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Everybody loves a freebie, and if you’re looking for the best no deposit free spins on UK online casinos, then we can help you? On we have a complete guide to all free spins offers with no deposit required! We also provide a clear explanation of the concept of extra spins, how they work and how you can benefit. And the best part? When you play free spins, you can win real money and keep your winnings!

Online casinos are now more popular than ever in the United Kingdom, and the competition between sites to attract clients is fierce. The most common way for UK online casinos to get your attention is to offer new players good deals and incentives, such as free spins. Every online casino site has different promotions for new players. These often include free slots with no deposit required. Check out our list to find the best no deposit free spins casinos in the United Kingdom.
Get awesome Free Spins with No Deposit in the UK

Best UK Casinos with No Deposit Free Spins - March 2019

Find and Compare the Best UK Free Spins Casinos

Free spins with no deposit is a successful promotional tool and type of bonus that online casinos use to attract new clients. Upon registration, or on your first deposit, these free spins are given to you as a welcome bonus. Here’s how this type of promotions works:

As soon as you create an account, you automatically receive a welcome offer that usually includes a number of free spins. These offers can vary greatly and it is important to compare sites to get the best offers.

You can immediately use these free spins and win real money. If you win, you can continue playing and any money that you win is yours to keep. Depending on the wagering requirements, you are able to keep all your winnings and withdraw the money.

It is important to remember that the object of free spins with no deposit is to attract new customers to an online casino. This type of promotion is not designed to allow you to win big money, it is a welcome bonus that allows you to play and keep your winnings without you risking any of your money. The no deposit offers for UK players are an incentive for clients to become members of an online casino.

That does not mean you shouldn’t take advantage of these promotional offers. And it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to win big, it just doesn’t happen all the time. That said, there are numerous examples of players who have been able to win millions with no deposit slots. They have used their small initial winnings to play the progressive casino jackpots and hit it big. Check out our guide to find an online casino with free spins offers.

Top 8 New Free Spin Casinos

£2 000 MAX BONUS
Spinup Casino
1st Deposit Bonus 300% up to £1000
+ 100 Spins
2nd Deposit Bonus 200% up to £1000
+ 50 Spins
Wagering Reqmts 40x
£2 400 MAX BONUS
Classy Slots
1st Deposit Bonus 400 % up to 800
2nd Deposit Bonus 400 % up to 800
3rd Deposit Bonus 400 % up to 800
£1 000 MAX BONUS
Jonny Jackpot
1st Deposit Bonus 100% up to 1000
+ 100 Spins
Wagering Reqmts 35x
£6 000 MAX BONUS
Bronze Casino
1st Deposit Bonus 200% up to £2000
+ 50 Spins
2nd Deposit Bonus 100% up to £2000
+ 20 Spins
3rd Deposit Bonus 150% up to £2000
+ 30 Spins
Hyper Casino
1st Deposit Bonus 100% up to £100
+ 22 Spins on Golden Joker
2nd Deposit Bonus 50% up to £200
Wagering Reqmts 45x
1st Deposit Bonus 100% up to 300
+ 100 Zee Spins on Starbust
Wagering Reqmts 35x
£1 500 MAX BONUS
1st Deposit Bonus 250% up to 1500
+ 150 Spins
All British Casino
Signup Bonus 15 Free Spins No Deposit
1st Deposit Bonus 100% up to £100
+ 10 % Cashback every day
Wagering Reqmts 35x

How No Deposit Free Spins Promotions Work

Competition between online casinos in the United Kingdom is tough, which is good for online slot players, as many sites offer numerous welcome and sign on bonuses. No deposit free spins are currently the most sought-after promotions. Online casinos in the UK like to generate a lot of hype around their free spins but there are so many welcome bonuses and promotions that it is often hard to compare these offers to find the best ones. These free spins are an opportunity for the online casino to give free test samples to new players to encourage them to become members and then continue playing on the site. How it works;

  1. Online casinos can be accessed from both desktop computers and mobile devices and Free spin No deposit promotions are available on all devices.
  2. A new member signs up to the site
  3. As a welcome bonus, the new member gets a number of free spins
  4. These spins allow a player to spin the slots for free, with no deposit, and keep any winnings that they receive
  5. The free spins are automatically set to a maximum number of lines on each slot, and the value of the spins will vary according to the website and the promotion
  6. Free spins are usually only valid on one game at a time
No Deposit Free Spins

Casinomir has gathered all the best free spin offers for you on one, easy to use website. You can read more about each site, and their offers on our individual review pages. We also have many exclusive agreements with the best online casino sites in the UK, and you can get special promotional offers when you sign up through our site.

