Free Spins No Deposit for UK Casino Players – The Ultimate Guide Free Spins No Deposit UK 2018

Are you looking for the best free spins on UK online casinos? On we have the complete guide to free spins offers with no deposit required! With free spins and other casino promotions you have the chances of winning real money on casino with no deposit required. Do you want to know the best part? You can keep your winnings!

1 Bronze Casino
18+ | T&C's Apply
2 Ridika
18+ | T&C's Apply
3 Enzo Casino
18+ | T&C's Apply
4 GaleMartin
18+ | T&C's Apply
5 Multilotto
18+ | T&C's Apply
6 CasinoHeroes
18+ | T&C's Apply
7 Foxy Casino
18+ | T&C's Apply
8 bCasino
18+ | T&C's Apply
9 Smashing Casino
18+ | T&C's Apply
10 Mega Casino
18+ | T&C's Apply
11 Dunder
18+ | T&C's Apply
12 Leo Vegas
18+ | T&C's Apply
13 Simba Games
18+ | T&C's Apply
14 Karamba
18+ | T&C's Apply
15 Sloty
18+ | T&C's Apply
16 Videoslots
18+ | T&C's Apply
17 JoReels
18+ | T&C's Apply
18 Spinit
18+ | T&C's Apply
19 Mr Win
18+ | T&C's Apply
20 Casino Cruise
18+ | T&C's Apply
21 6Black
18+ | T&C's Apply
22 GoWild Casino
18+ | T&C's Apply
23 Times Square Casino
18+ | T&C's Apply
24 Shadowbet
18+ | T&C's Apply
25 Spinrider
18+ | T&C's Apply
26 Gate777
18+ | T&C's Apply
27 Pocket Win
18+ | T&C's Apply
28 Metal Casino
18+ | T&C's Apply
29 Cashmio
18+ | T&C's Apply
30 PlayOJO
18+ | T&C's Apply

How Free Spins Promotions Work How Free Spins Promotions Work

Free spins with no deposit required is a type of bonus that the online casinos will give you. Upon registration or on your first deposit this will be given to you. This example explains how this promotion works:
  • Check out our guide to find an online casino with free spins offers.
  • Create an account and you will automatically receive the free spins no deposit casino promotion when you have registered.
  • You can now use your free rounds playing slots.
  • If you win, you can keep playing and depending on the wagering requirements, keep your winnings and make a withdrawal.
Find and Compare the Best Free Spins
The big thing about free spins is that is not meant to give you loads of money. The no deposit required offers for UK players are meant to work as an incentive to try out a new casino. You do not have to risk your money and you can keep your winnings. With that said, we don’t want to discourage you. There are many examples of players that have won millions on free spins promotions. Using their small initial winnings, they have won on progressive casino jackpots.

Casino History Part 3

In addition to New Jersey, a number of other states came to cancel the ban in the next few years, and many Indian tribes had previously begun playing games and casino activities. Revenues from operations came to act as a kind of "compensation" for its in many cases of inadequate treatment and problematic economics, which made it possible, among other things, to build schools and educational complexes so that many Indians could, for example, learn to write and read English. For the Indian tribes, like in many of the US states, game activity today draws large sums every year, of which a large part goes back to society in terms of employment and social infrastructure. A good example of the positive impacts casino activities can cause, Monte Carlo, which thanks to gaming profits, has taken it from the brink of economic collapse to a country currently in monetary flow (see article on Monte Carlo Casino) Today, casino games on a larger or smaller scale are represented in most countries, and in Sweden there are games about money in 1958. The first casino, however, opened here as early as 2001, and today there are a total of 4 land-based casinos in Sweden; one in Sundsvall (the first), Gothenburg, Malmö and Stockholm. All casinos are administered by Casino Cosmopol AB, a subsidiary of Svenska Spel AB. Svenska Spel also has the exclusive right to further expand the land based casino business. In Sweden, the age limit for casino games is 20 years (age limit varies between online casinos) However, something that can be seen as a little remarkable in Sweden is that when the first land-based casino opened as late as 2001, there was the opportunity to play online casinos a few years earlier. This is because the first casinos of this form were added in the second half of the 1990s (the first online casino was introduced in 1995).

