The Police in Las Vegas are looking for an armed Bellagio Casino Robber

  • An armed gunman was seen fleeing the strip with cash in his hands.
  • The Police have release CCTV pictures of the man and are spending much resources to find him as quickly as possible.

The famous Bellagio Hotel and Casino was the scene of a very bold armed robbery this Tuesday afternoon. The Las Vegas police are asking the public for help in order to catch the robber and to retrieve the money.

So how did this happen? According to The Las Vegas Sun a lone gunman approached the cash desk in the poker room. After this he fled the premises with an undisclosed amount of cash.

Now the authorities in Las Vegas have released CCTV images of the suspect. They want to track down the thief with the public’s help.

The famous actor James Woods was a witness of the Bellagio incident

The Bellagio Hotel is one of the Strip’s best-known casinos. This casino attracts plenty of high-rollers and celebrities.

The famous actor James Woods was playing poker at Bellagio when the gunman struck. He tweeted immediately after the incident with details about the robbery.

The police are seeking the suspect with the help of the public

The thief is described as a white man in his thirties. He has an average height and stocky build. He disguised himself with a mask during the robbery, he also had a blonde wig and a black beany hat. The suspect also wore thick glasses and a black t-shirt.

After demanding money at the poker desk, the thief fled the premises in a silver Chevrolet with the registration number 37D147 Nevada. The captain of the Las Vegas Police, John Pelletier revealed for the news that another person in the car was involved “against his will”.

The police are now looking to trace the suspect with the help of CCTV and the car. The police feel very confident that the suspect will be apprehended within a near future. The stolen money however will most likely never be found, as usual. The Bellagio is considered to be one of the most secure casinos in the world, so this robbery came as a shock.