How to self-exclude yourself from a gambling site

Online gambling is popular in the UK and many people enjoy gambling responsibly, but as with so many online activities, there are risks involved. For most people playing at online casinos is fun, and that is all it will ever be. They have a great time gambling online for an hour or so to relax after work and then they move onto something different, and it has no negative effects on their lives. They stick to their limits and only gamble with money they can afford to lose.But then there are the few people who should not be gambling at all because they are addicts and, once they start, they can’t stop. They become obsessed and their gambling addiction becomes all-consuming, having a detrimental effect on their lives, bankrupting them and breaking up their families in the process. If you are one of these people who really should not gamble, then you need to stay away from online gambling sites. For gambling addicts, this can be really hard as there are so many online casinos and they are easy to access and join. Fortunately, if you have a gambling problem, there are ways that you can deal with it and you don’t have to do it alone. There are a number of options that you can use to exclude yourself from online casinos and gambling sites.Self-exclusion from one specific gambling siteAll online gambling websites in the UK have to offer a self-exclusion option. This is usually found in the “Responsible Gambling” or “Personal Settings” section of the website where you can also find out more about “Time-Out”, “Reality Check” and “Cooling Off” options and how each one works.If you are a member of only one gambling site or you have a favourite site that you visit far too often, then you can self-exclude from just that one site. You can contact the casino through their 24/7 live chat, and they will talk you through the process. Or you can simply go to the “Personal Settings” or “Responsible Gambling” section and choose to activate the “Self-Exclusion” option. You can choose to be excluded from the site for anything from 6 months to five years, or even permanently.Self-exclusion from all gambling sitesGAMSTOP ( is a multi-operator self-exclusion scheme available to players in the UK and Northern Ireland. It does not cover all online gambling sites, but their coverage is quite extensive and with more and more online casinos becoming part of GAMSTOP, it won’t be long before this becomes a national online self-exclusion scheme. But until this is a reality, you still need to self-exclude individually from the online casinos or gambling sites that you frequent, and which are not part of GAMSTOP. Check the casino's homepage to see if they are a member of GAMSTOP.Online gambling should be fun and exciting, but it needs to be enjoyed responsibly. Unfortunately, in some cases it can become highly addictive and if you know that you are an irresponsible gambler, then you need to self-exclude and seek professional help as soon as possible. 

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GGR vs NGR for Online Casinos

