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Boku is a mobile payment method for online casinos. If you want more information about Boku Vasino, keep reading this guide. This payment method was founded in 2003 and you can deposit money to your player account at many different casinos right now.

In order to make a deposit to a Boku Casino in the United Kingdom you only need your mobile number. You don’t have to give away any personal information such as surname, address or bank details. This is a very safe, cheat and easy way of pay-by-phone depositing money to online casinos.

Introduction to Boku

As online casinos are rapidly gaining popularity with more players preferring the comfort of their home to the hustle and bustle of any land-based casino. Because of the increasing numbers of online players, there are also plenty of payment options available providing secure and fast transactions to and from casino sites.

One of the newer banking methods for casino in the UK being used is Boku. This is a method of payment which allows players to manage their funds via their mobile number.

The advantage and security of using Boku will guarantee players effortless payments and better control with their money. Boku Casinos have risen in popularity thanks to this.

Currently, the service is not set up for withdrawals, but it can certainly help players deposit money to their gaming accounts.

Continue reading below to learn more about Boku casino payment methods and its features. You can also check out many Online Casinos who accept the Boku method at

What is Boku?

Boku was launched back in 2009 but was initially called Vidicom Ltd which was first founded in 2003 in Chesterfield, the UK by two guys named Glyn Smith and Thomas Kirk.

In 2009 they took possession of two UK companies one called Paymo and the other called Mobillcash, which had already been involved with the carrier billing field.

First launching the Boku Checkout service, letting consumers use their phone numbers to make many online purchases. These purchases are then credited to their mobile phone accounts.

This is an excellent option for people without a bank account but with a mobile account for casino. Still, a pretty popular way for many players to make deposits at their favourite online casino.

Over the years, Boku has expanded its services to many other countries around the globe, providing its customers with a more comfortable and simple method of payment. In 2015 the company launched a new service called Boku Accounts.

This service allows users a way to save their mobile number as their default payment method for future online purchases, making the process much quicker.

How Does Boku and Casino Work?

It enables mobile users, for example, to buy music and pay for different services online while crediting the purchases directly to their mobile bill. This service does not require users to supply any personal information like required for debit and credit cards. No need to create an account to use or complete any transaction.

This means that it is possible to play at an online casino almost anonymously without sharing any sensitive information. Using Boku to pay is fast and straightforward, the only information that is needed is a mobile phone number.

If players decide to load funds to their casino balance via Boku, the amount will simply be added directly to the mobile bill.

One great reason to use Boku for online payments is a perfect way of handling a deposit without wasting time creating an account. Or even filling out any endless additional information when initiating transactions.

To use this service, players will need to activate their mobile phone with a Premium Carrier Billing service. You can also make online payments using Boku via prepaid sims or pay-as-you-go.

Obviously, there’s no billing, the charge gets deducted from the existing balance on the sim. If the sim does not hold sufficient funds, then the transaction will be cancelled.

Fees with Boku

All players who use Boku to make deposits to their casino account must confirm the transaction before its processed. The user will be asked to reply to a message confirming the purchase has come from them. So, users will only be charged the cost of a standard message for that transaction.

Players should also check if the casino charges any additional transaction fees for this service. If players happen to pay any extra charges, they will be determined by the mobile carrier or the interactive platform while playing online.

To check the recent transactions, players can use the Boku Customer Care Portal. To see these purchases made via Boku Casino, players will need to log in to their personal account.

This can be done by choosing the country and entering the phone number and PIN code which was received during the last transaction. In the absence of a PIN code, it is possible to send a request via text message. Players will not be charged for receiving the PIN.

The portal allows users to keep track of which payments were successful, which failed and which are still in progress. If users wish to stop any future payments, they need to block the phone number from the Boku Customer Care Portal.

Boku Payment Security

The most appealing aspect of Boku is there is no need to provide any personal or sensitive information when making a payment or deposit. By merely using a phone number, it is possible to make safe and fast deposits to boost any casino balance who accepts Boku.

The simplicity of this payment method does not mean that funds are not secured. To complete any transaction, uses must confirm it after receiving a text message. No money will be transferred if the payment is not confirmed.

