in the long run.

Why are New Online Casinos Better than Established Casinos? Why are New Online Casinos Better than Established Casinos?

What are the advantages to start playing at a new casino site? Well, there are actually many! Almost all new casinos have good welcome bonuses with fast withdrawals and in general their sites look good and modern and they usually give players a better casino experience.

When we are reviewing new casinos, we will first decide if it’s good enough to list on our site, if it is we will create a comprehensive review and give the casino a lot of different ratings. Therefore, we are really good at listing new online casinos. New casinos often attract because new players with generous welcome bonuses that will maximize your chances of winning. You can beat the casinos if you play with a really good bonus! And remember that the best bonuses are often given by new casinos to new casino players.
Why are New Online Casinos Better than Established Casinos?

There are reasons to argue for and against signing up at a new online casino versus playing at one of the old established ones. For obvious reasons, the old ones usually have a lot of customers already and do not have to work as hard to bring in new ones. Quite contrary, new casinos must offer better products and better offers in order to attract new players to try their casinos. That is the main reason to why we have seen so many new and innovative casino releases over the lapse of the last few years.