In 2017, Gross Gaming Revenue reported by US casinos was $41.2 billion. But what exactly is this Gross Gaming Revenue? GGR, as it's usually abbreviated in the online casino and gaming industry, is a measure of profit. The profit comes from the difference between the cash players bet and the cash they win. The top 5 countries in Europe with the largest online casino and gaming revenue in 2017, include: France led the pack with a GGR of 2,314 million Euros. Great Britain netted 1,303 million Euros.Switzerland grossed 688 million EurosGermany at 667 million EurosNetherlands at 610 million Euros.As with any business, performance in the gaming industry is managed using key performance indicators (KPIs). Like the pulse, the KPIs are an indicator of a company’s performance level and is a basis for comparison. The Gross Gaming Revenue is the surest determinant of the economic value in the gaming industry. GGR can also be seen as the sales or earning of a casino. If you are curious, you will find the other KPIs like Net Gaming Revenue (NGR), Cost per Acquisition (CPA), Churn Rate (CR), Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) to be very interesting reads. Customer Lifetime Value, for example, is a significant input while making gaming business choices.GGR ExplainedA deeper understanding of Gross Gaming Revenue will lead you to the understanding that gaming sales encompass all the things wagered, including cheques and the monetary value of other committed instruments by the players over a given period of time. Gross Gaming Revenue is called the gross game win or game yield in some gaming industry quarters. If you love mathematics, it is simply arrived at by deducting player bets from the player wins (not forgetting to deduct player bonuses and compensations if applicable). If you are the business owner, the higher this profit is, the better since you will have a comfortable margin to operate with.GGR is a measure of profit in the gaming sector of the economy. From a purely economic standpoint, in comparison to the rest of an area's economy, Gross Gaming Revenue provides a reflection of the real economic value added by the gaming industry. You will see that there are many reviews that celebrate the contribution of the gaming industry to the overall performance of an area's economy. The benefits include employment opportunities, increased tourist visits and good revenue to the government through taxes. On the other hand, we have also noticed that there are many people who consider the profits gaming operators make as immoral.How to improve your net gaming revenue(NGR)Net Gaming Revenue (NGR) is the profit a casino makes from its activities after subtracting expenses such as transaction fees, bonuses offered to players, and other charges. The NGR is considered casinos' basic profit and is calculated at the end of every financial month. This is in order to determine the trend of the business, to set long-term goals for the casino, and to put corrective measures where the need arises.Every business in any industry does this in order to sustain itself in the market. Calculating this shows the expenses that come with giving new players bonuses and paying employees. The performance of many casinos has been decreasing over the years. Several factors have influenced this. These include: Increase in crime in the industry. Upcoming online betting sites have been accused of cheating their customers leading to insecurity. Competition from upcoming online betting sites. Increase in taxes by the government has caused additional costs on the charges in casinos. There are several benefits of gambling which in some regions are watered down by the disadvantages. Several countries have experienced great economic growth due to Casino Tourism and other gambling activities. The cash-flow of a state improves with the increased number of transactions.How does taxes influence?Taxes paid to the government are also deducted as part of the inevitable expenses. To improve the revenue for your online or land-based casino, here are some tips: *Offering a better customer experience. This is by giving professional service to your clients and promotional gifts like bonuses. It also includes prompt and efficient customer support:Improve your rates on different sites. The ratings of customer retention will encourage more people to join you.Partner with different industries like hospitality and tourism, which increases your market.Give your clients adequate information and fair terms. You should also consider moving your casino to the VR platforms.Casino tourism has led to an increase in NGR of businesses. Statistics show that different cities have reported a positive trend in the casino business. Tourists from countries that have banned gambling go to other countries to enjoy gaming or utilise online platforms. There has also been an increase in trade in the regions where gaming has taken over the marketplace. The industry is being accepted gradually in different continents. Gambling is legalised in specific areas, casinos, and resort clubs and has led to the growth of betting sites for sports. Because making money online has never been this easy, you should be careful when choosing a site to play.