After entering information such as your personal phone number, all data gets encrypted using SSL technology. Meaning no one can read the data, even if they gain access to it. Boku will never contact any user and ask for personal information. The only exception is while initiating a transaction and players need to confirm by replying to a text message.

Boku Access via Mobile Devices

Being able to access certain services using only your mobile device and phone number to make a purchase online makes virtual shopping a lot more convenient.

Since this service connects the merchants with mobile users, pay by Boku allows the merchants to promote their other products where clients are also able to receive different promotions and advertisements for applications and services.

This is done via mobile ads and SMS alerts. If the subscriber finds the advertising attractive, they can then use their mobile number to trial the service before purchase.

Benefits of Using Boku

• Making Convenient Payments
In a nutshell, the biggest draw for using Boku Casino in the UK is the quick and effortless way to make online transactions and deposits. With no fuss and endless forms to fill out. All that’s needed is a valid mobile number and a confirmation its a real sale from the user. How simple can buy things online get? Boku is definitely one of the most convenient ways to purchase asides the newly introduced contactless method.

• Doesn’t Require Personal Infomation
People who happen to be wary of making online transactions which often require to submit personal details such as name and surname, DOB, credit card or debit card numbers as well as billing address, it is interesting to know that Boku Casino is way different from others. In fact, the company will never ask for personal information.

• Instant Deposits
Deposits are made instantly when using Boku. Payments are instant once the transaction is confirmed, with no amount of time waiting.

• Mobile Device & Desktop Friendly
Payments can be carried out on several devices based on the preference of the player. However, it’s crucial to have a mobile phone present to confirm the transaction.

• Extra Layer of Security
Boku provides an extra layer of security since each transaction has to be confirmed by a mobile message to confirm the purchase.

• Unbeatable Support 24/7
A possible reason people like to use Boku is the amazing 24/7 customer support team. Boku employs a dedicated team of experts on three different contents. These include North American, Europe and Asia.

Disadvantages of Boku

• Only Make Small Deposits
People who are looking to deposit a relatively large sum, Boku Casino is unfortunately not an ideal choice as it can be only used to deposit €30 at one time.

• No Withdraw Function
If it’s your lucky day and you happen to win it big, it’s currently not possible to withdraw the winnings using pay by Boku.

Commonly Asked Questions

How to use Boku as a payment method?

Firstly, find an Online Casino that accepts Boku as a valid payment method. After that, you must go to the payment section and choose to pay by Boku as the method you would like to use. Then the amount you wish to deposit to your account up to €30. You’ll then receive an SMS with a verification code. Once confirmed, the amount is then credited to your account, it’s as simple as that.

When will I receive money in my game account?

All the online transactions made using Boku as a payment method are processed immediately. The funds will be available in the specified casino account before you know it. On another note, there are set minimum and maximum amounts that can be deposited a day. They are €10 minimum and €30 maximum.

Can US players use Boku for casino?

Players from the United States are currently excluded from using this payment method to fund any online casino accounts. Unfortunately, you need to search for another payment option to make a deposit.

Are there any fees charged when making a deposit?

One good thing about using Boku is that you will not be charged. There are no processing fees or any other charges. Making any deposits are entirely free of cost. All it will cost is only the price of a standard network text.

Will I be contacted about Boku payments?

At any point in time, if you receive a mail from an online casino asking about your Boku payments, then do not reply. Any reputed online casino will not nor ever ask about Boku payment information. If you get asked for such details, please beware.

Boku Casino Conclusion

Players who are searching for an alternative payment option to the likes of credit cards, e-wallets or offline methods of payment to deposit funds at an online casino? Boku just might be the solution!

Boku Casinos offers players an excellent opportunity to deposit funds while on the go via a mobile number. Upon depositing funds, it is possible to play favourite casino games within minutes. It is quick, easy, and most importantly, a secure method. It has some disadvantages, but they are minimal. Ultimately, Boku is one of the best options to use when making small deposits at your online mobile casino.

Boku is a great mobile payment service that lets casino players fund their bankrolls with their mobile phone. You don’t have to give away any personal or banking information which is great for security reasons.

In addition, this is a very cheap, fast and simple solution. The main disadvantage is that you can’t make withdrawals. All in all, this is a great payment method that we really would like to recommend to all of our players.

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