Updated: February 2, 2021

Scratch Cards UK 2021

Casino games have become a popular entertainment option across the globe that serve as a way to earn some cash while having fun. One such casino game which promises easy money is the scratch cards.

These cards ‒ known by different names such as scratch-offs, scratchers, scratchies or scratch-and-win ‒ have become hugely popular in recent times, though the concept of scratch cards have been in existence right from the year 1974.

Today you don’t have to visit your local kiosk to get scratch cards – a lot of gambling sites offer scratch card direct on your desktop or mobile.

Best Scratch Card Sites UK – December 2021

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What are Scratch Cards?

Scratch cards, as the name goes, are thin cardboard cards that can be purchased either from casinos, exclusive scratch card booths or licensed shops. With the advent of the internet, scratch cards online can be played too.

The cards have an opaque silver coating that hides the wins won by the holder of the card. You can play these games at online casinos and mobile casinos.

The cardholder simply needs to scratch the card and will then get to know his or her winnings. The best winnings from scratch cards vary from each card and depend on the type of scratch card.

Generally, the combinations of the symbols that are revealed determine the wins. You can usually get awesome casino bonuses and free spins when you sign up at a new casino.

In the online version, random numbers are generated online and are covered. Players need to click on the area that needs to be cleared of the covering and the numbers are revealed. For the online scratch cards, the scratching of the opaque covering is simulated.

The cards ‒ both the physical and the virtual ones ‒have become extremely popular, as wins, be they small or big, are guaranteed with minimum game play.

Though different variations of scratch cards are present, most are based on the concept that a certain number or a combination of symbols needs to be matched for a win. In some cases, a player needs to only match any three numbers for a win.

Popularity of the Scratch Cards

The popularity of these scratch cards can be attributed to a variety of factors:

  • Low cost of the cards
  • Easy game play to win
  • Instant wins with no need to wait for a date or time
  • The element of suspense

Costlier scratch cards are also available in the market and can be priced anywhere between €20 and €30, and the wins can run into millions, though in those instances the amount is paid not instantly but over the years.

Though different variations of scratch cards are present, most are based on the concept that a certain number or a combination of symbols needs to be matched for a win.
Casinos with scratch cards online
Casinos with scratch cards online

Scratch Cards Winnings: What are the Odds?

To be very precise, the odds that are tied to winning in a scratch card is around 1 in 5. The gamers try to maximise their wins through multiple attempts and tracking the number of cards sold and amounts won.

In land-based casinos, cards would still be sold even after the prizes for that particular game has been won; however, this situation is not present in the online casinos, as the casinos would stop offering the digital scratch cards once all the prizes for that game have been won.

It is also advisable to understand the odds that every scratch card is associated with to select the best scratch card. Certain scratch cards also offer jackpots, though they are fewer in number.

The winnings are purely dependent on luck and there is no strategy to ensure a definite win in the scratch cards.

How are the Scratch Card Winnings Collected?

There are numerous ways by which a player can collect the winnings from scratch cards. The ways to acquire the winnings are entirely dependent on the type of scratch cards purchased. Some cards need to be scratched completely while for some cards a partial scratch is enough.

In some cards, the player can go to a shop directly and collect the prize while in some cards a phone call needs to be made prior to the prize collection. Some cards offer cash rewards while some offer gadgets or holidays, too. Online scratch card prizes are generally collected online.

Guide to Best Scratch Card Sites


Scratch cards can be offered as an addition to numerous casino games, or there might be online casinos that might deal exclusively with scratch cards. Many players find it relaxing to play the scratch cards in between main gambling games or to earn instant prizes.

The scratch cards can serve as stress busters for players who have lost a lot of money in their casino games, although some players play the scratch cards as their main game.

There are numerous online sites that have mushroomed in the recent past and which are offering scratch card winnings. However, not all sites are trustworthy, especially since monetary transactions are involved. Listed below are some of the safe and secure online sites where scratch card games can be safely enjoyed.

The Industry giant NetEnt also has popular scratch card games such as Lucky Double, Max Win and Marbles, to name a few that can be found on new casino sites. What makes scratch cards more interesting is the fact that most of the casinos now offer a welcome bonus. It is double the fun to play a scratch card that comes with a casino bonus.

The ease of play and the best wins from scratch cards have made them hugely popular. The appeal of the scratch cards is unmatched, and with the brick and mortar casinos being available online, the popularity of these cards is soaring.

A hint of caution should be exercised in any monetary transaction and the players need to be alert for any associated risks; however, these cards are considered as one of the easiest and quickest ways to taste success in the gambling arena, and who doesn’t like quick fixes!