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Casino Tourism

Foreign Casino Tourism is the movement of travelers from different parts of the world with the intention of gambling. Players enjoy a blend of exotic accommodation, entertainment and gaming. This kind of industry facilitates people whose countries have restricted betting and other activities that take place in resorts. Las Vegas, for instance, attracts millions of tourists every year. Most of the visitors have a similar purpose for their trip - to enjoy the multiple resorts and venues for their sport. They are often people coming from countries that have outlawed gambling or placed high taxation rates on them. This is beneficial in earning the state revenue.Popular Destinations for Casino TourismCasino tourism has had a great impact in the areas that have it legalised. These include: Growth in the Hospitality Industry - Due to the need to accommodate the travelers, hotels are developing at a high rate. The competition between the service providers has made accommodation affordable yet of good quality. ii. Increase in trade - Interactions between different people from various cultures leads to exchange of products and ideas. iii. Growth in infrastructure - Development of transport, communication and other facilities is caused by tourism. Negative impacts of casino tourism include an increase in cases of student drop-outs, lack of highly skilled workers since gambling is an easier option.The industry has been faced by several challenges. These include things like insufficient government support - most states have sanctions related to gambling imposed on the people. This causes them to be cautious when diving into the sport. Breach of ethics of casino businesses - many resorts have been reported for mistreating their clients. Incompetent staff who are often unskilled hence handling clients unprofessionally. Lack of cooperation among different industries in the chain. Hospitality businesses conflict with gambling businesses hence lack of harmony. Lack of a clearly stated development strategy has led to stagnation in the industry. Insufficient funds to manage and sustain tourists with their increasing numbers.How does it affect the communities?Casino tourism has had negative impacts such as the fact that an increase in Gambling Returns from gambling are more profitable to the rich. It also has been known to increase in criminal activities. This is due to increase in population and because protection of the locals is neglected when more focus is given to the visitors. It can also increase activities against moral dictations of society, like prostitution, become rampant in areas highly populated by foreigners. Casino tourism has been faced by challenges lately, especially with the increase in online betting activities. However, the business has a way of staying on top due to its authenticity and character.Land-based Casinos are also known as traditional brick and mortar casinos. They have a long history, with gambling houses being recorded in most societies. The first casino in Europe was in Ridotto in Venice, Italy, whilst in the United States, saloons were the early casinos - a place where travelers could meet, drink and gamble. In 1931, the U.S government legalised gambling in the State of Nevada and put the city of Las Vegas on the map as one of the premier destinations for casinos. The most lucrative casino market today is Macau, home to the largest casino in terms of physical size and revenue generated.Land-based casinos in gambling destinations often combine hotels and resorts with casinos, providing a niche type of tourism for gaming enthusiasts and the gambling sector. Running a land-based casino is a complex operation. Particular attention has to be paid to security, as casinos are inextricably linked to crime, with players and staff alike, easily tempted to cheat or steal due to the vast amount of cash on hand. In order to counteract this, many casinos now employ a large security team, and in today's modern era, they are fitted with the "eye in the sky", sophisticated CCTV systems. This dedication to safety also helps to improve trust from the players.Which Casino Games attract tourism?Casinos offer a large assortment of game types, depending on players' preferences. The most popular casino games include slots and table games - blackjack, roulette, baccarat, poker, and the pai gow varieties to name a few. In terms of profitability, baccarat is the most profitable game, generating just under 40% of casino revenue of land-based casinos in Las Vegas in 2017. This is very different from online casinos, where margins are much lower. This contributes to some of the staggering incomes received by casinos, with casinos in Las Vegas alone being a multibillion-dollar market. However, this figure dwarfs the amounts paid out to players, even with multi-million dollar jackpot wins. The largest ever Las Vegas jackpot paid out over $39 million in 2003.The meteoric rise of online casinos is a threat to the future of land-based casinos because of the ever-changing societal norms that make and shakes consumer behaviour. Today's culture of instant gratification and convenience has helped drive the prominence of online casinos. Consequently, land-based casinos must carefully analyse their strengths and weaknesses in order to identify their opportunities and shortcomings. Many brick and mortar casinos will have to develop their businesses as a niche as a venue of entertainment, where people can come together to eat, drink and gamble as in the early days of saloons if they wish to stay in business.

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Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker is also known as double-hand poker, and is a version of an old Chinese dominoes game. It uses the standard 52 deck card plus one joker instead of dominoes as used in the Chinese game. The poker game was invented by Sam Torosian, the owner of Bell Card Club in Las Vegas in 1985. Unfortunately for Torosian, he received poor advice and did not patent the game. The game is now hugely popular 30 years after it was invented and is found in most casinos, usually with several different versions available to for players to play. Pai Gow Poker is a simple game to play and is well liked due to it slow pace and low risk, making it popular for an entertaining evening at the casino. The objective of the game is to make two poker hands from a 7 card hand (one 5 card hand and another 2 card hand) that will beat the dealers two hands. The 5 card hand must be of higher value than the 2 card hand, with the 5 card hand being ranked in the same manner as conventional poker and the 2 card hand can either be a pair or no pair. At Casinomir we always list the best casinos with the best bonuses.How Pai Gow works online Once the player has set his hands, the dealer must then reveal his hands, which can result in 3 possible outcomes. The first outcome is the player wins both of their hands and so wins the bet. The second possible outcome is that the dealer wins both hands meaning that the player will lose the bet. The third and final outcome is if the player wins one hand of poker but the dealer wins the other hand. This results in the game being a "push" and consequently money is not exchanged. Should a tie occur, then the dealer will always win that hand. Casinos charge a commission on winning games, which is usually around 5%, whilst other casinos have a flat-rate of 5% just to play. There are different versions of the game that have been created. The most common variations include Pai Gow Mania, Fortune Pai Gow and Emperor's Challenge. A version of the game from Shuffle Master introduced a game with a progressive jackpot side bet, with a seven card straight flush being the winning hand. Thanks to the simplicity of the game and the different available versions, Pai Gow Poker is now a very popular and well-liked game throughout casinos.

