Updated: January 3, 2022

VR Casino UK 2022

Back in the ‘80’s VR was the wave of the future; however, it was sadly a bit ahead of its time. The idea was there, but the technology couldn’t provide the level of immersion the system promised.

The software was basic, and all the user could do is wander around in a wireframe representation of a room. That’s all changed now, and in the past few years we have seen an absolute explosion in the field of virtual reality.

Nowadays, more and more casinos are jumping on the revolution and they are reating their own VR Casinos. A unique experience and something totally new for the players. You will need your VR headset to get started, but if you already have one – it is time to try slots a totally new way!

Best VR Casino Sites UK – January 2022

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How to Find Online Casino Sites that Offers VR Games

One of the best currently on the market is the Vive form HTC but this is changing every year (yeah, almost every month to be honest). This headset features an incredible set of features that will easily bring any types of online gaming to life very easily.

One of the most notable features of the Vive is that it comes with room tracking which makes it possible for the software to create virtual spaces that match the physical size of the room that the player is in. Imagine for a moment being able to actually walk up to your favourite slot and play the game.

Another top performer is the Oculus Rift. This amazing headset is another one of the best available devices that you can buy for VR. The Rift plugs straight into a PC which means that it takes much of its power from the computer itself. The benefit of that is a great refresh rate and a very high resolution of the dual 3D screens.

If you prefer to sit at your computer while you experience VR, the Oculus is a perfect choice. At online casinos today VR is still very uncommon, but I the future, all mobile casinos will have VR available.

Options to VR Casino

There are a few cheaper models as well. VR goggles like the Google Daydream and the Samsung Gear are good examples of quality gear that can be run from a mobile device. Do you want to try out the best VR casino online while on the go? These last ones are going to be your best choice. At VR casinos you will of course get the same welcome bonuses and free spins.

VR is a big future thing that can be big for casino!
Casinos with Virtual Reality
Casinos with Virtual Reality

Summary of VR Casino

The last decade mobile casinos have been the main focus for online casinos but now a new race will begin. VR-casinos will be the future, and this was made clear during ICE 2018. VR platforms are not mainstream yet, in fact they are quite uncommon. The ones that exists offers a very limited number of casino games but the quality and experience is often very impressive.

Players can dive into expansive and very luxurious casino sites while taking part in highly-interactive multiplayer game-play with VR. Analysts predict that in 2022, bets made through VR gambling will reach around $520 billion. Which is an increase of over 800% from today.

Behind each successful online casino, there is a huge selection of casino games and the developers are currently producing some iconic casino games. The games are becoming more and more complicated with more functionality and animations. Few developers however are focusing on VR-games. 

What does the Future Hold for Virtual Reality Casino?

The prediction from experts within the industry is that more and more players will have access to VR software and hardware and thereby would virtual reality casinos be more well suited for players in the near future.

Some of the first games that was developed for VR-casinos was classic table games such as baccarat, blackjack and roulette. The world leading game provider, NetEnt are now focusing more on VR, not only for table games but slot machines as well. Gonzos Quest will be the first VR-game from NetEnt.

VR is a highly engaging way for casino players. It can be accessed through a standard web-browser and you don’t have to do any integrations with the operators. All you need to do is to log in to the casino using a mobile device or a computer.

Hit the VR button and plug in your VR headset. Now you can play and win millions in a more fun and exciting way!