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Daniel Sahlin dansah June 28, 2019

Entrepreneur, Gaming Consultant and Games Expert
Master of Science Casino Marketing, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

I am a 45 year old gaming veteran in many aspects. I play Strategy board games on a monthly basis and have been involved in all forms of games since i was 12 years old.

My skills in Casino comes from a early interest in James Bond and his casino ventures and I learned how to count cards when i was 16 years old. 

Besides many gaming adventures, I have studied casino management in Las Vegas and see myself as an expert in loyalty and casino marketing with a desire to improve the many casino products that exists today.

Have started two different gaming sites and now works as a Online Casino Consultant and free lance in digital marketing.

My favorite things to do is.

  • Play Poker
  • Play board games
  • Travel
  • Dj house music, been a dj since 1995
  • Drink Coffee and discuss worldly issues
Daniel Sahlin

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