What Is So Special About Christmas Gambling?

With Christmas right around the corner, online casinos are entering into the festive arena this December 2019. Christmas time is the perfect recluse to hit your prime destination in the Casino gambling world. Most online casinos in the gambling world launch amazing promotions and out of the box bonuses and prizes. In this blog post, we will discuss why it is so important to take full advantage of these promotional offers around the Christmas season.

Get the Biggest Bang for Your Christmas Casino Bonus

Opening an online Casino account around the Christmas season is the perfect opportunity to get more for less.  With the holiday season in full action, there is a little extra for you in every Casino promotion and bonus.  It would be a mistake not to take advantage of these offers.

At Christmas, the Casino has a kind of Bonus Extravaganza for the gambling players. About the Christmas bonuses that are offered in online casinos, it is always better to expect less and win more than the contrary. In a non-deposit bonus thing, we need to meet a set of conditions. No deposit bonuses, deposit bonuses, and free spins are at an all-time high during the holiday season.

There are two things that make Christmas Casino stand apart from others. They are definitely the biggest and most customer-tailored bonus provisions round the corner. At Casinomir, we try to keep our valued customers equipped with handy information to make the most suitable decision into consideration. With our well-versed approach, customers will be able to choose the best pick from a multitude of options.

The special casino bonus for Christmas is usually divided into 6 types. These include;

  • Welcome Bonus for Christmas
  • Bonus for no deposit
  • Reloading bonus
  • Bonus for payment method
  • High deposit bonus
  • Bonus for referring a friend

Welcome Bonus on Christmas

This bonus will be obtained when you sign up and create a new account on an online casino websites not on Gamstop. The welcome bonus for Christmas is quite similar to the simple welcome bonus. Commonly, these welcome bonus involves free spins in which you have to roll the slots and if there is a 100 percent match, then you will earn a reward without any cash deposit.

You can also double your amount of deposit through a welcome bonus. For example, if a welcome bonus is $100 and you earn $200 it means that you will obtain an additional $100 through it.

Bonus involving No-Deposit

These bonuses involve such gambling games that do not take any form of cash from you during the first game. This type of bonus can range from $10 to $50 depending on the requirements and popularity of the online casino.

Although these types of bonuses are considered as human-friendly in nature, still they are quite hard to achieve. Most of the online casino sites want you to sign in into different activities before you get this offer.

Bonus for Reloading

This specific bonus is provided to players once they perform the initial cash deposit in the online casino account. During the time of Christmas, such types of bonuses are usually provided to the gambling players to influence them in making a greater number of deposits.

The amount of bonus obtained from reloading depends solely upon how much cash you are depositing for the game. Higher the deposit greater will be your bonus.

Bonus obtained through Specific Payment Methods

It is basically a promotional strategy to lure customers so that they make payments through specific methods.  It is the least common bonus and is provided to such players who utilise a particular method of payment that is approved by the management of the online casinos. These bonuses are in the form of additional perks for every deposit the player makes.

High Deposit Bonus

These bonuses are particularly for such players that are able to perform large deposits while gambling. The minimum amount of deposit is usually $1000. The online casino commonly targets the experienced and retained players for promoting such types of bonuses. This eventually encourages gambling players to perform even higher deposits. Because there is no perfect time to play high, but Christmas!

Bonus for referring a friend

It is the most common type of bonus that a gambling player receives from the online casinos. To earn this bonus, you have to bring a friend of yours to play online gambling games. Such type of bonus is usually based on “pyramidal Scheme”, which illustrates that the higher the number of gambling buddies you refer for online gaming, the greater the bonus you earn through it.

By reading all these bonuses you will be surely craving to gamble. Right? For your ease, Casinomir provides a large variety of online casinos that can provide you all of these bonuses just through a single click. So explore now, before the offer expires.

Why Christmas Gambling is Up for Grabs?

Christmas gambling is a special way of celebrating the occasion. The strategy it follows is an appealing bonus offer to dominate the casino marketplace. This approach is used by most brands. For starters, a plethora of no-wager free spins and free bonuses can hoard customers like bees to honey. If you are looking for the best value for money in the casino gambling world, the Christmas season is the best time to go out on a hunt. Here, we have categorised some of the real-time highest payout options that the Christmas season has to offer the world of online casinos.

Christmas Season Can Work Wonders for Online Casinos

The best gift an online casino can offer its players during the Christmas season is high payout games. All Christmas games and best bonuses promoted at Casinomir are evaluated as per the safety and security mechanisms involved. Casino Christmas delights allow for time to unwind with friends and family. Welcome bonuses and free-spins are raining on every nook and cranny of the gambling arena during the Christmas season. Bonus percentages and multiple bonuses provisions also ramp up in the Christmas season.