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Casino History Part 2

The background to the first "real casinos" is comprised of a significantly shorter story. These were due to occur in North America in the early 20th century, and the predecessor to the more organized form of gambling was something that was often portrayed in "Western movies"; i.e. "Saloons". When towns grew up as new builders and emigrants spread across North America at the end of the 1800s, the Saloons became the natural places along the stretches where strangers could stay, exchange news and events from different parts of the world and, above all, play some cards before moving on on his journey. Many have certainly had Salooner portrayed on film as infamous courts with jokes, bandits and prostitution, where games were played and drank, of which a game could quickly develop into a fight or a gun duel of life and death. In many cases, it actually looked like this before the legal system was eventually reformed in the US in the early 20th century. The salons - how everything startedHowever, there was a short backlink to developments as gambling was soon banned in most US states in the early 20th century, as a result of the rapid reformal and social winds swept through the United States at the time. The first state, however, came to lift the ban was Nevada, of which its today-known city of Las Vegas came to get North America's first "real" casinos. In Nevada, you quickly realized the money that could be earned by investing in a large scale on the game model in which you played against the house, while maintaining a slight advantage over the player. After just a couple of decades later, a host of large casinos had opened in Nevada (which until 1978 was the only state that allowed gambling in the United States). Las Vegas was the biggest center of gaming, and it did not take long until its well-known position as the casino world's mecca was born. In 1978, then New Jersey became the second state to lift the game ban, of which Atlantic City became North America's second largest "casino city". It was just in Atlantic City that the cards of the cards were in the game Blackjack to start.

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Casino History Part 1

Gambling for money in different forms is a popular phenomenon that has existed for thousands of years. There has always been a discussion if it is good or bad or just fun. However, gambling has always been appreciated by the majority as an entertaining and easy-to-play game for one-time disconnection from everyday life. Some people however have developed serious addictions and destroyed their lives. We would like to write a little bit about the history of gambling. Gambling has since the start been regulated in some ways. Each game have different rules and often the casino gets a cut of the money that is being played with. However, as in many other areas, the pleasure for some becomes a problem instead, which means that there is a constant debate about money games, which games are the "most dangerous" and which should be prohibited. However, the problem is often handled in a debatable and drastic way, we consider the large amount of people playing under normal conditions, and they are within the limits of what they can lose. Of course, you can win a large amount of money at an online casino, but keep in mind that the casinos are designed so that the house always wins in the long run. Whichever strategy you're using, the casino will always hold a quick advantage to you as a player (an "overtaking" which can often be reduced by a good choice of strategies and casino bonuses). The timing of the original appearance of money games is unknown, but the first bill of play about money has taken place in China around 2300 However, the general perception is that games about money in different forms always existed under the principle of the whole of humanity. The first known European "game house" is considered to have been Ridotto in Venice, Italy, which was built in 1638, and was intended to serve as a meeting place for people interested in replaying money during the Carnival season.

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Live Casino Competition on Mr Green

