New Year’s Eve Casino with Slots

Another year is approaching its end. The online gambling enthusiasts like you are always looking to have some fun and earn big. The New Year Eve is considered the most celebrated festival across the world as it involves commemorating the end of the year in accordance with the Gregorian calendar.

People usually on this day remember the past and focus on what they have to achieve in the coming future. So for this New Year Party, what are your plans? Well, it’s high time to look out for the best slots game online on Casinomir on this New Year before you indulge yourself with your friends in the wildness.

In this blog post, we will discuss the popularity of slot games on New Year Eve across America, and how can you take benefit from gambling on this New Year.

A Greek Tradition

The New Year gambling activities in America are basically transformed into a Greek tradition. It is believed that since ancient times, the Greek folks engaged themselves in gambling activities, especially on New Year Eve. It was considered that the next year will contain bad luck if a person gambles and loses. On the other hand, if a person wins, happiness will be at their disposal. At least for some time.

This ritual or some might say custom was commemorated so passionately by some Greek people, that they even gave permission to their children to engage themselves in gambling activities. This is the reason why today there are certain easy gambling games in the market for young gambling players. 

In the passage of time, activities like lotteries, slots, and betting on football were also being considered as part of gambling. To promote the gambling custom, Greeks even established a national lottery day on the New Year. This step attracted a number of gamblers, and the amount of winning was much greater than other gambling activities.

The prominent Greek gambling tradition is quite visible in today’s world. A number of different activities like cards, lotteries, slots, and betting are still played in various parts of the world. So if you want to play all these gambling games in one place, then Casinomir will be no doubt the best choice for you on this New Year eve.

A Variety of Online Gambling Promotions Just For You

Coming out of Greek Traditional Mythology, the online casinos every year comes up with various gambling promotions with the main aim of attracting new players while rewarding the old clients. There are a number of New Year gambling promotions from which you can take benefit from. The New Year bonuses from online casino come in different shapes and size such as;

  • Free Online Slots for New Year
  • Daily Prize Draws
  • New Year Slot Game Tournament
  • New Year Arrival Calendars

Before you engage yourself in any of the above gambling activity you must make sure that you have appropriately read all the terms and conditions associated with each game. Since gambling games are quite attractive it may cause the disruption of your personal lifestyle, so you should also care about that factor.

The New Year gambling promotions usually come with different exceptional offers. But all these offers are limited for a time being. To obtain maximum benefits out of online casinos available only on Casinomir this December.

Free Online Slots for New Year

Many popular online casinos in America reward their players with exclusive free spins for New Year themed slots. The rewards obtained through online slots are offered in the form of prizes or given on a certain day by the online casinos. So increase your holiday spirit by playing slots and win big like never before!

Daily Prize Draws

During the New Year season, different online casinos award expensive prizes to the players. To earn the daily rewards, you just have to sign up and create an online account on the respective casino website. The prizes that are awarded to the gambling players include casino bonuses, free spins, cash rewards, or even tickets for family vacations.

The one important rule to consider for earning big is that you have to frequently play online gambling games and deposit the maximum amount of money possible. This will basically increase your chances of winning a huge sum of money. Once the event is concluded, the lucky winner is selected within the promotional period. So look out for earning some big rewards through daily draws!

New Year Slot Game Tournament

During the time of New Year, various online casinos entertain its customers by hosting a memorable New Year-themed slot game tournament. By playing this tournament you can achieve an extra sum of rewards quite easily. You not only accomplish real cash by gambling on specific games, but you can also earn a significant award by playing these games.

There can be different forms of rewards depending on the stage of the slot tournament. For example, you can earn real cash by making a huge bet (without knowing the result). These tournaments benefit and encourage you to earn big while spending a very small amount on the bet.

Moreover, through these tournaments, gambling players get a chance to unlock different bonuses, so they can earn additional rewards from these channels as well.

New Year Arrival Calendar

You might be familiar with those arrival calendars in which every day there is new chocolate waiting for you. Well, the arrival calendars of online casinos are quite similar to that. Except for the fact that the rewards here are much bigger and better.

The New Year Arrival calendars may include rewards such as bonuses of no deposit, additional loyalty points, free spins, and exclusive cashback offers. The arrival calendars developed by Casinos are considered as a great channel to enhance your stocking for gambling activities along with additional New Year winnings.

