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Danish Gaming Authority - Online Casino License

The Danish gaming market was liberalized in 2010 but it took two years until it happened in 2012. This license applies for both land-based casinos and online casinos but the tax levels are different. Online casinos have 50% less tax than land-based casinos. This license was implemented very successfully and other countries in Scandinavia might take after. Sweden is probably the next country to be regulated and the regulations will probably look very similar to the Danish Gaming Authority.

Rules and Regulations

One of the new requirements of DGA is that the players must log in with a digital signature that the player gets when he or she registered an account at the casino. The implementation of the Danish NemID is a requirement for all the casino operators that wants to continue to exist on the Danish gambling market. The age verification is another important rule. In Denmark, you have to be at least 18 years of age in order to play at an online casino.

License Registration Process

The Danish Gaming Authority regulates the Danish gaming market and they do this in cooperation with the Danish Ministry of Taxation. The commission is the regulatory body for monitoring land-based and online gambling. The Ministry of Taxation is authorized with handing out new license holders, inspection of existing licenses and to handle all the new and existing regulations.

Different types of Casino Licenses

Denmark offers two types of online gaming licenses. The first one is a betting license and the second one is the online casino license. The betting license applies for both land-based casinos and online casinos. This license can also be expanded to include Greenland. Ones you are approved, the license is granted for at least five years. The Danish Gaming authority does not impose any restrictions on the number of licenses that they hand out.


A land based casino license however, is valid for ten years. The gaming commission imposes restrictions on how many land-based casinos that can exist in their country. The country only has two licenses and the betting license is for gaming companies that offer online sports bets. The online casino license is only for internet sites that offer online gaming activities.


The Danish Gambling Authority covers these games: roulette, blackjack, baccarat, punto banco, poker and gambling on gaming machines like slots. All the games are based on chance like lotto, scratch cards and bingo are not covered by the term online casino. They are still kept under the monopoly in Denmark.

Responsible Gambling

Being a member of the European Gaming and Amusement Industry, also known as EUROMAT, Denmark must conduct their rules and regulations in order to improve responsible gaming. The Danish Gambling Authority doesn’t handle complaints or disputes from players. In the case that a player has a complaint the player must contact the online casino first.


The Danish Gambling Authority cannot decide disputes between players and casinos. A player can however contact the Danish Consumer Complaints Board, where the player can summarize the complaint. If the casino doesn’t have a license in Denmark, the player should contact the gambling authority in the country where the casino has its license.


The Danish Gaming Authority keeps a register of all the self-excluded players with a gambling addiction and makes sure that these players can’t play. This register is called ROFUS. If you exclude yourself from one site you will be excluded from all the sites. A player can register ROFUS in their NemID.


A new and remarkable rule in the new gaming act is that the chance of winning must be stipulated in a correct and detailed way. The DGA wants to ensure that all the players know exactly how every game works and what the winning chances are. This rule is also applied to all of the casino bonuses. Sometimes, casinos have ridiculous wagering requirements that makes it almost impossible to win any real money. In all bonuses, they player has 60 days to use the bonus before it disappears.