Cookies policy

Every time you go to a website, including ours it is tailored to suit your preferences the next time. That is why something called cookies is collected.

Cookies Explained

An elaborated way to describe what a cookie is, is that it is a small piece of data information. It usually asks for your permission to be saved on your hard drive. If you agree with the cookie being placed, it will start to collect data from your web browsing. It keeps track of the data coming from the page you visited. The reason behind is to analyse and gather information about your session. This to use it to suit your preferences next time.

Your preferences online

The use of our website enables the use of this technology. But you should know that if you prefer to not save cookies there are options to block and delete this in your browser. This can be done by clearing cookies or changing the setting of your web browser.

To learn more about this, place to go this website

If you block or opt-out from cookies, all functions of the website might not work and it can be restricted for the visitor.

Classifying Cookies

Each cookie has different operating time. Some will only last for minutes, whereas others will be saved for months. But as we previously mentioned, you can always change the settings yourself in your browser configurations.

The first time you enter our website, you will be asked to accept our cookie policy. Examples of session cookies on our website. include flow cookies. They enhance communication between servers. However, they do not identify a user or a customer, which makes your session anonymous.

Our cookies will also be used at Google Analytics. It is an official tool from Google which helps webmaster to analyse visitor behaviour on the website.

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