April month offers an exciting challenge in the form of missions that can lead to a huge win on an upgraded jackpot at Mr Green casino. Complete one of two challenges in Evolution Gaming game and win 10 000 euro A better start for all summer's adventures and holidays you can look for.Evolution Gaming is a world leader in video streaming and has produced most popular live games since its inception in 2006. The game provider works on the global market and delivers games to leading casinos worldwide. If you have not tested one of their games yet, we can really recommend it. The feeling experienced by several different camera angles and professional dealers can be resembled a physical casino.In collaboration with Evolution Gaming, Mr Green is holding a rolling jackpot campaign. The campaign ended in March with a pot of 5000 euro but as no player managed to play the jackpot, the campaign remained without a winner. For this reason, the campaign has now rolled over to April. However, it is not just the length of time, but the prize pool has grown to double. Should no player succeed in winning it in April, Mr Green adds another 5000 euro to the pot when the campaign continues in May. Of course it sounds tempting to wait until May month to play, but if a player wins home the prize, it's late!What are the two missions to do to win the jackpot? There are two missions to choose from, but it's enough for you to complete one of them to get six-digit richer. The first challenge is evolving in Evolution Gaming's live blackjack where it comes to getting four blackjacks in a row. The second challenge you have to choose is in Evolution Gaming's live roulette where you will be able to get four bets with the same straight-line in a row, such as 3 red, 3 red, 3 red and 3 red. There is no demand for the minimum bets and the campaign will run throughout April. The rules can be simple and quick explained, but they are not very easy to meet and hence a big and beautiful prize pool for the one who succeeds.Are you looking forward to entering the competition and think you are both timid and skilled enough to complete the assignments? Then go to Mr Greens casino via this direct link and start playing on the roulette or blackjack.

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How Live Dealer Casino Works

As the casino went out into cyberspace, the gaming industry ran great success, but at the same time lost some of its authenticity. Sitting and chatting with other players or with the dealer, being able to wander around the casino's premises until you find the game you want to play, to soak up the atmosphere, it was equally important for some players, which also led to that type of player did not appreciate the new casino experience. With the live casino's entry into the market, this has changed.In a UK live casino you play the same way as in any online casino, with the essential difference that on the other side of the screen it is the living person of a life and not a pre-programmed computer whose sole task is to follow digital rules and calculate odds. When playing at a live casino, you play against a real dealer. The game is often streamed live via webcam and you can chat with the dealer and other players. It's a bit like having a very own avatar wandering around the Las Vegas casinos. When you see something you like, simply ask your avatar to sit down at the appropriate table and, through your instructions, start playing.The very thing about the games that fall under the concept of live casino games is that they should imitate the reality and feeling of sitting at a casino game table as much as possible. All rules are just like the reality of game reality, and you bet or make your gestures through easy-to-understand buttons and controls.To play at any of the live casino games, register on a online casino, just as usual, deposit money and then click on the Live Casino or Live Games menu and then choose which type of game you want play, and then it's just driving. If something is unclear, there are help menus and guides to help you on the path.A calmer alternativeTechnology is still relatively new and needs to be developed before the experience really feels like a first-hand experience. If you want to chat or talk to the dealer, you need a quick internet connection to avoid slowing down the game. But the fact remains that gaming on live casino really gives a more authentic experience of casino games. If you are unsure of game rules or have questions about stake limits, you can quickly and easily ask the person on the other side of the screen. Visiting a physical casino can be both time-consuming and stressful, as UK casinos today are primarily located in the big cities. There is often a stubborn and messy environment on the casino floor and the opportunity to get the same experience from home the living room attracts more and more players to the live casino each week.Games at land-based casinos come with something of a subculture. You are expected to behave in a certain way, dress in a certain way. You are expected to drink alcohol and drink the serving staff. By playing from home you can avoid these social codes and instead focus on your game. You do not have to listen to dull students and bitter casino fans. You do not have to look through long-term co-sponsors outlining the best strategies to defeat the house and nobody will look down on you when you do not dare to take that last card and lose when the dealer defeats you with 19 at hand.Games availableThese are the most popular games for UK live casino players today:Live RouletteLive BlackjackLive BaccaratLive Casino HoldEmMake you selection today and get started playing these exciting games. Live Casino is the latest online gaming game. Game developers and operators seem to keep their fingers on the pulse of the industry and always be ahead of development to accommodate customers in ever-increasing competition. We have already seen new technology transform ordinary gentleman into Pokemon monkeys. The gaming market is one of the fastest growing markets in the world right now with annual sales of billions of dollars. The money is also the innovation force. It remains to be seen what the future has to offer. Good luck at the tables!

