New Orleans set for relaunch of two floating casinos in 2018

To help celebrate New Orleans’ 300th birthday, The Hospitality Enterprises New Orleans has announced the purchase and renovation of two riverboat casinos.

  • Two new riverboat casinos will be opened in New Orleans next year
  • Hospitality Enterprise have recently announced the purchase and renovation of City of Evansville and Morgan City
  • The renovation is in celebration of New Orleans’ 300th birthday

Thanks in part to Mark Twain’s Life on the Mississippi (1883), the city of New Orleans is famous for its riverboats. As well as providing a great spectacle, Hospitality Enterprises’ nod to the golden age of riverboat travel will also provide a wealth of on-board entertainment to residents and visitors of the city’s famous French Quarter…

Resurrecting the City of Evansville

In late October, Hospitality Enterprises announced the purchase of the City of Evansville, which began operations as a casino back in 1995. After falling into a state of disrepair, it is set for a new lease of life in 2018. Before it launches, its first port of call will be Morgan City, Louisiana, where it will undergo a complete overhaul.

The floating riverboats need restoring after spending many years vacant and docked in the same spots. As New Orleans’ 300th birthday nears, the growing interest in the city’s history led to Hospitality Enterprises spotting a lucrative business opportunity.

The City of Evansville used to be owned by Tropicana Entertainment, a famous casino operator in Louisiana, as well as Indiana, Mississippi and Nevada.

Hospitality Enterprises CEO and President, Warren Reuther Jr, said the boat will take the new name Riverboat Louis Armstrong, in honour of one of the city’s most famous sons. When considering the late jazz musician’s role in riverboat culture and entertainment, the new name seems very apt.

In his announcement, Reuther said he remembers hearing stories about Armstrong working on the river, aboard one of the Streckfus Steamers, with his trumpet in hand. And the fact that the oldest floating casino will relaunch in the city’s oldest area is another nice nod to a bygone era in time for the upcoming celebrations.

The story of Hospitality Enterprises New Orleans

The Hospitality Enterprises New Orleans is a family-owned company with 30 years’ experience in the travel and tourist sectors of the city. Its bus and river tours offer visitors the chance to discover the history of New Orleans, while the company also provides venues for weddings and conventions.

Hospitality Enterprises also operates Paddlewheeler Creole Queen, which embarks on twice daily tours around the city. These tours include costumed re-enactments that take “guests on a journey through the history of [New Orleans]”.

As a company steeped in New Orleans’ varied culture, it seems no-one better to ensure the new riverboat casinos stay true to their environment and its history, while also giving a great deal back to the local economy.

The many adventures to look forward to on the new riverboats

The riverboat has a capacity of 3000 passengers and will operate as a floating jazz club, restaurant and casino across four decks. The vessel is three times the size of Hospitality Enterprises’ current flagship, Creole Queen, so the riverboats are a canny investment for the company.

Riverboat Louis Armstrong will welcome its first passengers just in time for the city’s famous Mardi Gras festival in February. The boat is set to moor at the Creole Queen’s current location on the Hilton New Orleans Riverside and Riverwalk.

The second vessel

The company is due to buy its second riverboat, City of New Orleans, and relaunch it in 2018. This second boat was formerly owned by Casino Rock Island, is just under 58 metres long, and 17 metres wide and features three enclosed decks.

The City of New Orleans boat could play host to up to 1000 passengers at a time and will hold dinner and harbour cruises. Meanwhile, the much larger Louis Armstrong will spend more time in dock.