Updated: November 17, 2020

Alderney Gambling Control Commission - Online Casino License

Alderney is the third largest of the Channel Islands. It is located about 8 miles from France and 60 miles from the United Kingdom. This island is one of the constitutive islands of the Bailiwick of Guernsey. Thereby, it applies the same laws as Guernsey but it is under its own rule.

The Alderney Gambling Control Commission is authorized by the States of Alderney as an independent, non-profit organization. AGCC was established in 2000. The AGCC claims that they have the most eGaming traffic in the world and that they are bigger than Malta and Gibraltar. There isn’t any gambling tax here at all for the players.

About Alderney Gambling Control Commission
Name Alderney Gambling Control Commission
Established 2000
Location The British Channel Islands
Website https://gamblingcontrol.org

Rules and Regulations

The States of Alderney states it responsible for making sure that all of their players are at least 18 years of age. Gambling sites in Alderney are required by the law to ask for players for identification to make sure that players aren’t underage.

In addition to this, there are a lot of other requirements that a casino must fulfill. These requirements are about tax, ethical playing and responsible gaming.

License Registration Process

In order to get a license here, a casino must fill in an application at the AGCC website. The gaming commission in Alderney requires “Category 1” eGambling licensees to hold funds standing to the credit of registered casino player account and those must be segregated from the operating business. This is very important because if the casino goes bust, you as a player will still get your money back.

The casino is also responsible for informing the players about all the risks related to gambling. If a player notice that the casino sites is in breach with the regulations from AGCC the player should first contact the casino.

If the casino doesn’t solve this, the player can contact AGCC and they will help the player out. In some cases, a player can get money from the casino via AGCC if the casino has done something wrong. As a player it is always to good to know which rules and regulations a casino must follow.

Different types of Casino Licenses

The gaming authority in Alderney has very transparent policies. There are two types of licenses;

Category 1:

This license authorizes the casino to preparation of gambling operations. Here you can register the casino name, verify players and create contracts with them. You can also set up a bank accounts.

Category 2:

This license authorizes the gambling transactions which includes the operational management of a gambling platform that is located within an approved hosting centre.

Depending on the casino, you may apply for one of these licenses or both. Although the gaming commission clearly states the conditions for the different casino, it is always good to have a meeting with the commission and to get a suggestion. The category 1 license covers all online and mobile casino games. For example, many casinos offer casino games from Booongo and Swedish top games provider Net Entertainment.

Responsible Gambling

A player can easily apply in writing to all AGCC licensed casinos and ask for these things:

  • Deposit limit during a specified period of time.
  • Maximum amount to be lost during a specified period of time.
  • Maximum limit in the number of gambling transactions.
  • A player can be self-excluded at the casino.
  • A deposit limit at zero for life-time.

Responsible gaming is all about protecting online casino players with gambling addictions from themselves. A casino therefore must have tools for this like we mentioned before.

In addition to this, the casino must have a CRM-system that can catch up players that might have a gambling addiction and also to inform these players about the problems with iGaming. The casinos VIP-section could sometimes be contra-productive here so the casinos have to be very careful here.