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Do you want to play at the best online casinos in Australia? Awesome, then you have come to the right place. At this site we list a lot of online casino sites that offers games like roulette, blackjack and online pokies. When you register for a new casino you will usually receive free spins or no deposit bonuses, with these bonuses you can win real money without risking a single cent. If you find a casino that you would like to keep playing at you will also receive a first deposit bonus when you make your first deposit.

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The Australian gambling industry is regulated by state and territory authorities and if a new casino wants to open up their casino here they have to fulfill a lot of requirements in order to get a license and open up for new players. This is something that we at Casinomir think is really great. In unregulated markets there is more of a “grey market” where unserious casinos can open up and exploit the system and in the end it’s the players that are negatively afflicted. Australian online casino is the most popular per capita in the world, over 80% of the adults here engage in gambling and they spend 62% of their money on pokies. A couple of years ago pokies was not that popular, poker was by far the most popular game but this has changed much thanks to the fun pokies that’s been introduced to the market by the leading providers Net Entertainment and Microgaming.

The gambling commission in Australia is regarded as the strictest in the world, so if you play at an Australian casino you can feel very safe. So how many Australian casinos are there? Well, it’s around hundred, however we don’t list everyone here. The reason why we don’t list everyone here is because not everyone is good, some don’t have so good games, other lack good payment methods and some have a poor support service. At Casinomir we only list the best! At this page you can find out everything you need to know about real money online casinos and get knowledge about all their games and promotions. Read our news and guides to become a smarter and more profitable casino player.

In the beginning of the casino online era most people thought it was hard to win money online, but reports and interviews in newspapers proved the complete opposite. As a matter of fact, most new millionaires in Australia 2016 won their money on casinos and lotteries. The total amount of winnings in Australia each year is mindboggling. If you want to win the big money then you should play on progressive jackpot pokies. These pokies aggregate a jackpot from all players, and sometimes even from several different casino sites so when you win a jackpot you will probably win millions. Many websites offers new casino players free spins or free money when they sign up for the first time and some people have actually won these jackpots with free money, doesn’t that sound great? On our site we list all the best Australian casinos with the best bonuses, so check our list and find your next favorite casino, good luck!

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Do you want to find the best online casino in Australia? Great, we are here for you! First of all there are more casinos than ever right now and everyone have different preferences so you need to figure out what you are looking for in a casino. If you feel unsure we recommend that you start with a big casino that’s been on the market for a long time. At these casinos you will be able to play poker, pokies, live casino, sports book, bingo, jackpots, lotteries etc. If you sort the list on this page after “Most popular” you will find these casinos at the top. These casinos are a great start for new players, here you can figure out which types of games you like the most. Let’s say that you prefer pokies, than you can look for a casino that is specialized in pokies and gives a better user experience than a big casino. Our best recommendation to find the best casino online is to take advantage of the really generous bonuses that each casino offers, with free spins and free money you can test out a lot of different casinos and casino games for free and in addition to this you have the chance of winning real money.

Another very important aspect to take into consideration when you are trying to find your new favorite casino is the design of the website. Is the site easy to use? Is it easy to navigate and find things? How does the casino site make you feel? Is it graphical appealing? Some sites have taken the design a step further, some casinos have specialized their design for a specific group like women, men, sports, adventure etc. As we have said before, the best way for you is to test around a couple of casinos before you make your decision to make your first deposit.
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Australia is regarded as the number one gambling nation of the world, over 80% of our population gamble in some way or form. During the last couple of years there has been a switch, online casinos are now more popular than land based casinos which we at Casinomir think is really awesome. Because Australians have such passion for gambling they are much more demanding than players from other countries. Australians demands great odds, bonuses and casino games and casinos that can’t provide these demands don’t have a chance for success.

Casino bonuses have existed on the market for many years now, in the beginning they were generally very generous, in fact they were so generous that some people could earn a lot of money by abusing these bonuses by registering a lot of different account and withdraw all the money. Because of this the casinos had to find out a way of minimizing their risk so they introduced something called “wagering requirements”. When you get free spins or free money to play for these bonuses are attached to wagering requirements which means that you have to wager the money x amount of times before you can make a withdrawal. Make sure that you read the rules before you play. If you want the ultimate casino experience we recommend that you test out live casinos, there you can play against a real dealer with a webcam connection and communicate with the dealer and others at the table. This experience is as close to a land based casino you can get online and it’s become really popular.

Just a couple of years ago poker was by far the most popular game online and today pokies or slots have completely taken over. One of the big reason behind this is something called RTP and that stands for return to player. This is a key figure that says how much on average the player get back on each spin. On online pokies this figure is often above 95%, in contrast to that great number land based slot machines often have around 70%-80%, this is a major difference. In addition to greater RTP, online pokies also have a lot better graphics and functionality such as sticky wilds and bonus levels. If you have an internet connection and a smartphone you can play slots wherever and whenever you want. Because pokies are the most popular casino games right now it’s not a surprise that free spins are the most popular bonuses. Free spins gives you spins for free at online pokies.

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Back in the day the most popular casino games was by far blackjack, roulette and baccarat. They are still very popular today, both offline and online. The big difference today are the online pokies, they are so much better online and have taken over the market entirely. Another type of casino game that has become immensely popular during the last couple of years is live casino. The most popular games on live casino is roulette and blackjack, and it works exactly the same as on a land based casino with the only difference that you play online and use a webcam, you can also chat with the dealer and your friends at the table. This is a great online casino experience that we recommend everyone to try. The only bad thing about live casino is that you can’t order a vodka martini, shaken not stirred, but perhaps you can make one to yourself.

This year has been a record year when it comes to casino online Australia, there are more casinos, more games and more players than ever. Two of the reasons behind this is Net Entertainment and Microgaming which are regarded as the best casino games producers in the industry and each month they launch new amazing games, usually with a lot of free spins. These games are very well designed when it comes to graphics and gaming experience, they also have great music and sound. So check out the Australian casinos in the list on this page to see all the great promotions, especially the free spins which gives you the possibility to try out slots without risking any of your own money.

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So how do you find the best casino in Australia? There are now more casinos online than ever in our country and it’s really hard sometimes to find and compare all of them. We at Casinomir have a great passion for this, and each day we try out new casinos and new games and make an independent and comprehensive review for everyone. Well, not everyone, there are a lot of games and casinos that are not so good, then we don’t have them on our site, we only pick the best for you. Some of the things we take into consideration when we rate casinos are the casino games, site design, payment methods, support and bonuses. Of course everyone have different preferences so our advice to you is to try out a couple before you make your first deposit, after all, you will get free money to pay for on almost all the casinos when you sign up and in addition to this you have the chance of winning millions, doesn’t that sound great?
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