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Responsible Gaming at Online Casinos

Gambling stakeholders are responsible to ensure and maintain a safe gaming environment for players, as well as to comply with a strict set of rules that define several policies and requirements dealing with responsible gambling. Gone are the days when a gambler had to visit a land-based casino in order to play and bet on a few games. Nowadays, online gambling sites and betting sites can be played anywhere in the world, straight from a mobile phone, and the extensive availability of gaming activities has its downsides. Gambling addiction is growing, and what at first seems just like a pastime can quickly turn into a dangerous habit. Online casinos have implemented several resources and measurements aiming to prevent addictive behaviours, providing a variety of self-control and protection tools so players can manage their games in the safest way possible. Online operators developed a series of ethical standards that cope with responsible gambling policies, offering players features like deposit limits, loss limits, time-outs, time limits, and even self-exclusion that aim to prevent and avoid addictive and compulsive gambling. The majority of online casinos created partnerships with independent third-party providers that ensure therapy and counselling for all gamblers in need of help, raising awareness and offering support for those seeking recovery. But responsible gaming is a vast concept and deals not only with possible addictive behaviours from vulnerable players but also with areas like fraudulent and criminal behaviour, information privacy or accurate customer care, paying special attention to underage gambling. How can problem gambling be prohibited?That's why online providers have thorough registration processes that ensure that the legal age requirement is complied and laws regarding underage gambling are respected. New casinos need to develop methods to cope with this.Assessing customer identity has also a key role in fraud prevention, as online casinos are obliged to implement several policies and procedures concerning money laundering and other fraudulent activities. Providers usually rely on fraud detection technology to block cybercriminals and keep a safe environment for paying customers. The online gaming industry is built on technological advances and stakeholders started to realise that a responsible gaming policy should comprise not only potentially fallible self-control tools managed by players, but also predictive tools that can analyse and identify risk behaviours before they start, giving the possibility to promptly induce players to a healthier environment. The European giant Mr. Green Casino recently implemented an innovative predictive gaming tool, a unique self-help gambling assistant bringing data analytics to the online gambling industry and giving players a vast insight into their risk behaviour. By analysing gaming data, the innovation aims to create a wider safe zone and prevent addiction.

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Online Casino Compliance Policy

Casino license conditions are terms giving to licensees to follow before they are permitted to operate. These conditions include codes of practice, like compulsory terms needed for financial auditing and reporting, requirements giving by national and local laws, and also more specific details that relate to the premise and the type of gambling service they are offering.  Casino license conditions are often designed players safekeeping, to ensure that no law is broken, and to prevent gambling hazard. Licensees must agree to these conditions, and always stick to them at all times in order to avoid getting a financial penalty from the law.Compliance at UK Online CasinosIf an online casino UK shows its compliance policy, it means that they follow the complete rules and regulation of an authorised regulatory body. The Gambling commissions control gaming activities that are within their locality and also prevent illegal practices like house cheating and biases.  They also require online casino application to be just and random, and they watch all offline activities using lottery hosts, bookmakers, and other gambling tools. Compliance is not only necessary with these legal bodies, but also with the local law itself. Casinos are required to always run in accordance with the legal requirements unless they would lose their license and be shut down.

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27 year old Swedish man wins £600 000 at Mega Fortune!

