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The Best Guide to UK Gambling Sites

The UK is a gambling nation, and most people enjoy placing a bet on everything and anything. This has been part of the British culture for centuries.

With more and more people having convenient access to the internet, online gambling has become far more accessible than ever before.

And thanks to new technology there are far more options and online casinos out there than there were a decade ago. And while this is great for players, it can sometimes also be confusing and difficult to find the best online gambling sites in the UK. 

At Casinomir, we have made it our mission to guide you on your online gambling journey and to do this effectively, we review and compare all the best gambling sites in the UK.

We look at all facets of each site that we review, including the games, payment methods, bonuses, and loyalty programs, before we add them to our site.

We also offer in-depth guides, articles, news, and reviews of everything gambling-related. Make sure to visit our website regularly for all the latest updates, reviews and promotions.

Infographic: Gambling has become a national pastime in the UK

The British population clearly loves betting, and gambling sites has taken the nation by storm. With new casino sites opening at an unprecedented rate and an astonishing 14.3 million people having an online gambling account in the UK, it does not appear that the growth of this industry will slow down anytime soon.

Where are the big spenders in the UK?

People are gambling throughout the nation, and with online gambling being easy and convenient, there is barely a corner of Britain where you can’t gamble. Gambling, however, is most prevalent in the cities and it comes as no surprise that London is not just the capital of the country, it is also the gambling capital of Britain with 28% of players living in London. They are also the biggest spenders, and at 36% they top the percentage of spend per city. The next biggest gambling city is Birmingham, with 14% of players and 16% of spend per city, followed by Liverpool with 10% of players but only 4% of the spend.

Gamblers in Liverpool might not be spending the most, but they certainly know what they are doing and are currently ranked number one on the performance league table. Londoners come a close second and Manchester is third. With a mere 4% of players, Edinburgh has the smallest number of gamblers, but they rank eighth on the performance league table. Newcastle is the lowest rank city on the performance league table.

Who are the big spenders in the UK?

There are gamblers in every segment of the UK population and every age group. This is not just a pastime for the idle rich or a chance for the poor to change their fortunes; gambling is something that most British people enjoy. It does not matter if you are 18 or 80, you have probably tried your hand at a game of poker, bought a lottery ticket, bet on the horses or played the slots. But the biggest gamblers in Britain are between the age of 20 and 29. This, however, does not mean that they are the best gamblers, that honour goes to the 40 to 44-year olds. So perhaps with age comes wisdom or practice makes perfect.

Gambling is big business in the UK, and it is here to stay. As long as there is a demand for online gambling, new non-UK casino sites will continue to open, and the industry will evolve as technology improves, and players look for new and exciting opportunities to place bets.

UK Gambling Performance Comparsion infographic
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…it comes as no surprise that London is not just the capital of the country, it is also the gambling capital of Britain with 28% of players living in London. They are also the biggest spenders and at 36% they top the percentage of spend per city.

New Gambling Sites 2020

To start a new casino in the UK is challenging. It requires extensive knowledge of the industry and experience. Most online casinos look and feel similar.

They offer the same games and types of bonuses because they know that these are the things that work. But the most exciting new online casinos in the UK are the ones that have found a unique niche to make themselves stand out from the crowd.

During the past number of years, there has been a phenomenal increase in online gambling sites. Regardless of whether you are surfing the net, watching TV or listening to the radio, you are bound to find adverts and promotions for new and established online casinos and gambling sites. 

The online casino industry is highly competitive, and this is good news for players. New UK sites need to find ways to stand out from the crowd and distinguish themselves from the more established online casinos.

With the number of online casinos increasing daily, it is almost impossible for your average online gambler to identify all the great promotions and find the best new online gambling sites.

That is where we come in, and at Casinomir, we have made it our business to identify the best new gambling sites and add them to our growing list of UK casinos.

We use a number of parameters to review and rate the casinos on our site, including the following:

  • All relevant licenses
  • Site security
  • Safe and convenient payment methods for deposits and withdrawals
  • Promotional offers including bonuses and spins
  • Customer service opening hours and contact details

We do our best to ensure that all the sites we feature live up to our high standards of quality and security, as well as the expectations of our players.

Before you commit to playing at a new online gambling site, make sure to read our reviews and compare all bonus offers and promotions with other casinos listed on Casinomir. This will ensure that you are well informed and able to make the best decisions.


Which Gambling Sites are the Best?

It is always hard to define exactly which one that is the best gambling website online. It depends a lot on what you as a player prefer. Some players prefer a wide game selection, others a good VIP service or big promotions. We are trying to paint the full picture to help you select between all the best gambling sites.