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Casino Dictionary A-B

For casino players it can sometimes be hard to know all the words and expressions in the casino world. In order to make life easier for you as a casino player we have compiled a glossary of the most common words and expressions for the online casino with extra focus on promotions and slot machines. If you have more tips on words or have any questions about what something means, do not hesitate to send us an email and we'll help you as soon as possible. Arabian Nights        A very popular slot machine with progressive jackpots which gives winners really much money. AutospinWhen you play on slots then you can choose to autospin instead of clicking on spin the wheel every time. You get to choose how much you want to play for and how many autospins you want. BaccaratA classic card game that can be found on almost every online casino. Typically 6 to 8 decks of cards and the game is about guessing which one has the best hand, "the Bank" wins if there is a tie. Very popular game in Live Casinos. BingoA classic game of chance played with different randomly drawn numbers, the players have to match their numbers on a pre-printed card to the drawn numbers to usually get five numbers in a row to win. BlackJackA classic card game that can be found at almost every online casino. To win you need to get as close to 21 as possible without being "fat" and get over 21. You must also have better cards than the dealer has, all face cards are worth 10, Aces are 11 or 1. If you manage to get 21 with your first two cards, you have Blackjack. BloodsuckerA slot machine at online casino that offers really good RTP (Return to players) and is about vampires.

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Casino Dictionary L-S

Live CasinoA casino online where you play against real dealers that you can follow via a webcam. LottoA type of bingo game where you select a row of numbers and if you get the numbers that match your line, you win. Mega FortuneEn av de populäraste spelautomaterna på marknaden med en så kallad progressiv jackpot som ofta ger vinster i miljonklassen. PaylinesPaylines kallas för vinstlinjer på svenska och är de linjer som du kan vinna på för en slotmaskin. De flesta slotar har 25 olika paylines, vilket betyder att det finns 25 olika kombinationer att vinna på. Progressive JackpotProgressiva jackpottar är en jackpott som ökar för varje snurr som spelas utan att någon vinner jackpotten. Ju längre tid det går till någon vinner ju större blir jackpotten och ofta är det stora miljonvinster som betalas ut. Reload bonusIs often a deposit bonus after the first deposit, some casinos have up to 5 reload bonuses with a total bonus of over £1 000. Re-spinsRe-spins are extra free spins on a slot machine without having to pay anything extra. The difference between free spins and re-spins is that you get free spins before playing and re-spins as a reward for playing. RouletteA classic table game that consists of a spinning wheel and a steel ball, bet on red or black color plus a number. This is perhaps the most classic casino game that constantly appears in various movies. RTP"Return To Player" is a key figure and tells you how much % a slot machine pays back to the players over long term. The higher the percentage, the better for you. ScattersOne of the symbols found on slot machines. With scatters in the right combination you often win more free spins. Scratch cardsScratching lottery tickets online works just the same as they do in the real world. Often the game has 9 squares where you'll try to get three identical symbols to win. Skill stopA feature on some slot machines that allows you to stop the spin in the midst of spinning, if you have enough "skills" will stop at the right moment and receive a profit. StakeAlmost all slot machines have a feature where you can choose how much you want to bet on each spin. If you have 1 in stake you will get a profit of 100% and if you have 0.1 in stake you will get a profit of 10%. StarburstAn incredibly popular slot machine from the Swedish game manufacturer Net Entertainment. Sticky WildSticky wilds are exactly the same as "Wilds" with the only difference that they stay around for a couple of spins. A sticky wild is a symbol that works as a substitute for all other symbols and always maximize it's symbol value to give you the best profit.

