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The Gambling Commission in Gibraltar was created in 2000. As an EU country, their license includes remote licenses that has operations in other countries. This license is very popular among online casinos and it has an excellent reputation.

This license is regarded by many to be very safe and reliable because the requirements to get this license are very high.

Rules and Regulations

Casinos that wants to have this license have to follow many strict policies and regulations. These policies are strict, but also very fair. Their aim is to protect players and to improve the quality of the online casinos.

This is a very well-respected license that is highly sought after within the industry. Every casino player has to be at least 18 years of age in order to play at an online casino.

License Registration Process

The applicant and owners, shareholders and directors must provide their ID documents, CVs, financial status and much more before they can get a license. They also have to meet all the requirements when it comes to anti money laundering requirements.

GRA continuously check all of their casinos that has a license and makes sure that they are following the rules and regulations. If they detect any criminal activities the casino will be banned immediately.

In order to obtain a GRA license, all casinos must gather a lot of information about the customers. They have to have the full name, address and date of birth.

They are also required to complete a due diligence using the KYC process in order to verify the data. The customer has to be identified with passport, ID card, utility bills and bank statements.

Different types of Casino Licenses

Gibraltar splits their licenses into different products, they are:

  • Bookmaker’s license
  • Betting intermediary’s license
  • Lottery promoter’s license
  • Pool promoter’s license
  • Remote gambling license
  • Gaming operator’s license
  • Gaming machine license

Most casinos that have a license in Gibraltar usually have a remote gambling license, which means that they are licensed in Gibraltar but their player focus is in other countries in Europe.

Responsible Gambling

Responsible gaming is a huge factor of the license process in Gibraltar. They want to ensure that all the players are protected and safe. If a player is having problems with a casino there are many ways for the player to get help.

The casinos have to inform the players about these options. When a new casino account is opened, it should be checked in order to ensure that the player is the same person as the account belongs to.

Exclusions at casino sites are usually pretty flexible. A customer can request to get his account closed either indefinitely, permanently or for a predetermine. Staff of casinos with a license from Gibraltar are regularly dealing with customers and they have to have an education and understanding of the iGaming industry.

Casino staff has to be able to help out players with problems. If a casino doesn’t have a good enough support service, Gibraltar will give them a warning and a list of how to improve the support.

The players must also have the option to set limits on their deposits, bet and so on within a timeframe. This requirement is standard for all of the different licenses.

If you don’t get help from the casino with a question or a complaint you can go directly to the commissioner in Gibraltar. They can help you to get your question or complaint fixed. All in all, this is one of the best casino licenses out there.

Comparison between Gibraltar Regulatory Authority and Other Licensing Bodies:

The Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (GRA) stands out in the world of online casino licensing due to its rigorous standards, commitment to player safety, and the prestige associated with its jurisdiction. However, how does it compare to other regulatory bodies? For instance, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) is recognised for its stringent regulations and protection of UK gamblers, yet GRA’s commitment to upholding international anti-fraud and anti-money laundering standards closely mirrors this. Meanwhile, the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is appreciated for its favourable tax conditions and detailed regulatory procedures, akin to GRA’s own business-friendly ecosystem and focus on comprehensive legislation. Lastly, compared to the Curacao eGaming authority, which is known for its relatively easier licensing process and lax regulations, GRA’s licensing process is more demanding, underscoring its commitment to maintaining a reputable and safe gambling environment.

The Impact of Brexit on Gibraltar-Licensed Casinos:

The seismic event of Brexit has sent ripples across various industries, with online gambling being no exception. Given Gibraltar’s status as a British Overseas Territory, the territory’s gaming industry has been under scrutiny. Despite initial concerns, the Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association (GBGA) assured that the industry would remain stable, largely due to Gibraltar’s robust regulatory framework and the long-standing ties with the UK. However, uncertainties remain, especially concerning data protection rules and border control, which could potentially affect staffing in the Gibraltar gambling sector and the cross-border transfer of data.

Case Studies of Enforcement Actions:

The GRA is not averse to taking strong enforcement actions to ensure its licensees meet the set regulatory standards. In 2014, a notable case involved the GRA imposing stringent penalties on a licensed online gambling firm for breaching rules related to customer deposits. The firm was required to overhaul its procedures to ensure future compliance. Such cases highlight the GRA’s dedication to upholding its rules, thus instilling confidence among players and strengthening its reputation as a robust regulator.

How to Verify a Gibraltar License:

Ensuring that an online casino holds a valid license is vital for player safety. To verify a Gibraltar license, players can visit the official GRA website and browse the list of licensees. It’s important to cross-reference the casino name and other details listed on the GRA’s website with the information provided on the casino’s own site. Any discrepancy should be taken as a red flag. The transparency of this verification process shows GRA’s commitment to providing a safe gaming environment for players.

The Future of Gibraltar’s Online Gambling Industry:

The future of Gibraltar’s online gambling industry looks promising, despite facing challenges like Brexit. Its robust regulatory environment continues to attract reputable gaming operators, and technological advancements are expected to bring new opportunities. Furthermore, Gibraltar’s potential collaboration with other jurisdictions to create an international regulatory standard for online gaming could enhance its position in the global gambling market.

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