Since these New Year gambling promotions come only one time in a year, so you better make sure to grab all the opportunities before it is too late. To successfully grab all the above gambling rewards this New Year, Casinomir will assist you in providing the best online casinos website, where you can play and earn as much as you want.

Roulette Vs Online Slots-The Two Casino Classics

When it comes to gambling, online slots and roulette are no doubt above all games. While the slots are culpable for transferring the biggest share of revenues for every casino around the world, at the same time, a number of gamblers spend a large amount of cash on roulette.

There are some gamblers that go for online slots, on the other hand, there are some that prefer roulette. At the same time, there are certain players that enjoy playing both games. So in this section, we will do a fun comparison between roulette and online slot games for you.

The Variety Factor

As far as the variety factor is considered the online slot game is winning this challenge by a big gap.  The online slots come with a large variety of games such as classical reel slot, mega spin slot, progressive slots, jackpots and many more. 

Each slot game comes with different themes. You can encounter different slot titles when you go to the casinos that are usually based on movies, cartoons, myths, or video games.

The game of roulette is relatively downright. Its playing tactics are not much altered since it was first established. European, French, and American roulettes are the three popular types of this game.  Focusing on the rules, all three games have somewhat similar playing rules, except for the American roulette in which there is one extra pocket.

What Are the Odds?

The winning odds of roulette is higher as compared to online slots. The reason here is because in the game of roulette you have good control over the bets you reserve while playing. The odds of roulette is always fixed while the payout is decided before the play.

On the other hand, the odd mechanism of online slots is somewhat different from roulette. In online slots, there is a specific return to player (RTP) number for every game. This RTP number addresses the amount of award the gambler will earn after he or she plays the online slots for a certain time period.

In online slots game, the casino is always one step ahead of the player, because 99.9 percent is the maximum range of RTP. Means, the outcome of each spin basically depends on the random number generated by the machine.

Gambling Skills

As compared to poker games, the rules of video slots and roulettes are much easier to understand and so you do not have to practice these games for winning an actual bet. In other words, roulettes and slots both heavily depend on your own luck. The result of every round is always random and therefore can go either way.

You can never predict where the ball would go in the game of roulette, neither can you evaluate the exact slot pattern while you spin the reels. The only thing in your hand is to control the size of the bet and the risks involved in the game.

In essence, both online slots and roulettes can be quiet entertaining activities for the gamblers, especially if you are experiencing them for the first time. The adrenaline rush that you feel while placing a bet cannot be experienced in any other casino game.

The component of risk is what makes these casino games exciting for the people. So if you are looking forward to playing some best online slots and roulettes this New Year Eve than don’t forget Casinomir is the best solution for all your carvings.

Beware! There is A Nightmare Waiting for You

The online slots game is popular among the gamblers because they are quite simple to play, and at the same time, they provide you an opportunity to earn big from a very small bet. You can judge the popularity of slots by examining the floor space these machines cover in the casinos.

The slots are one of the most dominating games in the online casinos’ industry. Being the most popular casino game, the slots players sometimes indulge themselves into danger when they make the following 3 mistakes;

Making Too Much Spins Every Hour

The probability of losing is greater in online slots as compared to other games in the casino. The players of slot machines usually come in the trap of not recognising the amount of money they are risking for every spin they are making.

Because initially the bet amount for one spin is small but as the player progresses with the spin the amount multiplies as well. It has been estimated that for every $1 bet the player makes, he or she spent a total of $150 on the slots per hour.

Slots are Not Beneficial Like Before

When the slots were initially invented they were quite simpler and easier as compared to the current situation. The traditional slot machines didn’t contain so many reels like today. Hence, the chances of winning were also high.

Now with the introduction of video slots, these games consist of hundreds of reels and pay lines, reducing the winning chances for the gambler.

So it is quite important for you to read all the rules and regulations before you start the game especially if there is any special feature involved in the game. The easiest way of preventing such a mistake is to activate all the pay lines as soon as possible.

Excessive Gambling Activities Can Be Harmful to You

By gambling large sums of money you are not only affecting yourself but the other people in your life as well. Excessive gambling can disrupt a person’s life in many ways including;

  • Disruption in school, work, and other activities.
  • Harms a person’s physical or mental health
  • Damages you financially
  • Lowers your family reputation
  • Enhances issues with friends and family.

So Casinomir suggests the readers to be in their limits while gambling in online casinos. Although these activities can be a source of fun for you for a time period, if it is taken for granted it can disrupt your life financially, mentally, and physically. So play hard, but play safe!