Casino Games - Guide to the Best Casino Games Casino Games - Guide to the Best Casino Games

As you browse the internet to find new and exciting casino games you've probably realized that there's a lot to choose from. Many of the online casinos regard themselves as the best and offer everything as everyone else does. But what games are actually the classic casino games? Do the games between the online casinos really differ that much? It can be difficult to keep track of all the different games that exist online. Therefore, it may be good to get a little information about the most common games out there.

Best UK Casino Games - December 2018

Fantasy Sports
Live Casino
Progressive Jackpot Games
Scratch Cards
Video Poker
VR Casino

Different Types of Online Casino Games Different Types of Online Casino Games

There are an incredible variety of games on the various casino sites out there. It can actually be difficult to keep up with the quick development when you are a beginner. So, to make it easier to understand, we can be divide the games into different categories. First of all, there are the old reputable slot machines. They can also be named Slots, Slot Machines and Unarmed Bandits. Dear children have many names. It is not uncommon that online casinos have hundreds of different games like these and you will usually get generous casino bonuses and free spins no deposit on these.

Another traditional casino game that has got a classic stamp over the years is the game with the little ball. We are of course talking about Roulette! There are also many classic card games to choose from online. The most famous ones are Black Jack and Baccarat, or Punto Banco as it is also called. Other card games that are also common at online casinos are Casino War and Caribbean Stud. However, depending on where you play there may be more or fewer card games. The classic dice game is of course followed by Sic Bo.

Last but not least, there is something called video poker. Another great addition to the online casinos market is the so-called live casinos. The casinos that offer these games has a real living croupier or dealer who manages the game. You can see it all through a webcam and you can also chat with the dealer while the game is in progress. You won’t come closer to a land based casino when you are playing. You can play all the popular table games here. You can play all of these games in mobile casinos as well.

Top 8 New Game Casinos

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Split Aces
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Temple Nile Casino
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1st Deposit Bonus 300% Bonus up to £2000
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2nd Deposit Bonus 350% Bonus up to £2000
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Vegas Luck
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Spin Hill
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1st Deposit Bonus 150% Bonus up to £1500
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This is a Classic Table Game This is a Classic Table Game

One of the casino games that belong to the absolute classics is Roulette. You will definitely recognize the spinning wheel with numbered compartments in black and red when you see it. That's why it's not so strange that the game has got its name from French because Roulette actually means little wheels. Quickly and easily explained, this game is based on the fact that you can bet on numbers or colors depending on where you think the ball will eventually stop dancing. Or, you can bet if the ball lands on an even or uneven number.

One of the Most Popular Casino Games Ever One of the Most Popular Casino Games Ever

That you would not have heard of the Black Jack casino game once in your life feels quite unlikely. Over the years, it has held its place on the throne as one of the most popular games in casinos worldwide. The game is very easy to learn and understand. However, there is a lot more strategy with this game then you might think.

You can learn more about different types of systems when you are playing Black Jack if you read our review. If you have a real interest in the game, you can try out card-counting. However, it is not necessary to hold on to any particular advanced gaming techniques in the case of Black Jack. It's enough to learn a few simple rules and get you into the game.

An Exciting and Fun Casino Game An Exciting and Fun Casino Game

Another popular game at casinos online today is video poker. You play this card game through a slot machine, which is a unique and exciting mix. Because when you are playing video poker, it means that you should keep a close eye on the card combinations that the different poker hands give. You can only influence how you bet the first round because it's the only one. If you are at a land based casino and are looking to play video poker, it may be good to know that, after all, these machines are usually called poker.

The Most Popular Online Casino Game Right Now! The Most Popular Online Casino Game Right Now!

Last but not least, there are casino games called slots, an English name that can be translated into one armed bandits. This form of casino games are the most popular ones right now. If you choose to play at a casino site, you can be quite certain that there is a huge variety of slot machines. At progressive jackpots you can win millions with just one spin.

Many online slot machines also offer a lot of bonus games that allow you to enjoy a longer-term entertainment than if you were to play at a land based casino. Today, it is also quite common for you to find slot machines based on specific themes in their graphic design. Examples of such topics may be from famous films such as Scarface and Iron Man. These listed games are the most common in the casino sphere today and now you hopefully have a little better overview in which types of casino games that you can play.