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John June 5, 2023

The excitement of playing online slot games is often irresistible for casino enthusiasts, and one of the most popular slot games is Starburst. It has gained a significant amount of players due to its captivating design and engaging gameplay. However, for those who have registered with the GamStop self-exclusion scheme, access to this favourite slot game might seem impossible. Fortunately, there are options available for playing Starburst even for those who have enrolled in GamStop.

Starburst Not on Gamstop

A number of online casinos not registered with GamStop do offer the Starburst slot for their players. These sites provide individuals with the opportunity to enjoy their beloved game without being hindered by the self-exclusion limits present at GamStop-affiliated casinos. Joining one of these online platforms can introduce avid gamers to an expansive array of thrilling slot experiences without the restrictions they might be previously familiar with.

As interest in non-GamStop casinos increases, it becomes essential for players to conduct their own research and opt for reliable sites offering Starburst. It is crucial to ensure the chosen casino meets your expectations in terms of safety and quality of the gaming experience. By doing so, you can continue to indulge in the fun and excitement of the Starburst slot while maintaining responsible gaming habits.

Understanding Starburst

Game Mechanics

Starburst is an online slot game developed by NetEnt, offering an engaging and enjoyable gaming experience for both novices and experts alike. The game features a vibrant design of jewels, stars, and interstellar themes with a cosmic soundtrack to match. In terms of mechanics, Starburst is a 5-reel, 3-row slot game with 10 paylines and both-ways winning combinations.

The game utilises the following special features:

  • Wild Symbol: The Starburst symbol acts as the wild, substituting for all other symbols on the reels and increasing the chances of winning.
  • Expanding Wilds: When the Starburst wild appears on reels 2, 3, or 4, it expands to cover the entire reel, triggering a re-spin. Players can enjoy up to 3 re-spins, with expanding wilds remaining in place during each re-spin.

Popularity and Appeal

Starburst’s enduring popularity can be attributed to several factors:

  1. Simplicity: With straightforward gameplay and easy-to-understand mechanics, it is accessible to players of all skill levels.
  2. Aesthetics: The game’s visually appealing design, combined with its immersive soundtrack, contributes to an enjoyable gaming experience.
  3. Payout Potential: Starburst’s both-ways win feature increases the chances of winning, making it an attractive choice for players seeking regular, albeit smaller, payouts.

While Starburst is not available on Gamstop-registered websites, there are alternative sources where players can enjoy this entertaining slot game. Nonetheless, the game continues to be a favourite among the online gaming community, demonstrating its lasting appeal and enduring popularity.

Gamstop Explained

Self-Exclusion Schemes

Gamstop is a self-exclusion scheme that helps players in the UK to voluntarily restrict their access to online gambling platforms. Implemented by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC), it is designed to provide a safe and responsible gambling environment. Players can choose the duration of their self-exclusion, ranging from a minimum of six months to up to five years, during which access to online gambling websites will be blocked.


The primary benefit of Gamstop is that it helps individuals control their gambling habits, prevent addiction, and avoid financial issues. By self-excluding, players take a conscious decision to stay away from gambling platforms, thus reducing the risk of developing gambling problems. Additionally, Gamstop safeguards vulnerable individuals from negative consequences like debt or mental health issues.


Despite its advantages, there are some limitations to Gamstop as well. For instance:

  • Gamstop only applies to gambling platforms licensed by the UKGC. Players can still access offshore casinos and those not registered with the UKGC.
  • It relies on a player’s initiative to enrol in the scheme, making it less effective for individuals lacking self-awareness or motivation.
  • Opting back into gambling platforms after the exclusion period ends might be difficult due to the need for reinstatement requests.

In conclusion, while Gamstop offers valuable tools for players to control their gambling habits, it has certain limitations. Players looking to play games like Starburst may find non-Gamstop casinos as an alternative, but they should be cautious and consider the risks associated with unregulated gambling platforms.

Playing Starburst without Gamstop

Non-Gamstop Casinos

Several online casinos offer Starburst slots without being registered with Gamstop. These casinos allow players to enjoy the popular slot game Starburst developed by NetEnt without the limitations imposed by Gamstop. Some of the top casinos that offer Starburst not on Gamstop include:

These casinos provide a variety of gaming experiences and bonuses, ensuring that players can continue enjoying Starburst without Gamstop restrictions.