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Casino Dictionary C-J

Cash DropIt's a random payment to your account with real money directly from the Casino, an added bonus. CashbackReal money which are usually paid to the loyal casino players but sometimes also to all casino players. If you get 20% cashback on £10 you will get £2 from the casino. Casino bonusAll casinos offer different types of bonuses and a casino bonus can be many different things. Think of it as a benefit, where you either have more money to play for, increased chance of winning or more money back in your wallet. Deposit bonusYou will receive your deposit multiplied by a certain percentage, 100% are the most common, giving you the double amount of money to play for. Free bonusA bonus where players don't need to make any deposit. Usually these bonuses are for players that signs up at a casino for the first time. Free spinsWith Free spins on a slot machine you will be able to play for real money completely for free and you can win real money. Usually you get Free Spins when you sign up at a new casino site, make your first deposit or that you are a loyal player to a specific casino. Free spins without wagering requirementsRegular Free spins usually have wagering requirements which you must wager X number of times before any winnings can be withdrawn from the account. With Free spins without wagering requirements the money goes straight into your account right away. Gonzo's QuestOne of the most popular slot machines on the market that offers free spins, re-spins and wins that are multiplied. Hall of GodsA very popular video slot with a progressive jackpot where you can win millions. Jack HammerA very popular slot from the famous Swedish game manufacturer "NetEnt" which offers "sticky wilds", re-spins and free spins. Jackpot6000A classic slot machine that is simple to play and gives really high profits.

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Find and Compare the Best Free Spins Casino Promotions Find and Compare the Best Free Spins Casino Promotions

Today there is a lot of hype around free spins in the United Kingdom and it sometimes hard to compare all the offers. Free Spins is probably the most sought-after casino promotion right now. The competition between the casinos in the United Kingdom is tough, which is something good for the online gamblers and slots players.

Most online casino websites today will give you a free test sample by giving away free slots with free spins to new players, both through computer and through mobile casino that can be accessed through all the different devices. This gives you the chance to test and compare the websites.

We have gathered all the best free spins offers in one big guide on this page. We do also have many exclusive agreements with online casino websites, where you get an enhanced promotion when signing up. Read more about all online casino and their offers on their individual review page, or get started by signing up to one of them straight away!

Recommended Online Casino Sites to Play Free Slots on Recommended Online Casino Sites to Play Free Slots on

At Casinomir we negotiate unique deals and bonuses. This is done directly with the casino sites and therefore we can offer unique and better free spins promotions than other sites. We are your best friends when it comes to choosing an online casino website. We are doing daily research on the casino market in the United Kingdom and update our casino guide with the best online casino sites and bonus promotions available.

The best way of finding the best casino sites is to try out many different types websites without depositing any money, and then you have the chance to win real money without risking your own money. When you finally find a casino you like, make sure that they reward loyal players, because there could be huge difference between similar looking casinos in the long run when it comes to bonus and free spins promotions.

The best bonus on the market right now are the free no deposit casino offers. They are fun to play and give you the possibility to win millions. You do not need to risk any of your own money and many times you are allowed to keep your winnings after clearing the wagering requirements. Sound pretty good, right?

Free Spins at the Best Online Casinos 2018 for UK Players Free Spins at the Best Online Casinos 2018 for UK Players

Free Spins is an amazing way for new casino players to try out new slots. You will also be able to test new casino websites. On Casinomir we recommend you as a player to try out many different casinos and slot machines to find the best ones for you. Remember that you can win jackpots on free spins, which means that you can win millions without risking any of your own money. Each casino has different promotions, please read their wagering requirements before you play to understand the rules.

These are the places where you will find the best free spins this year:

  • At Casinomir (of course).
  • New online casinos websites.
  • New casino games, check out which casinos offer free spins on new games.
If you have played on a site and stopped, they will probably give you a lot of good promotions. You can find them by checking your inbox after free spins promotions. This year has so far been a record year when it comes to new online casinos entering the market. This is great news for us players, since there will be more and more good offers for online casino players. Go through our guide to read about all the exciting new offers for British casino players available this year. You can find more detailed information on the review pages for each casino website.

Free Spins No Deposit Required – Keep your winnings! Free Spins No Deposit Required – Keep your winnings!

To play online casino with free spins, where you get to keep your winnings, is one of the best and most simple way to try out playing online for free for UK online gamblers. These offers are handed out by generous online casinos. They can be used on various slot machines such as the ones from NetEnt or Microgaming. These two companies are among the most popular game providers for online casino websites today.