Casinomir Free Spins in the Christmas Festival

Everyone wants a free spin on Christmas. Right? The Casinomir free spins provide a significant chance for online casinos to provide freebies to new gambling players. This will basically influence them to become a permanent member of their online sites. So how does the Free Spin mechanism works?

It’s quite simple, you just have to look for the online casinos through your mobile or desktop devices on Casinomir. After selecting the online casino of your choice, sign up to create an account. As a new member, you get a welcome bonus in which you obtain free spins. These free spins do not require any form of cash deposits. So whatever you earn from these spins are free for you. But you must know that these Christmas free spins are usually available only for one game at one time.

Christmas is the best time to buy gifts for your closed ones. Casinomir ensures that whatever gifts you buy for your closed ones appropriately meets with your budget. For this purpose, the free spins give you a striking advantage of earning additional money that could effectively cover all your expenses. Just imagine you place $50 and earned $10,000 instead! So as the Christmas event lifts up your mood by providing a large variety of gambling activities at your disposal. At the same time, it provides you a chance to make your loved ones happy like never before, by giving them amazing and expensive gifts.

There is a major difference between free spins and extra spins. The concept of “Extra Spins” was introduced by the online casino industry in the UK. The main aim was to promote the online gambling practices more transparent and fairer and to establish a clear difference between the spins which are provided with or without the deposits of real cash. As per the new rules, the online casino of the UK can provide free spins to you just for the sake of promotion. So the idea of providing additional 50 spins is now removed. The play rounds that contain additional 50 spins are called now the extra spins. It means that the gambling offer must address that a player is achieving an additional 50 spins as a bonus.

A Survival Guide for Gamblers this Christmas

The budget-friendly season is approaching quite rapidly than you think. Many of you might have to spend a large amount of money during special events, expensive holidays, or maybe while doing shopping. But due to all these activities, your temptations for gambling remain unheard. So to ensure you gamble well we have provided some important gambling tips that will significantly help you this Christmas.

Establish gambling events by yourself

Do you don’t want to go to the expensive gala dinner of your friend? No problem. Why not conduct a gambling event on Christmas eve at a pub of your choice instead? Just an opinion, consider those event sites that serve scrumptious foods and play quality music. As a result, you will have to spend a much lesser amount of money and at the same time will experience an entertaining night just the way you like it.

Ask for things as a Gift

There is no offense of being a downright and straightforward person. You should be honest about what you want for Christmas from your friends and family. If you want some cash for gambling, tell it to your closest acquaintances. They will surely help you out and will reduce your problems.

Set an Appropriate Budget

This is an important consideration, and it really matters. Instead of buying a hefty watch for your friend, you can directly ask him what he needs or love to do. In reality, even riding a horse would make him feel so much happier that the expensive watch could not. At the same time, it is a much cheaper option if you think. Right?

Avoid Such Gambling locations that provide a large quantity of Alcohol

Alcoholic drinks usually put a negative effect on the gambling activities of a person. Making them risk a large amount of money that they never should. So an important tip for you is to stay away from alcoholic activities as much as possible while you gamble. Since it is Christmas time, your friends might force you to have a drink or two while gambling. But it is better for you not to drink alcohol for the sake of your own family and loved ones.

Call for Help

If you think that your mind is going out of your control, immediately withdraw the money you have deposited for gambling. If you believe that you can’t afford the expensive gifts and necessities for your friends and families, you can directly ask them to wait for some time. It is important for you to look after your own necessities first. If they are appropriately met, then you can go for helping others.

Acknowledge Self-Exclusion

If your gambling activities are associated with online casinos, you can utilise the facility of self-exclusion for a week or for a longer time period as per your requirements. Once you exclude yourself from gambling, even if you want, the casinos will ensure that you do not gamble during that particular time period.

Spend money that you cannot actually afford

It is quite common among gambling players that they spend quite a large amount of money on gambling. Later, when they lose, they recognise that they can’t actually afford such loss. This may cause disruption of your personal and family lifestyle, and most importantly your source of living will be significantly damaged.

Hence, it is important that you should establish a gambling budget for the financial safety of your own. This will eventually help you to reduce your debts, personal life problems, and most importantly stress.

By considering all these tips, you will now have an idea of how to spend wisely on your gambling activities. However, if you want to play safe and want to play high-quality casino games then explore Casinomir now for a large variety of online casinos from around the world.