Football Betting Sites not Connected to Gamstop

Michael Johnson October 14, 2020

This article will dive into the world of football betting sites that are not registered on Gamstop.

Most of the sites are licensed in Curacao, and are not for UK players. Instead, they are perfect choices for British ex-pats living outside the UK.

Why are most football bookmakers not on gamstop licensed in Curacao?

The Curacao eGaming Authority was established in 1996 and has since provided a high level of service to its members. All online providers who use a Curacao license have passed a very rigorous investigation and licensing procedure.

The non gamstop football sites that render the Curacao eGaming services also undergo frequent audits by the authority to ensure the standards are being upheld. The standard license that they can obtain is known as the Master License. It’s valid for five years and then has to be renewed.

This Master License can be issued to other organisations in the form of sublicenses. However, those organisations aren’t able to issue their license any further. 

The Top 4 Non Gamstop Football Betting Sites

Here you’ll find a list of the four best online football betting sites not affiliated with gamstop, as well as information on the site’s welcome bonus. If you’re more into casino games, you can find top-rated casino sites not on gamstop here instead.


Established in 2007, 1xBet has fast become one of the most popular online providers with well over 400 000 users worldwide. The provider offers a comprehensive football betting section in which you can indulge and a generous welcome bonus offer of 100% up to €130. 

There are a number of betting options available to you, such as:

Live Betting

Live betting is exciting but very challenging at the same time. It requires your focus and attention to detail as you’ll have to be up to date with the game you’re betting on. This option is recommended for you if you actually watch the matches.

Betting Before the Game Starts

This option is probably the most popular one as you make your prediction or bet before the game and wait for the outcome. 

Betting on the Whole Tournament

Instead of betting on a single game, an option to bet on the whole tournament or championship league is available to you. The odds are significantly higher, as you will be making a group bet. However, you have to win on every outcome prediction you make for your bet to be successful.

Betting on Total

Here you bet on the total number of goals scored in the game. You’ll win if the number of goals scored exceeds the prediction given by the bookmaker. Here is a breakdown of it:

If the bookmaker predicted only two goals to be scored overall:

  • 3 goals = win
  • 1 goal = loss
  • 2 goals = refund


Betmotion is another online provider that offers an excellent entertainment hub. This includes all types of casino games such as NetEnt slots without gamstop and a sportsbook. It was licensed and established in 2008 under the Curacao eGaming Jurisdiction.

Betmotion offers an enticing sign-up bonus of 100% up to €50 and numerous payment methods making it easy and convenient to use. Betmotion offers several football betting options as well:

Live Betting

Much like other online sites, Betmotion provides a live betting section. As mentioned previously, this requires you to physically watch the game live to know when and when not to bet.

Betting Beforehand

Betmotion lets you bet on football matches ahead of time. All you have to do is wait for the game to be over and check the results to see if you’re a winner.

Betting on Championships

Football has different tournaments and championships throughout the year. This online provider allows you to make a group bet on these, and if you’re successful in each prediction, your chances of winning a massive jackpot are significantly greater.


FEZbet is one of the newer online providers circling the market, established in early 2020, and licensed under the Curacao eGaming Authority. 

FezBet has a mighty generous welcome bonus requiring a minimum deposit of €20 to receive 100% up to a whopping €500. Much like the other sites, it too offers many football betting options such as:


Established in 2018, Betwinner has become a sought after online provider due to its number of sporting markets. It’s also licensed according to the Curacao eGaming Jurisdiction and has an excellent welcome bonus of 100% up to €100.

Betwinner provides a variety of football betting choices for your indulgence:

Long-Term Bets

This section is explicitly designed for bets that will take a much longer time to be validated due to its nature. Tournaments and championships fall under this section. You’re able to bet on the whole competition rather than just a single game.

Pre-Match Bets

This allows you to bet beforehand on any football match and wait for the outcome. Pre-match bets are prevalent amongst online users.

Other Betting Options

There are other football betting options such as double chance bets, correct scores, handicap bets and much more.

What makes Curacao eGaming a good regulator?

While there are several other licensing providers, this one is most popular due to its convenience and easy accessibility. Unlike the others, the Curacao eGaming Authority offers an exclusive all-in-one package in which football betting websites without gamstop are able to gain access to all the certifications necessary at one go, making it highly satisfactory.

Not to mention that actually obtaining the license is an extremely straightforward process. All the information required is clearly made evident to anyone who applies, making the process that much simpler.


The Curacao eGaming Authority has come a long way since its establishment. It provides high quality financial and technical services to its users and has a 24/7 customer support team readily available to help whenever you may require it.

The football sites not connected to Gamstop boast excellent entertainment centers for international players, but does not accept UK registrations. While there are many other online providers that have decent football betting facilities, these are our top 4 choices.

If you live outside the UK, be sure to check them out and let us know what you think; and remember you are completely safe while using these sites, since they are legally licensed.

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