Japan introduces self-exclusion programs which family members can apply to

  • Now family members in Japan can request exclusion from casinos on behalf of other family members.
  • The lawmakers are being criticized for being too slow to implement anti-gambling laws

In Japan, the families of gamblers who have become addicted can now apply for exclusion from all casino services. Other countries are now looking into this solution as well. In Japan, they have had a huge problem with gambling addiction with Pachinko games. They are quite similar to slot machines.

The Japan Racing Association has now agreed to take part a new law called “the exclusion scheme” and they will accept applications from family members to ban their relatives. Online gambling and racing are the focus of the authorities right now, the program will of course include the pachinko games as well.

The Racing Association in Japan has also confirmed it. They will accept third party applications this week and the law makers are now putting pressure on operators and iGaming groups.

Casino gaming in Japan was recently legalized which is considered to be a major change in the nations approach to gambling in general. This is still a very slow process so no licenses have been approved yet.

This new exclusion program shows that Japan is taking huge steps forward for safer gaming in general. None of the anti-gambling laws haven’t been implemented yet since the decision to legalize gamblingwas taken.

Authorities needs to tackle the gambling addiction as soon as possible

A recent study was just published by the Japanese authorities and it reveals that 3.2 million citizens have experienced addiction to gambling in their lifetime.

Many of the gambling problems are related to the casino game Pachinko which is an arcade game similar to pinball and slot machines. You can win a lot of money at these machines but also loose everything Japan. Before gambling was legalized these games had no regulations what so ever.

Right now, the participation in the self-exclusion program is voluntary from the operators part, but very soon this will be mandatory. No doubt, this new law will help a lot of people with gambling addictions and many other countries might implement this law as well.