Imagine being able to hit the entire inner wheel of Mega Fortune and win the big jackpot? After this, you go to your player account and see more than £600 000 there!´That would perhaps be the best day of your life. On August 1, 2018, a Swedish man wins 61,415 649 SEK on Mega Fortune dreams and becomes the 46th player through the ages that have won the jackpot, Congratulations! The Swedish player became a new member at Letsbet and started to play Mega Fortune immediately. After playing less than three hours the lucky Swede won the amazing jackpot. In an interview he says: “This is totally crazy if you ask me! I was on vacation and felt like playing a little just for fun and I didn’t feel lucky. I'm not really sure what to do with the profit except from sharing some of the money with my friends and family”What is special about this game?The legendary progressive jackpot game Mega Fortune was launched by the gaming provider NetEnt Entertainment 2012 and has since created the creation of 46 new millionaires around the world. The first winner was a Norman the same year as the launch of the game and then won 92 million. The biggest win ever at Mega Fortune was 2013 when a Finnish student won 180 million!  Has the game got your attention yet? It's a completely crazy jackpot game that you can find at almost all of the casinos today and once you've read about the first words of the players, you will understand that they cannot really understand that it's happening. If you are looking forward to winning the next big jackpot from Mega Fortune, you may want to keep in mind that the average winnings are after 10 weeks from a jackpot.

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Finnish players won €2,8 million in Hall of Gods

When it comes to creating new millionaires through slots, Net Entertainment is by far the biggest game maker that makes this possible. In their slots like Mega Fortune, Mega Fortune Dreams and of course Hall of Gods you have the chance to become a millionaire. It was a week ago that a young Finnish player sat on the bus and played Hall of Gods at PAF casino with a betting level of € 2 per spin on his phone. The winnings amount was € 2,701,379 with a € 350,000 surcharge from an ongoing campaign to boost jackpots in the Net Entertainment slots. This means that the total profit for the Finnish player amounted to no less than €2,8 million!  Net Entertainments Product Manager, Henrik Fagerlund, commented on the profit via a press release in Swedish. We have now got another great example of how NetEnt's games can change people's lives, and the Mega Million campaign will give us even more chances to do that. This game provider have by far created more new millionaires than all the other providers.What is Hall of Gods?Hall of Gods was launched in November 2013 by the game maker NetEnt, which has been inspired by the ancient mythology. Hall of Gods contains cool graphics and a design that really fits into the theme. It gives a fairly simple impression, despite all details, but is not overworked. In the background, we see a viking ship at sea and the giant snake that emerge from the world's ocean. There is no music in the background, but you hear the noise of the sea and wild waves that hit. When you press the spin button, a winning sound and in a win, the sound effects are a bit more dramatic, to make you aware that you won.

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Extra Spins and Free Spins – What is the difference?

It is important to know the difference between Extra Spins and Free Spins. This is not just marketing terminology and there is a definite distinction between these two types of offers. “Extra Spins” is a new concept in the UK online casino industry. It was introduced at the beginning of 2018 as an initiative by the UK Gambling Commission to make online gambling promotions fairer and more transparent and to make a clear distinction between spins that are given with or without real money deposits.

According to the new regulations, online casinos in the UK can only offer “free spins” if no deposit is required as part of the promotion. That means that promotions that previously offered a percentage bonus + 50 free spins are no longer permitted by the UK Gambling Commission. The rounds of play given as part of this type of promotion are now referred to as “extra spins.” This means that the offer must state that the player gets a percentage bonus + 50 extra spins.

Is no deposit free spins only on Starburst?

There are numerous online casino sites that offer no deposit free spins that can be used on any slot machines you like. You can also get bonuses that target an entire collection created by one software provider, like Netent’s Starburst. Starburst is one of the most popular video slot games ever because it can be played on both desktop and mobile devices and pays out huge cash prizes to lucky players. Online casinos often welcome new players with Starburst’s fantastic free spins no deposit bonuses, ranging from 50 free spins no deposit to 100 free spins no deposit. These free spins are yours as soon as you fill out the online casino’s free registration form and create a new account.

Rainbow Riches is a fantastic slot game that has stood the test of time and is one of the most popular ongoing slot games with players who are eager to tap into its potential riches. Rainbow Riches bonuses and free spins cannot automatically be found on all online casinos but if you know where to look, there are slot sites that offer Rainbow Riches free spins no deposit. Casinomir works hard to find and identify these sites for you.

Recommended Sites to Play Free Slots with No Deposit

At Casinomir we negotiate unique deals and casino bonuses with websites. This is done directly with the casino site enabling us to offer unique and better no deposit slots promotions than most other sites.

We are your best friends when it comes to choosing a good promo. We do daily research on the casino market in the United Kingdom and continuously update our free spins guide. Some sites will give 10 or 20 free spins without requiring any real money deposit.

