Updated: July 14, 2020

Online Keno UK

Keno is a relatively popular lottery-style game, often found in casinos both land-based and online. The game usually comes on a small slip or card with a range of numbers on it – usually from one to eighty.

Players then simply place bets on the numbers – often around twenty, though, so keno games play for less numbers. A machine will then draw the balls at random, in a similar way that balls are drawn for lotteries. 

Best Online Keno Sites UK – September 2020

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How to Play Keno Online

Each casino has its own pay tables and payouts, and these are based on the amount of numbers chosen, matches or the bet itself. This will be individual to each casino, so it is necessary for players to check these details prior to playing.

Within each casino there are also variants on the keno games. These can vary hugely in their house edge, from less than 4% all the way up to over 35%, so it is again important that players check these details. You can also play this game at mobile casinos with great bonuses.

Whilst originally popular in physical form, Keno has seen a very successful transition to the online world – like many other casino games. Playing online is simple, because the game itself is one of the simplest available.

As mentioned previously, the aim of Keno is to correctly guess which numbers will be drawn. Similar to a lottery, it is played more often and occurs in a much faster manner.

The first step in playing online Keno is to place the wager amount. This can be done simply by increasing or decreasing the coin pile next to the game being played. Then the player will have to choose their numbers. Many new casinos today are offering this game.

Usually a Keno card displays eighty numbers, and players can select any number from one to twenty. This can depend on the rules of the casino, but also on the player’s individual strategy. Once these numbers have been chosen, they will be clearly highlighted on the card itself.

When the player is satisfied with their numbers and the wager, they simply click ‘play’ and the random number generator will select twenty numbered balls at random. If one of the numbers that is drawn matches what the player has selected on their Keno card, it is called a hit. If the player scores enough hits, then they will win the Keno game.

The Best Strategy to Win Real Money at Online Keno!

To win at Keno, it will depend on how many numbers the player selected. If one number only was selected then there will be a payout, but it will be lower than if the player had selected eight numbers. For example, if the player had selected eight numbers and four of them were hits, then there would be a low payout – maybe around three coins.

Having seven numbered hits would result in a much higher win, and of course guessing all eight numbers correctly would result in the big win being paid out. Players should check out Keno guides when attempting to play, as these payouts will vary between the keno games and also the casinos themselves, and can have a huge impact on the overall winnings in a game.

Some of the best keno guides will suggest that, to win, players should pick more numbers. With just one number being chosen, even if the player is lucky, they will never win more than three times their original bet. By playing more numbers, players provide themselves with the chance to win, even though guessing all numbers correctly has a low probability.

The probability is still there nevertheless, and success can pay out 10,000 times the original bet. The more numbers played, the more chance there is of at least some of them hitting, and therefore helping the player to make some money back at a consistent rate.

Having seven numbered hits would result in a much higher win, and of course guessing all eight numbers correctly would result in the big win being paid out.
Some of the casinos offering Keno
Some of the casinos offering Keno

Online Keno Gambling Sites

When looking for the best sites for Keno, it is important to check whether the site is trustworthy. The best casino sites may be offering what sounds like a good deal, but there are still many sites in operation that are fraudulent and through which players can lose a significant amount of money.

When looking for a gambling site, it is important that players check if the site is registered with a gaming authority. This is usually displayed clearly at the bottom of the main page; being registered with a gambling body means that the casino as a whole is required to follow strict rules and regulations if it is to remain in operation.

This helps players, because if there is a problem with a monetary transaction, for example, the player has a place that they can go and complain to.

Under licensing agreements, it is also a requirement that casinos are audited regularly to make sure that their games are operating under the gaming fairness guidelines. This is of particular importance to Keno players, as the keno games are run on random number generators.

By having third party auditors, players can play safely in the knowledge that there is no bias in favour of the casino. Other aspects to check out are the monetary providers the casino uses, the number and types of keno games on offer and any bonuses that might be available.

Keno is a fun and simple game. There are many different themed versions available, all helping to make it a little more entertaining. Simply put, Keno is a fun and quick way to increase a bankroll, at little or no stress to the player.

The History of Keno

Keno comes from the French meaning five winning numbers. However, it is believed that the game actually originated from China. Legend has it that the invention of Keno helped to save an ancient city when it was about to go to war. The funds raised from its popularity helped to raise the money to build the Great Wall of China.

The Chinese lottery as a whole was not recorded as in use until the mid-1800s, when Macao started to grant licenses to lottery operators. On some occasions, the results of keno tickets were sent to small outlying villages by pigeon, thus bringing about the ‘white dove ticket’ on which the name pakapoo came about.

As Chinese immigrants made their way West, the game was introduced, and by 1866 the game was seeing huge success in Texas, with the new name of Keno.