Japan is going to authorize the sale of lottery tickets in 2018

In Japan, the internal affairs ministry said that in October 2018 people will be able to buy popular lottery tickets online according to The Japan Times.

According to a big Japanese news agency these tickets will be able to be purchased for the popular lottery “Jumbo Takarakuji”-series. These games offer a prize of over 1 billion JPY. People can also buy regular Takarakuji tickets and the “Loto”- series.

Individuals who want to purchase lottery tickets online will first have to register themselves as members on the website. All the winnings will be wired to the designated bank account of the winners. There should be no possibility for players money laundering.

Japan is developing as a market

One of the reasons behind this new law is that lottery sales have been decreasing during the last couple of years and to sell lotteries online would perhaps end this negative trend. According to The Japan Times the lottery tickets sold for over 1.1 trillion JPY in 2005 and in 26 it was just 845 billion JPY.

In addition to this, around 93% of the tickets are sold via outlets near train stations. Another reason for the decline in sales is that it’s only older people in Japan that buys lottery tickets, younger people want to play online and at the moment you can’t buy lottery tickets online.

Seiko Noda, the Internal affairs minister, said she hopes that this new law will attract more than 500 000 new lottery players the first six months.