How to be treated as a VIP in Vegas? Las Vegas Guide Part 3/3

Daniel Sahlin dansah August 15, 2019

Now finally we are getting closer to the real deal. The VIP perks and general comps, how to get them and be smart about it.

Many people feel ashamed in trying to get comps and freebies, but you have to bury that feeling deep down somewhere else, because you deserve those comps. If you have been playing for a few hours in Black Jack or slots, you truly deserve something.

From a managerial position, the casinos generally count to give away about 15-20% of your estimated value. Yes, estimated value, what is that. The estimated value or rather the theoretical win and value of your game play is counted as soon as the management either swipes your game card or is in the belief that you are a good player.

From a managerial position, the casinos generally count to give away about 15-20% of your estimated value.

I can give you an easy example of playing Roulette. Let’s say you spend 2 hours playing roulette and your average bet is $40. You play roughly 30 spins per hour, the table is rather busy. The Win rate in Roulette is 2.7% no matter how you play; it is all based on your total value of your chips in play. That is called turnover or handle. So you bet 2 x 30 times X $40 X 2.7% = $65. This value is the median win rate for that game playing at that speed. Essentially you could and should get 20% of that back, which would be 13 dollars.

how to be treated as a VIP in vegas

In many cases, they will only give it to you if you actually ask for it. Some of the 13 dollars have already been given to you since you always get free drinks when you play, but you understand what I mean. It’s like having a dollar sign and number above your head in Sim City or something and that is the value of you and your comps when you stay in Vegas.

When you are a VIP player, the ballgame is a little bit different. Here you can actually call the hotel and VIP department ahead of time, telling them that you are coming over to their establishment. You can transfer money over, which is good, since you can only bring 10,000 in cash at the airport. You can order VIP pick up from airport and everything, just be blunt about it. Tell them what you want to do and they will try to help you.

Here is an example what you can do; you call them…“Hello, my name is so and so. I am coming to Las Vegas this summer and I am going to play in the WSOP of poker… But I am also going to play a lot of Texas hold`em of Poker and `Black Jack. I usually play with a 100 dollar minimum and I will at least play four hour per day. I will stay for 10 days and what can you do for me? Oh by the way I also need to transfer over 25,000 dollars, can you help me”.

Trust me, they will help you and it is not that hard. The only thing that is hard is the fact that you actually have to play for four hours a day now, to get the treatment you want. Things that you usually get as comps are hotel room’s upgrades, food and beverages, club entries and bottles.  The big players can also get promotional chips and rebates on loss but that is a different story, then you have to be a true high roller.

I will go into more detailed examples of advanced comps in future episodes but also how to get comps with online casinos which sometimes can get tricky. The online industry usually have no idea what they are doing on the VIP side and usually just tend to give comps and gifts to people who loose very much, which is not a very sustainable strategy.

I see you soon again.

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