Pros and Cons


  1. Unrestricted Access: Playing Starburst at non-Gamstop casinos allows players to have uninterrupted gameplay, free from any limitations imposed by Gamstop.
  2. Alternative Gaming Options: Non-Gamstop casinos often offer a wider variety of games, including similar slots to Starburst that might not be available on Gamstop casinos.
  3. Exclusive Bonuses: Some non-Gamstop casinos offer exclusive promotions and bonuses specifically for Starburst or other NetEnt slots, providing an incentive for players to join these sites.


  1. Lack of Self-Exclusion: Playing at non-Gamstop casinos means that players don’t have the self-exclusion tools associated with Gamstop, which could be a problem for those struggling with gambling addiction or wanting to control their gambling habits.
  2. Potential Risks: Players should exercise caution when choosing a non-Gamstop casino, as some may not be licensed or regulated as strictly as Gamstop-registered casinos.

In conclusion, playing Starburst without Gamstop offers players access to a popular slot game without the restrictions and limitations of Gamstop. However, it is essential for players to be mindful of the potential risks and consider self-exclusion options if necessary.

Alternative Self-Regulation Options

Gambling responsibly is essential for a positive gaming experience. While Gamstop is a popular self-exclusion tool in the UK, there are several other self-regulation options available for players. This section will discuss three noteworthy alternatives: Self-Limits, Timeouts, and Reality Checks.


Self-limits enable players to set financial constraints on their gambling activities. They can establish limits on deposits, withdrawals, or losses. Key features of self-limiting include:

  • Deposit Limits: Set a maximum amount for deposits within a specific timeframe (daily, weekly, or monthly).
  • Loss Limits: Determine a maximum amount of money a player can lose within a designated period.
  • Session Limits: Restrict the length of gaming sessions to avoid excessive play.

By imposing self-limits, players can maintain a healthy balance between gambling and other aspects of their lives, ensuring they don’t spend beyond their means.


Timeouts are another valuable self-regulation tool that allows players to take a short break from gambling. These breaks can range from a few hours to several weeks. Highlights of using timeouts include:

  • Cooling-Off Period: A temporary break from gambling, typically lasting 24 hours.
  • Short Breaks: Timeouts lasting between 2-30 days that help players regain control of their gambling habits.
  • Long Breaks: Timeouts lasting for one month or more, providing a more extended period for players to refocus on other life priorities.

By taking timeouts, players can reflect on their gambling behaviour and make informed decisions regarding future play.

Reality Checks

Reality checks are reminders that help players keep track of their time spent gambling. Online casinos can send notifications or pop-up messages at pre-set intervals to inform players about the duration of their gaming sessions. Essential aspects of reality checks include:

  • Frequency: Players can choose how often they want to receive reality check notifications, such as every hour, two hours, or more.
  • Content: Notifications typically display the time spent gambling, money wagered, and any winnings or losses incurred during the session.
  • Options: Upon receiving a reality check, players can decide to continue playing or take a break.

Implementing reality checks makes players more aware of their gambling habits, thereby promoting responsible gaming.

In summary, self-limits, timeouts, and reality checks provide alternative self-regulation options for players who prefer not to use Gamstop. These tools enable individuals to manage their gambling responsibly and maintain a positive gaming experience.


In summary, Starburst is a popular and thrilling online slot game developed by NetEnt. Although the Gamstop scheme can limit players’ access to certain online slots, it is still possible to enjoy Starburst at non-Gamstop casinos. Sites like Milky Wins Casino, Mystake Casino, and Kaboom Slots Casino provide players the opportunity to play Starburst slot without the restrictions imposed by Gamstop.

Non-Gamstop casinos offer added benefits, such as a high Return to Player (RTP) and the potential for big wins. However, it’s essential for players to be aware of the pros and cons associated with playing at these sites. Some drawbacks may include fewer bonus features and a limited number of reel features.

It is crucial for gamers to continue implementing responsible gaming habits, even when playing at non-Gamstop casinos. Tools like self-exclusion schemes and setting limits on gaming activities can help maintain a balanced gaming experience. Ultimately, players can enjoy the excitement of playing Starburst slot while remaining aware of their gambling limits and habits.

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