Bethard signs Zlatan!

It has flourished rumors in recent weeks that a certain football star would have signed an agreement with the gaming company Bethard. Earlier this week, we also found that these rumors were true when Bethard went out with the great news that LA Galaxy’s latest acquisition, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, becomes Bethard’s ambassador.

In addition to Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s coming out for the company, the former national team will also be part of the game company. Talk about a strong acquisition of Bethard!

Previously, Dragomir Mrsic is ambassador to Bethard. The actor will continue the collaboration with the gaming company and, as you will see below, work with Zlatan Ibrahimovic What Zlatan Ibrahimovic is getting for this collaboration does not want to tell Erik Skarp (CEO & Founder of Bethard), but he says that Zlatan deserves a juicy deal, something that was not completely untouched.

What is in it for Bethard?

The gaming company Bethard has been produced as a hard and tough gaming company, something they now want to change. With the help of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Bethard will now go against a brand change and become a more “soft” gaming company.  In the gaming industry, Bethard is known to offer high odds and has the highest odds on the market when it comes to international and British football!

With Zlatan joining LA Galaxy as a non-designated player, he is taking a massive pay cut compared to his previous contracts at Man United and Paris SG. With collaborations such as the one with Bethard, combined with previous career earnings, the pay cut may not affect Ibrahimovic that much.

In Galaxy he will join up with the former Barcelona products Giovani and Jonathan Dos Santos. The Mexican brothers are together with former Arsenal and Chelsea player Ashley Cole the most well-known names on the Galaxy roster.

Ibrahimovic´s first game can be against LAFC, which is a derby in the city of Angels. It will be very interesting to follow the MLS with such a big name as Ibrahimovic joining. Read more about betting options here on Casinomir and stay tuned for more news regarding gambling and sports.