Which Gamblings Sites offer bonuses?

Almost every gambling site offer some kind of welcome promo. This give the player an opportunity to increase the bankroll. Even free rounds of play are given before or after deposit.

How can I register to a New Gambling Site?

It is easy! By just a few clicks on your computer, tablet or smartphone you are in and ready to play. Today there are even gambling sites with no registration required.

Is it legal to gamble online for real money?

All sites with a UK License are free and legal to play on for UK citizens. The winnings from these sites are also tax-free.

Which Games are available?

There is a wide range of games available. Classic slots, videoslots, roulette, blackjack, poker, sports betting and bingo are only a few. Read more about it in our guides and reviews.

Are all winnings tax-free?

On the sites you find on here, the winnings from gambling are tax-free for UK players.

Online Gambling Websites for UK Players 2020

Anyone who enjoys gambling in the UK will know that there are a great many internet gambling sites out there and you can find something to suit almost everyone’s needs and preferences.

There are many popular and well-established casino and betting sites, such as Betfredbet365 and Betway, and a growing number of new online casino sites that are all vying for the attention of UK players.

This is great for online gamblers in the UK, but the sheer number of choices can make it challenging to find the best ones. Reading the reviews and guides on Casinomir will help you narrow down your options and identify the sites that appeal to you the most. 

We test and compare a large number of UK internet gambling sites and rank them according to several critical criteria. We ensure that the sites we list on Casinomir are safe, trustworthy, have all the necessary licenses, and are registered with the UK Gambling Commission.

Since online gambling in the UK is a legal and highly regulated industry, you can rest assured that any sites that are licensed to operate in the UK are safe and legitimate.

Compare and Find Good Gambling Sites Online

Online gambling has been around for years, but lately, it has been developing at an astonishing rate. New technology and greater internet access have led to an explosion in the online gambling industry. The gambling games available today are much more sophisticated than what was on offer only a few years ago.

All the best online gambling sites offer games from the big software providers like NetEnt, Yggdrasil, RTG, and Microgaming, and they are constantly competing to outdo each other and provide players with games that offer a unique experience. You can also find plenty of live dealer games, betting, and bingo at all the best online casinos. 

At Casinomir, we strive to keep you updated on all the developments in the online casino industry. We rate, review and compare as many online casinos as possible and update our site daily to ensure that you never miss out on a great promotion.

When we rate online casinos, we look at free online gambling sites, with no deposit required, free spin no deposit offers, rewards programs and welcome bonuses. At Casinomir, you will find all the information you need to compare gambling sites and find the ones that meet your requirements.

Safe UK Gambling Sites Online

People who are unfamiliar with online gambling think that it is complicated to register and unsafe to play. But this is just not the case. To create an online gambling account is quick and easy. It only takes a few minutes, and many sites offer free play options so that you can try out their games before you commit to a site. These offers allow you to play and win without risking any of your own money. 

But what about safety? Because the UK online gambling industry is legal and highly regulated, you can find many safe and secure online casinos and mobile gambling sites in the UK. All the top sites offer a number of safe and secure methods that you can use to make deposits and withdraw funds. These include online banking, credit cards, e-wallets, and PayPal.

Self-exclusion tools are also a good thing to consider. In the UK, players can use Gamstop to self-exclude from almost all licenced casinos if they want to. If you play at non gamstop gambling sites, you would have to contact the support and each and every casino to do this.

Good gambling sites are always fully encrypted and verified to ensure that your personal details and financial information remains secure at all times. Casinomir can help you find safe and secure online UK casinos where you can enjoy your online gambling experience.

Guide to Online Gambling Sites

Gambling is a popular pastime for many people around the world. In the past, players needed to visit a brick-and-mortar casino or physical sports betting shop before they could bet on their favourite games or sports events. But with the development of the internet, it is now possible for players to play and bet on a wide variety of games, sports and activities from the comfort of their homes. Apart from offering players convenience, online gambling also offers players the potential to win big.

Many gambling sites now design their websites in a way that players can access them on both their desktop and mobile devices. This makes it easy for you to play games on the go whether you are on the bus or in a lift. However, if you want to enjoy the best experience playing games at any gambling site, you need to make sure that you choose the best ones with a solid reputation in the iGaming industry.

In this guide, we’ll shed light on the different factors that you should consider before choosing a gambling site to sign up with. These are the things we believe when we carry out our reviews in order to be able to recommend the best sites to you. Whether you’re a new or experienced gambler, we hope you’ll find this guide useful because it covers all the essential things you need to know about online gambling sites and how to make the most of them.

