Updated: July 8, 2020

Online Lottery UK 2020

Love lottery? Do you play every week or do you have a special number you always go for? Not looking for a long-term commitment and want a fast-paced, dynamic thrill?

Take a look at our hand-picked selection of online lottery games, they have been coded and created for players like you. Online lottery games (often referred to other names, like ‘lotto’, for example) are a form of online game which is played on gaming sites and other similar areas of the Internet.

Players generally pick a selection between one and seven numbers from a range of possible numbers. In particularly fast paced games, the number range is between one and twelve and is treated as a ‘bonus’ round.

From Land Based to Online Lottery


The lottery is the national favourite of many, many countries across the world. An international past-time, it has changed the fortunes of many, broadening their horizons and giving them the chance to realise their dreams.

Equally, for those who are not looking for their big win but who are experienced players at online casinos, lottery games may still be a great match for you.

Rather than the slow-paced, weekly format of national lotteries, lottery online allow you fast-forward to real cash wins, whether they be big or small. You can also play lottery at mobile casinos and you will be able to get the same welcome bonuses.

The stakes are lower but the nature of the game means that the odds are stacked more in your favour. In games where you pick from a higher quantity of numbers, the stakes tend to be bigger and there are larger sums of cash up for grabs. More and more new online casinos are offering this game as well.

Prizes and Charitable Donations when you are Playing at Lotteries

Players will bet on the roll of the dice during the Come-out and the resulting rolls mean the following: A small fraction of the money you contribute to certain lottery games on specific sites is donated to charity – making your pleasure ethical and generous, as well as a route to pleasure seeking.

These sites don’t just give out cash prizes but also non-cash prizes every month – a more holistic approach to winning. The prizes are split between you and the individuals in your vicinity who have also entered into the lottery.

Rather than the slow-paced, weekly format of national lotteries, lottery online allow you fast-forward to real cash wins, whether they be big or small.
Play Lottery Online here
Play Lottery Online here

A Large Variety of Lottery Games!

Often, lottery games are hosted on larger gambling sites rather than belonging to their own specific sites. However, the best sites should give you a selection of lottery and lotto games tailored to your own preferences as a player.

Certain games demand that you work at a specific pace — be it quicker or slower than the normal — depending on whether you prefer a slow build or instant results.

Lottery games are often perceived as simple, or not exciting enough but there’s a large variety on offer — from fast-paced lotto style games with a short range of possible numbers, to online lottery games which allow you the chance to draw seven numbers from a range of fifty.

The latter, offers you the chance to enter for low stakes and maximise your chances by selecting a range of numbers which all have very personal meanings to you. Alternatively, you can enter various times as different number combinations. 

The Different Types of Lottery Games!

With the opportunity to play for a stake in millions, at little to no risk, it is likely you will keep on coming back for more. There are so many opportunities to win, to play in the big leagues.

It is very easy to see why the lottery is such a long-running game loved in so many countries; it’s a great way to add some spice to your week or day, with little risk. Some people are loyal to one specific brand of lottery game, which they think works best for them, and others play at many.

It’s up to you! With so many other players and such a big jackpot (created by the number of other players and their contribution to the game) it can feel like a daunting task to win at this game — especially since it’s all up to chance (or fate, depending how you look at it!). However, people do win, and they win big! It’s all about consistency, keep entering in the same numbers or try new ones, it’s up to you. Consistency and devotion is all that matters.

Accessible games, where the rules are easy and the playing field is even, online lottery games are exactly what a payer needs if they are looking for high-reward play experiences. The differences between the various lottery and lotto games on offer are the quantities of money on offer as a jackpot or win. It is also worth noting that any jackpot which has not been won is rolled over into the next draw’s jackpot.

Each time you enter, you increase the overall jackpot and the earnings up for grabs. Lottery emerges as a thoroughly democratic game, one in which a sense of community is created through the sheer number of players in the game, reflected through the size of the cash prize on offer.

For safe lottery gambling play at UKGC lotto sites. If you are abroad, you might consider sites without gamstop. In general, they offer a larger number of lotteries.

Here are our picks of best lottery online, including best winnings from lottery and the best casino sites with lottery:

  • Camelot Group: An online internet-based platform which is prized for its innovation in games design and the sheer quality of its digital format. One of the most successful hosting sites for interactive lottery in the states of the E, it provides access to many different games from the many states in Europe.
  • MN Lottery: Giving you the opportunity to win (and therefore spend…) thousands and millions. Granting you access to instant wins and slower-paced picks. MN Lottery provides an enviable variety perfect for experienced players and also novices to the game.
  • Free Lotto: Letting you play a great variety of lottery games for free. You get great chances of winning without spending a penny. Repeat: without spending a penny! Great for if you want to experiment at zero risk.