27 year old Swedish man wins £600 000 at Mega Fortune!

Imagine being able to hit the entire inner wheel of Mega Fortune and win the big jackpot? After this, you go to your player account and see more than £600 000 there!´That would perhaps be the best day of your life. On August 1, 2018, a Swedish man wins 61,415 649 SEK on Mega Fortune dreams and becomes the 46th player through the ages that have won the jackpot, Congratulations!

The Swedish player became a new member at Letsbet and started to play Mega Fortune immediately. After playing less than three hours the lucky Swede won the amazing jackpot. In an interview he says:

“This is totally crazy if you ask me! I was on vacation and felt like playing a little just for fun and I didn’t feel lucky. I’m not really sure what to do with the profit except from sharing some of the money with my friends and family”

What is special about this game?

The legendary progressive jackpot game Mega Fortune was launched by the gaming provider NetEnt Entertainment 2012 and has since created the creation of 46 new millionaires around the world. The first winner was a Norman the same year as the launch of the game and then won 92 million. The biggest win ever at Mega Fortune was 2013 when a Finnish student won 180 million!

Has the game got your attention yet? It’s a completely crazy jackpot game that you can find at almost all of the casinos today and once you’ve read about the first words of the players, you will understand that they cannot really understand that it’s happening. If you are looking forward to winning the next big jackpot from Mega Fortune, you may want to keep in mind that the average winnings are after 10 weeks from a jackpot.