We have written this guide in a way that we hope is easy to read and understand while also trying to make it as exciting and informative as possible. In the end, you will find detailed answers to some of the most commonly asked questions concerning online gaming sites. We will cover a range of topics that will help you choose the best site, including security, payment options, bonus incentives and more. Without further ado, let’s get started with our comprehensive gambling sites guide.

Is There Real Gambling Online?

Let’s start with a critical question that many players used to gamble at physical casinos often ask. Is online gambling real? The short answer is yes, it is. You can gamble online in just the same way as you would do at a physical casino or betting shop and enjoy an equally thrilling experience. However, unlike physical casinos, most games featured on online gambling websites are computerised versions. They’ve been developed by different game providers and can be played on desktop computers and mobile devices.

When you check the lobby of these gambling sites that offer casino games, you will usually find a range of different games on offer similar to what you would find in a brick and mortar casino. The most popular game type are slots. These come in many different varieties including progressive slots, branded slots, multiplier slots, multi-pay line slots, 3D slots and more. These games come in a huge range of themes and often include several unique features that make them exciting for players to play.

Many UK sites offering to gamble also offer different varieties of popular virtual table games such as blackjack, poker, roulette and baccarat. These virtual table games emulate the real ones featured in physical casinos, but they are computerised. Virtual casino games use a Random Number Generator (RNG) to randomise their output so that all players will have an equal chance of winning. An RNG is a mathematical programme capable of generating millions of number combinations within seconds, and it is always protected by the game developer. 

• You can gamble online on casino games and sports events.

• Computerised casino games are developed by software game providers.

• Random number generators are used to ensure gaming fairness

Thanks to technological advances, gambling sites can also now provide players with live dealer games. These are hosted in the studios of the game developers, and the real-time video of the game is streamed to players’ devices. Live games give players the feeling of being in a physical casino as these games are run by a human dealer. Furthermore, the live chat function allows a player to chat with the other players, and the human dealer whilst play is proceeding.

But that’s not all. Some of the best online gambling sites the UK are sports betting sites, offering players the chance to wager on a range of different sports from the comfort of home or on-the-go. While some gambling sites may include both casino games and sports betting, others prefer to focus on one or the other. In the next section, we’ll take a look at how many gambling sites are available online and provide some tips on how to choose the best ones.

How Many Gambling Sites are There?

The online gambling world is vast with hundreds if not thousands of gambling sites where you can bet on casino games and sports events. Besides that, new gambling sites the UK are established each day, and the numbers keep on growing. Nevertheless, not all these sites are concerned about giving players the best experience when they play games, as some are only after making a profit. Thus, before you join an online gambling site, you should consider a few things.

Every online gambling site is required to have a valid licence before they can operate, and this is the first thing you need to check. There are many licensing authorities in the gaming industry that are responsible for licensing online gambling sites. You should ensure that the betting site not on Gamstop you choose is licensed by one of the strictest gambling authorities. In a later section of this guide, we will discuss these licensing bodies and what their responsibilities are in more detail.

1. Check the licensing of the gambling site

2. Take a look at the games or sports provided

3. Check the bonus offers

4. Check the payment methods offered

5. Test the customer support

Once you’ve confirmed the gambling site holds a reputable licence, you next want to see if it offers the games and/or sports that you’d be interested in playing or wagering on. There’s no point joining a site if it doesn’t offer you what you want. For casino games, we recommend comparing the games featured on the lobby of different casino sites as well as the games providers used. For sports betting, examine the odds offered for various sports events to decide which suits you best.

Many gambling sites offer players bonuses and promotional offers that they can claim and use to enjoy more game time and an opportunity to win money. So it only makes sense that you should check these bonus offers before you choose where to gamble. You can check the bonuses by accessing the promotions or bonus page of the betting site. We also recommend that you check the wagering requirements and other bonus terms and conditions, as this determines what their actual value is.

Since you will need to deposit funds and withdraw winnings from a gambling site, checking the payment methods supported is also crucial. Some online bookmakers and casinos only accept debit/credit card payments while others support e-wallets, mobile pay and cryptocurrency payment methods. You should choose a betting site that supports your preferred payment method. We advise checking the banking page of the gambling site to find out about the minimum deposit and maximum withdrawal limits, as well as any processing fees involved.