Free Spins promotions does sometimes come with a wagering requirement attached to the. Many times, you will find offers with very low or no wager commitment attached to it at all. Take a lot at the different offers and promotions in our free spins guide and pick one casino that suits you. You can combine playing with free spins together with a deposit bonus promotion from one of the online casinos. Good luck!
The Best Free Spins No Deposit Casinos

Information about Wagering Requirements for Free Spins Offers Information about Wagering Requirements for Free Spins Offers

One of the most important things to consider when you play online casino with free spins are the wagering requirements. This is something many players overlook and sometimes get angry about if they have misinterpreted the rules. Almost all online casinos have wagering requirements on their free spins. The same goes for casino bonus offers before you can cash out your money. This is a calculated way for casinos to minimize their risk. Here is an example of how it works.

  • You receive 30 free spins with no deposit required and win 300.
  • You cannot withdraw money because the online casino says you have a wagering requirement of 30x.
  • This means that you must wager a total of 9000 (300 x 30) before you can withdraw any money you have won from your free spins.
But here’s the kicker:
Not all casinos have these wagering requirements. One good tip is that if you have won money on free spins and want to keep your winnings, check out which casino games have the best RTP (Return To Player Rate) with low volatility (this means that the game gives out a lot of smaller wins in a steady pace) and put the slots game on auto spin mode.

Most live casino table games like roulette doesn’t contribute to the wagering requirement because you can do risk-free bets by placing two identical bets on either side, in the case of Roulette; “Black and Red”. Please make sure to read the wagering requirements thoroughly before you start playing with free spins no deposit casino promotions.

The Best Guide to Free Spins No Deposit Casinos UK The Best Guide to Free Spins No Deposit Casinos UK

Online Casino used to be a quite expensive game to play. It had low winnings and high minimum deposit limits. However, this changed a few years ago when many casino sites started competing for the online casino gamblers in the United Kingdom. Today you can find several casino operators handing out generous offers with plenty of free spins and bonuses – sometimes with no deposit required from the players.

Things to consider when comparing free spins casino promotions:

  • Which casino slot games are applicable for the free spins?
  • What are the wagering requirements?
  • What is the maximum amount of money I can bet per spin?
  • Do I want to keep playing at the casino or can I keep my winnings?
  • Can I trust the casino? (all casinos on our site are 100% safe)
The free spins no deposit casino offers are handed out as a service to the player for them to try out new games such as slots and to attract new customer to their website. Some casinos will only offer large amounts of free spins rather than bonus money when you decide to make your first real money deposit into the website. Look at all the generous free spins casino offers here on the website and make your choice about which one you like the most. Look through our guide at Casinomir to pick one online casino website that you like.

Free Spins No Deposit at Casinomir Free Spins No Deposit at Casinomir

Our mission at Casinomir is to provide you with the best free spins and no deposit casino bonuses in the UK. We are doing daily research of new casinos, new bonuses, new casino games and all other interesting information within the iGaming industry. Please check out the list on this page so that you can play free slots. Sometimes it’s good to be a member of several online casino websites. This is to get more offers for free spins at exciting slots games.

These are some of the most popular slots for online casino free spins:

  • Gonzo’s Quest
  • Jack and the Beanstalk
  • Starburst
  • Guns ‘n Roses
  • Thunderstruck ll
Many of these promotions are just offered during a limited period, so make sure that you understand the terms and conditions for the free spins offers and get started today. Remember to check the offers, find your favourite game and enjoy the pleasure of playing free spins no deposit. From Casinomir we wish all our UK casino players good luck!

Best UK No Deposit Bonuses Online Best UK No Deposit Bonuses Online

Online casinos offer a range of bonuses and promotions to attract players to their websites. One of the most popular offers is a no deposit bonus. This is usually a free bonus that is given to new players who have not yet made any payment into their account, although an online casino may give this type of bonus to their long-time players. A no deposit bonus can take a few different forms. Here we provide a basic no deposit guide to help you recognise the different options available to players.