The best to find the best promotions is to try out many different online casino sites. When you finally find one you like, do some research and find out how they reward loyal customers. There can be huge differences between similar looking online casinos when it comes to bonuses and free spins promotions.

The best offers on the market right now are free spins with no deposit. They are fun to play and you could win millions. The best part is you do not need to risk any of your own money and you are usually allowed to keep your winnings after clearing the wagering requirements. Sound pretty good, right?

Free Spins are basically free rounds in a set casino game with a given deposit level. This is a popular way for online gaming sites and online casinos to give their players something extra either on their first deposit or directly upon registration. They are in addition a good way for all players to try on different casino games as well as to get additional winning chances.
Wagering requirements are something that has been introduced in order to protect the online casinos against people who only want to take advantage of the offers to win money guaranteed and who are not interested in playing the games. Wagering requirements mean to put your winnings into play a number of times before you can make a withdrawal from the casino to your bank account or credit card.
Yes! There are great possibilities of winning real money when playing with free spins here on the website. Many of the biggest online winnings across the years, have been made at various jackpot slot games and have actually arisen after that people have played with free spins with no real money deposit.
There are different theories about how to play casino in the best possible way in order to win as much money as possible. Generally, there are no golden rules, since all games are different in terms of variance and distribution of profits. Our advice to you is to play the games that you think are the most fun and where there are bigger bonus games and jackpots to win.
There are different ways to test playing casino for free. First and foremost, there is usually a demo mode available on all games, where you as a player can test the game without playing for real money. But you want to play and compete for real profits there are other possibilities. In addition to free spins without deposit, there are a number of online casino websites that offer free money to test on any game you want. Read our guides and reviews to find out more.
You can get free spins in multiple different ways! Many online casinos hand out free spins to you completely free right away when you register to their website. In many cases, you also receive additional free spins when you make your first deposit to the casino, as a welcome gift. There are also regular promotions and promotions offered, where you are given new chances to get additional free spins to play!
Real Spins, Super Spins or wager free spins. There are different names this phenomenon but no matter the name its about free spins where there are no wagering requirements on the money you win from the game. This is very generous and not something all online casino websites will offer.
Browse our list here on the page and you will find lots of casinos that offer generous promotions that contain huge numbers of free spins. You usually also receive additional winning chances through more free spins after you make your first deposit to the website.
Just as we mentioned in the question above, there are different features of all slots that make them different to you as a player. What usually differs between the different games is the percentage of payback, whether the slot has a bonus game or not and how the breakdown looks between big and small winnings. You can read more about this in all our reviews and find out more about the theme of each game, in order to find the game you prefer to play on!
Even though free money on any game can be tempting, it is still many times more profitable with free spins deals, as they are usually worth more in total bets than the free money offers. Do your research properly and find the best deals to play free casino with right here on the website!

How many no deposit free spins can I get for free?

In a bid to attract new business and sign up new customers, many online casinos run promotions in the form of free spins with no deposit required. Depending on the online casino, free spins vary greatly. These promotions are very popular because they give you the opportunity to try out the casino, win real money and keep what you win. Free spins also offer the casinos the chance to draw in new players with free spins on registration and even no wagering free spins.

There are various types of free spin bonuses. You can get free spins deposit bonuses, which offer free spins as part of a deposit bonus. But you also get a no deposit free spins bonus. This is a very popular promotion for players because it doesn’t require a real money deposit. These are usually given out freely as a sign-up incentive but there are usually wagering requirements. Free spin no deposit offers vary greatly from one online casino to the next, and you need to look carefully at the various promotions. Remember promotions change regularly so you need to visit Casinomir regularly to know which online casinos have the best free spin no deposit offers.

Get free spins on signup - with no deposit!

Everyone who visits online gaming sites loves freebies, and free spins signup bonuses with no deposit are always immensely popular. Online casinos offer numerous welcome bonuses and a specific number of free spins as an incentive for you to sign up to their site. Typically a free spins bonus allows you to spin the reels of various online slot machines a number of times without committing real money, but you are still eligible to win money and prizes. These are great promotions for new players or players who want to try out new games because it is safe and simple.