Last, but no means least, you should also check what customer support is provided. This is because situations may arise where you may need assistance. If the support provided is not efficient, you may be unable to get your enquiries or complaints resolved quickly. We suggest that you should test the support provided to see how fast the response time is. A good betting site also partners with Alternative Dispute Resolution agencies to handle disputes with their players.

Types of Bonuses Offered by Top Gambling Sites

As we’ve mentioned earlier, online gambling sites often offer players bonuses as incentives to play or bet. These bonuses can broadly be divided into two types: no deposit bonuses and deposit bonuses. A no deposit bonus, just as the name suggests, is a bonus you can claim without having to deposit any money into your account. Many gambling sites offer this bonus type to players as an incentive to sign up. No deposit bonuses can come as a free bet, free spins or bonus cash.

A deposit bonus, by contrast, is only available to players after they’ve deposited a set amount of money at a gambling site. Most bonuses fall into this category. Unlike no deposit bonuses, however, their value is often much higher. Some betting sites may require players to provide promo codes before they can claim these bonuses. These codes are usually specified on the promotions page of the gambling site. If they are not specified, you may need to ask the customer support team.

Now that we’ve explained the two main types of bonuses let’s talk about their different forms. The most common bonus that an online gambling site offers is the welcome bonus. This bonus is meant only for new players, and it is offered as an incentive to encourage players to sign up to the gambling site. In most cases, new players will be required to deposit a minimum amount of money, and the betting site will offer a percentage of the deposit as a bonus.

Free spins are another popular bonus that players can claim, usually from a casino site. This bonus only applies to video slots and allows you to play the specified number, e.g. ten free spins, of extra rounds without paying for them. The number of free spins offered will vary from one site to another. These spins are also often restricted to specific games as well as usually having wagering requirements, time and bet limits attached. We recommend checking the terms and conditions carefully.

Many online gambling sites also reward their loyal players with loyalty bonuses. They will often have a loyalty or VIP programme where players can accumulate points that can be traded for different prizes or rewards. A few betting sites even include exciting rewards such as free tickets to special events or a free stay at a 5-star hotel in their loyalty program. What makes this reward special is that it is accumulated over time, and it is not meant for high rollers alone.

So far we’ve talked about some of the most popular bonuses offered by gambling sites. You’ll also find other bonuses offered including reload bonuses, match bonuses, cashback bonuses and so on. While these bonuses can provide you with the chance to win money, there are always those terms and conditions to watch out for. You’ll need to meet the wagering requirements and any other conditions before you can cash out any winnings made from using it. Let’s look at some of those conditions in more detail.

Common Terms & Conditions

As we’ve mentioned, bonuses offered by gambling sites are usually subject to certain terms and conditions. The wagering requirement is one such condition. This is the number of times that the gambling site requires players to wager the bonus before they can withdraw any winnings made. For instance, a casino might set a wagering requirement of 35x for its welcome bonus. If the bonus was £100, then you’ll have to wager it 35 times (£100×35=£3,500) before any winnings can be withdrawn.

Besides the wagering requirement, another common condition is the Time Limit. This refers to the duration that a gambling site specifies players have to use the bonus; otherwise, it will be forfeited. This means that if the bonus is not used within this time limit, it and any subsequent winnings made from it will be removed. For most bonuses, the time limit is usually between 10 and 30 days. However, the time limit for a free play bonus is often only a few hours.

Gambling sites also often place restrictions on the games you can play or the sports bets you can make with their bonuses. For instance, a casino might offer a welcome bonus and restrict players from using it on live dealer games and lottery-based games. In some cases, you may be allowed to play some games using the bonus, but it won’t count towards the wagering requirements. We recommend that you always pay attention to this part of the bonus terms and conditions.

Another essential point to note is that bonuses are often subject to country and payment method restrictions. This means that players from certain countries may not be eligible to claim rewards from some online betting and casino sites. This is usually due to the gambling laws of those countries or licensing restrictions. Additionally, gambling sites may restrict some payment methods from being used to claim certain bonuses. So, you should ensure that you read through the bonus terms and conditions to know what is involved.

Payment Methods Accepted By Top Gambling Sites

In this section, we will discuss the different payment methods you can use to deposit and withdraw winnings from an online gambling website. Credit/debit cards are one of the most popular payment methods supported by many online betting and casino sites. They are easy to use, and the most common types are Mastercard and Visa. Processing of transactions using this payment method is fast and secure. However, some credit/debit card companies may charge you fees for card maintenance or handling of withdrawals.