The bonuses that you get with a no deposit bonus offer are usually:

  • Cash Bonus - An amount of cash to play games with, which gives you the chance to try out various games without having to add your own cash to an online gambling account.
  • Free Play - This type of no deposit bonus will provide a number of game credits that may need to be used within a certain time. They may be tied to a particular game or redeemable across a number of different games.
  • Free Spins - These are free spins in a particular game to give you an idea of the gameplay and online casino atmosphere on a certain website. Free spins are usually offered on the most popular slot games or on newly released slot game titles.
  • Cashback - Some casinos offer cashback on losses, and this will usually be a percentage amount over a specified period.

How to Claim a No Deposit Bonus How to Claim a No Deposit Bonus

A no deposit bonus can be applied in a number of ways. The bonus requirements will usually be explained upon account set-up or found on the Frequently Asked Questions section of an online casino website. The bonus may simply be applied to your account when you set up a new online gambling account, and this could be an automatic process with no further input required from you – though there may be a no deposit bonus code that you will need to put in to get the free play or cash bonus.

This is normally added in the Cashier section, and, when the code is added, the bonus will be credited to your account. In some cases, you may have to contact the Customer Support Team to activate a no deposit bonus. There are usually a number of ways to contact the Customer Support Team, and they will be able to add the relevant bonus or promotion offer to your account.

No Deposit Bonus Wagering Requirements No Deposit Bonus Wagering Requirements

The generous no deposit bonus and promotional offers that an online casino has will normally be subject to minimum wagering requirements. These are the rules about the bonus offer that will need to be fulfilled before cashing out any winnings that you may have received from the bonus offer. Wagering requirements will usually stipulate the amount of times the bonus amount needs to be played before you can cash out. If you receive a bonus of 10 credits, and it has a 10x wagering bonus, you will need to place bets worth 100 credits before you can withdraw any winnings.

The most common no deposit bonus offers are for slot games, although some bonus credits can be used in other games such as table games. When the bonus amount can be used in other games, it may have different wagering requirements. If you are required to play through the deposit amount 10x, a one-credit bet may not be classed as a full-value bet when playing roulette, for example. Table games and specialty games usually only count as 10 percent of play-through on a bonus. This is all casino dependent, and will be explained in the no deposit bonus terms and conditions.

No Deposit Bonus Terms No Deposit Bonus Terms

As discussed above, the no deposit bonus offered by each casino may have different terms and conditions. It is essential to read the terms and conditions of any offer to make sure you are happy with the requirements, such as maximum cash-out and play-through rules.

You will find all the information you need in the FAQ section of the online casino site, in the terms and conditions, which often have a separate section regarding bonuses, or you can contact customer support for more information. A no deposit bonus may be limited to certain countries, so, before signing up, you should check that the website offers the promotion to players in your country.

Choosing the Best No Deposit Bonus Choosing the Best No Deposit Bonus

It can be confusing when looking at the many bonuses and promotions that online casinos offer. However, there are a number of things to consider that will help you find the best no deposit bonus:
Choose the bonus type that appeals most to you. If you want cashback on losses, free spins on slots, free play or free cash, there is a no deposit bonus out there for you.

Is it possible to cash out the bonus amount? Some bonuses are classed as non-cashable, which means you can play with the free money or credit, but you cannot cash out any no deposit bonus winnings gained this way. You should check that the bonus is one that can be cashed out before taking up the offer.

Read wagering requirements. Before you take up a bonus offer, check the wagering requirements. If there is a high wagering requirement, or complicated rules on cashing out, look for a better deal.
Get no deposit bonus codes. Check regularly for new offers and bonus promotion codes for online casinos. You can try out new casinos without putting in your own cash, and take advantage of the latest offers by searching for the latest casino bonus codes.

Play like it’s your own money. Just because it’s a free bonus doesn’t mean you should fritter it away. Play with the bonus cash as if it were your own money, and aim to win.

A no deposit bonus is an excellent way to try out an online casino. Whether you have played in lots of online casinos, or you are new, you can enjoy the excitement of the casino for free.