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Daniel Sahlin dansah September 30, 2019

When I was young, London was one of the first cities I went to for gambling purposes. I had found a small advertisement for a casino guide book and very soon after I’ve got it I went for a road trip all around Western Europe. I was 19 years old and I left Sweden full with confidence of beating the casinos in Black Jack. Obviously the whole trip became a disaster. I was a rookie still in card counting, but I needed to practice. My first stop the main casino in Amsterdam, on my way to London. I walk into this beautiful and very large casino and I’m super excited. I walk around a bit and starts playing… wait for it…. . How could I not do that, the French Roulette is super nice and beautiful and they have 3 dealers and an inspector, and they throw around the chips like pro´s and it is very exciting and romantic in a strange way. Just like in the James bond and other casino movies.

Of course I lose a third of my bank roll in 2 hours and I realize, what a stupid romantic buffoon I am. I walk over to the black jack table and starts playing there instead and after a few hours I leave with no particular gain.

In the next few days I visit Brussels, Bruges, and Oostende and have some minor successes even without counting cards. But I do have to say back in the 90´s the casinos in Belgium were very shabby and not very interesting.

I take the ferry to London and starts visiting and trying to find the casinos. There were a few big ones that I don’t remember the names of but I visited The Ritz Club, Palm Beach Casino, The Victoria and some very small clubs that I don’t remember the names of. Back in the days in London the casinos were private and often very small and they had private memberships. They also had a rule in place where you had to become a member 24 hours in advance and come back the day later, almost like a reverse cool down period.

Most of the casinos were super luxurious and you had to have a jacket and tie, which I hate. But after managing to borrow one to get in, you start plying and realize how expensive the minimum bets were. Here you have me, 19 years old, lost a big chunk of my bankroll in Amsterdam and wants to play Black Jack and count cards. It just does not add up. I will write in later episodes about bankrolls and counting cards, but when you have a small bankroll, it just does not matter. The game becomes all luck in the end if you don’t have a proper bankroll of at least 300-500 large bets.

So my first gambling trip became instead a very good lesson on what is necessary if you want to be a player. The gaming success was very meager but instead I learned where to play and the obvious fact that I needed way more training.

The good thing though was that now after that first trip, my faith was sealed… I was going to study gaming and my future plans were set.

I see you very soon with a more comprehensive look at some of the casinos in London and I will also include a section of UK´s online casinos that I have played at.

Daniel Sahlin

I see you soon again.

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