Another category of casino payment method is E-wallets. These are electronic accounts that you create online and can use to make or receive payments from a betting site. E-wallets are safe to use since they are usually not linked to a bank account. Some of the popular e-wallets supported by gambling sites include Neteller, Skrill and Paypal. They’re considered to be one of the fastest casino deposit and withdrawal methods. Again some may charge you a fee when withdrawing money to your bank account.

Bitcoin is one of the newest payment methods that is gradually gaining popularity in the iGaming industry. A few online bookmakers and casinos now allow players to deposit and withdraw using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies such as Etherium, Litecoin, Dodge Coin, and Bitcoin Cash, to name but a few. This payment method is impressive because it offers players complete anonymity when gambling online. However, cryptocurrencies are highly volatile. This means that their value can rise or fall at any time.

Besides the payment methods we’ve mentioned so far, there are several other options you can use on many online gambling sites. These include mobile payment platforms such as BOKU, Zimpler and Payforit as well as vouchers like Paysafecard. Some of these payment methods can only be used to make a deposit, while others can be used for both deposits and withdrawals. When choosing a payment method, always consider the currency supported by your preferred gambling site in order to avoid unnecessary currency conversion fees.

Licensing, Legality and Safety of UK Gambling Sites

As we’ve mentioned in the “How Many Casinos Are There” section above, licensing is an important factor to consider when choosing a gambling site. A licensing body provides a set of rules that a betting site must follow. If a sports betting or casino site fails to abide by the specified rules, its licence can be revoked. As a player, you can report a licensed gambling site to its licensing authority if it fails to deliver the services promised.

Some of the strictest and most trusted licensing bodies in the iGaming industry are the UK Gambling Commission, Spelinspektionen, and the Malta Gaming Authority. Before gambling online, you should go through the gambling laws of your country and know the bodies that are authorised to license any gambling site you can use. Also, you should check the legal gambling age as well as whether winnings made from gambling are taxable. Doing this will help you avoid any issues of illegal gambling.

In terms of security, top gambling sites put different technologies in place to protect players’ information and money. They use Secure Sockets Layer technology and firewalls to encrypt all incoming and outgoing communications from their website, thus making it almost impossible for hackers to steal players’ data. Besides that, top online sports betting and casino sites also work together with reputable independent companies to audit their games and ensure that a high level of fairness is met.

Gambling Sites and Responsible Gaming

While gambling is fun, players need to avoid getting addicted or chasing a losing streak. Thus, when you gamble, you should only do so with money you can afford to lose. This is because there is no 100% guarantee that you will win any time you bet on a game even if you use the best strategies. Top gambling sites are ambassadors of responsible gaming. They provide their players with different tools that can help them gamble responsibly.

One of these tools is self-exclusion. This allows you to exclude yourself from betting on gambling sites for a while, usually between one to six months. You can use this tool if you feel that you are getting addicted to gambling. Other similar responsible gaming options are time-limit and deposit-limit tools. A time-limit tool lets you specify how long you want to play on the gambling site, while the deposit-limit tool lets you set how much you wish to deposit per day, week, or month. 

• Top gambling sites encrypt their website using SSL and other technologies

• The best sites audit their games regularly

• You can use responsible gaming tools to control your gambling

Some gambling sites provide a section in your account where you can use these responsible gaming tools. Others might require you to contact their customer support team to help you activate these tools. Regardless of which method it is, we suggest that you use these tools to gamble responsibly. Some casino sites also feature games in free mode so that you can play for fun. This allows you to test the features of the games before wagering real money.

Throughout this guide, we have explained much of what you need to consider before choosing a gambling site. Let’s recap some of the main points that are worth remembering. The gambling site you want determines the kind of experience you’ll get. So, you should remember to check its license, bonus offers, games or sports featured, payment methods supported as well as customer support options. This will help you determine whether or not the casino or sports betting site is a good choice for you.

In this guide, we’ve also discussed the different types of bonuses that betting sites offer, such as the welcome bonus, free spins, cashback bonus and free plays. Remember that when claiming a bonus there is usually a wagering requirement to be fulfilled, so always read the bonus T&C’s. Additionally, don’t forget to choose a payment method that’ll be easy for you to use when gambling online. We recommend that you go through the gambling laws of your country to know what gambling types are allowed.

If you are interested in gambling at the best gambling sites, you can check out our selection of sportsbooks and casino sites. Every gambling site listed on our website has been intensely tested by our experts who are professionals at spotting irregularities. We take a look at the credibility of the betting sites after considering their licensing, bonuses, customer support, payment methods, and terms and conditions. We also update our list frequently so keep checking back for updates.

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