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Daniel Sahlin dansah July 2, 2019

This is an article from Casinomir columnist Daniel Sahlin. Daniel is a Gaming Consultant and Casino Expert who holds a bachelor degree in casino management and Masters Degree in casino marketing from University of Nevada Las Vegas. He have worked professionally with authorities to establish license foundations and launch land based casinos.

Daniel Sahlin
Gaming Consultant and Games Expert
Master of Science Casino Marketing, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Hello dear reader, from today and onwards I am now a columnist and writer for Casinomir and I am looking forward to write about a variety of things that is happening in the gaming industry worldwide, both online and offline venues, places to go, games to play and other interesting subjects.

Myself I come from a thorough gaming background started to deal Black Jack and Roulette in the 90´s and have since then operated and owned online casino sites and helped the Swedish government implement its land based casinos, Casino Cosmopol. I have a bachelor degree in casino management and Masters Degree in casino marketing from University of Nevada Las Vegas and am an active debater and participant in the Swedish gaming scene, but also stay in touch what is going on in the US and other markets.

I am also a player myself both in traditional casino games and Poker and I play on a regular basis. Sometimes I play just to try to win a fast buck because I am bored or not interested in doing anything particular that night. But most of the times I do play for a purpose, to win and to actually make a profit. I prefer large poker MTT´s or multi table tournaments in the flesh, or let’s say live poker in a venue. There are many daily opportunities to play large field tournaments on Pokerstars or why not try 888 Poker which actually have a nice client. I also play and count cards in Black Jack and find that very appealing in several venues around the world.

But since I have lived in Las Vegas for more than 6 years, I do prefer live casino venues where you can also interact and relax when you play. Have a nice drink or if you in the mood you can easily switch from a nice cash game session and go to a party or a dinner date. If you have not visited Las Vegas, you need to do it now, I mean it. It is heaven on earth if you like some decent casino or poker action. But remember; be careful with the drinks and driving. Las Vegas serves alcohol 24/7 which is rare in the USA.

When I go there, which I do at least once a year, usually during the WSOP or some other big poker event that usually takes place around 4 times a year. I always make sure I rent a car, visit my best friends and then drive around to get a feel what is new and what is going on in the city.

I am very happy that WSOP (World Series of Poker) and the worldwide poker scene are again growing pretty fast and new games and formats are invented.  The first event of the WSOP this summer had a breathtaking 17,400 unique entries to their Colossus event, with an incredible 28,000 plus buy in. That is a worldwide record. And I am sure the same will show at the Battle of Malta this fall, which had a super tournament last year. Cannot wait to play that tournament again

 I will in my future articles help you be a winner in different games, how to count cards both live and online. I will teach you smart ways to play and utilize bonuses or promotions to your benefit. And finally I will also just make sure you have a good time when you play. It is way too easy to get carried away when you play and if not careful, way too easy to lose your bankroll

So now you know who I am and I am looking forward and hope you will read my future articles and if you have any questions, just email me at [email protected]

Stay Tuned,

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