The best signup bonuses are no deposit free spins that are available the moment you register on the site. All you need to do is create an account and you can start spinning and winning with your free spins no deposit sign up bonus. But you need to look carefully at the wagering requirements. Fortunately, there are many great signup bonuses with free spins no deposits offers out there, and you can easily find something that appeals to you and allows you to keep your winnings. Casinomir helps you compare various offers and find online casinos with great free spins no deposit signup promotions.

Free Spins at the Best Online Slots Sites 2019 for UK Players

Free Spins is an amazing way for new casino players to try out new slots. It also enables you to test new websites. On Casinomir we recommend that you try out many different online casinos and slot machines to find the best ones for you.

You can win jackpots on free spins, meaning that you can win millions without risking any of your own money. Each casino has different promotions, please read their wagering requirements carefully before you play and make sure that you understand the rules.
Free Spins at the Best Online Slots Sites

If you have played on a site and then stopped, they will probably offer you a lot of great promotions. To find them all you need to do is check your inbox after a free spins promotions.

Free Spins No Deposit Required – Keep your winnings!

To play free spins where you get to keep your winnings is one of the best and simplest way to use free spins to your advantage. These offers are handed out by generous online casinos and can be used on various slot machines, like the ones from NetEnt or Microgaming, two of the most popular game providers for online casino websites.

Free Spins promotions may have a wagering requirement but you can find many offers with very low or no wagering commitment. Take a look at the different offers and promotions in our free spins guide and pick one that suits you. You can also combine playing free spins with a deposit bonus promotion from one of the online casinos. Good luck!

Information about Wagering Requirements for Free Spins Offers

One of the most important things to consider when playing at an online casino with free spins is the wagering requirements. This is something many players overlook, and sometimes get angry about if they have misinterpreted the rules.

Almost all online casinos have some form of wagering requirements on their free spins. The same applies to UK casino bonus offers before you can cash out your winnings. This is a way for casinos to minimize their risk and the wagering requirements do apply to free spins welcome bonus, free spins welcome bonus with no deposit.

A wagering requirement is a multiplier that represents the number of times you have to play before you are able to withdraw any winnings. For example:

  • £20 bonus with a 10x wagering requirement, you need to wager £20 ten times or in other words, spend £200 on eligible games before you can withdraw any cash.
But here’s the kicker: Not all casinos have these wagering requirements. If you want to win money on free spins and keep your winnings, check out which casino games have the best RTP (Return To Player Rate) with low volatility (this means that the game gives out a lot of smaller wins at a steady rate) and play the slot games on auto spin mode.

The Best Guide to Free Spins No Deposit Casinos UK

Online casinos used to be quite an expensive way to play. They offered low winnings and high minimum deposit limits. However, this changed a few years ago when more casino sites started competing for the online casino market in the United Kingdom. Today you can find several casino operators handing out generous offers with plenty of no deposit free spins.

Things to consider when comparing free spins casino promotions:

  • Which casino slot games are applicable for the free spins?
  • What are the wagering requirements?
  • What is the maximum amount of money I can bet per spin?
  • Do I want to keep playing at the casino and, if not, can I keep my winnings?
  • Can I trust the casino? (all casinos on our site are 100% safe)
The free spins no deposit casino offers are handed out as an incentive to players to get them to try out new games, such as slots, and attract a new customer to an online gaming website. Some casinos will only offer large amounts of free spins, rather than bonus money when you decide to make your first real money deposit.

Compare all the generous free spins casino offers on our website and choose the ones that you like the most. Look through our guide at Casinomir to pick the online casino that suits you best.

Free Spins No Deposit at

Our mission at Casinomir is to provide you with the best free spins in the UK. We do daily research and look for new bonuses, new games and all other interesting information within the iGaming industry. Please check out the list on this page for free slots that you can play. It can be to your advantage to be a member of several online casino websites. This will get you more free spins offers on exciting slots games.

Here are some of the most popular free slots for online casino free spins:

Many of these promotions are only offered for a limited period, so make sure that you understand the terms and conditions for the free spins offers and get started today. Remember to check the offers, find your favourite game and enjoy the pleasure of playing free spins no deposit. Casinomir wishes all our UK casino players good luck!