Bitcoin Casino

Today, the online gambling industry has become very popular and players continue to switch to play and bet on games online. Nowadays, you will find a wide range of casinos with several casino games you can choose to play on your phone or desktop.

Many online casinos offer different kinds of payment methods just to ensure that players can easily make payments on the site. Among the various casinos is the Bitcoin Casino UK, which lets players make use of cryptocurrencies to deposit as well as withdraw.

  • In some cases, bitcoin casinos accept other payment methods.
  • Other common cryptocurrencies accepted are Etherum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and more.

From different reviews, Bitcoin is said to be one of the best payment methods accepted by casinos. In that case, an online casino Bitcoin is one of the types of casinos you can choose to give a try when you’re looking to choose your casino.

Basically, Bitcoin is virtual money. It is actually the first “cryptocurrency” (electronic money). This currency was created by an unknown programmer under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto.

Bitcoin is essentially a decentralised virtual currency. This means that the currency doesn’t exist in the physical world like real cash. It doesn’t even have a central bank like the federal reserve. Yet, it is used by more than 100000 people all over the world.

Trading in millions on the currency exchanges each day. More and more people feel that they can trust this currency and today there are more and more online casinos that are offering this payment method.

Bitcoin Casinos not on Gamstop?

It is without a doubt that online casinos are very popular and there are a lot of options to choose from. As a result, you need to choose the best based on different factors such as payment methods, games offered, providers, customer service, and more.

Many players ask if Bitcoin Casinos are available listed on Gamstop or if they, in general, are offshore brands. In general, the latter is more correct. Many Bitcoin casinos and betting sites today are without Gamstop since they operate with offshore licenses such as Curacao.

This fact enables players to deposit and withdraw funds more anonymously and with more freedom of choosing a casino site. There are both pros and cons with this when it comes to responsible gambling and factors such as that.

To sum up, Bitcoin casinos are becoming some of the top choices for online casino players thanks to their numerous benefits and outstanding offers. Simply go on online to find a suitable online casino that offers Bitcoin as a payment method to start playing

Bitcoin Casinos in the UK

Crypto casinos are beginning to gain popularity in different countries. In the UK, Bitcoin casino legal as long as the casino has a licence from UKGC or any of the whitelisted jurisdictions. As a result, you can join and play any casino game you want.

Just like any other online casino, you can easily get started at a Bitcoin casino. First, you choose the one you like, then you proceed to start the registration. Below is a step by step guideline to how you can join a bitcoin casino.

  • Choose from the available Bitcoin casinos
  • Click the register or sign-up button
  • Fill the registration form and follow the instructions
  • Fund your account using your Bitcoin wallet
Are there UK casinos offering payments through Bitcoin?

Yes, today many casinos offer this new and exciting option.

What casinos offer Bitcoin casino?

There are some sites like CasinoBTC and Bitstarz focusing mainly on Bitcoin casino. But also, other operators have the same options.

Are there other cryptocurrencies available?

Some sites will also offer other popular crypto solutions for deposits and withdrawals.

Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

Bitcoin casinos are similar to other online casinos; you will enjoy an impressive list of bonuses and promotional offers. From the minute you finish registering your account, you will begin to receive the various bonus offers at the casino you choose to join.

These bonuses can come in the form of welcome bonus offers, free bets, cashback and reload bonuses, to name a few. With that, you will get to enjoy your playing time if you choose the casino with the right bonus and promotional offers for you.

Deposit Bonuses with Bitcoin

One of the various kinds of bonus offers you stand to enjoy at a Bitcoin casino is the deposit bonus. With this type of bonus, you will need to first make a qualifying deposit before you can claim the bonus offered to you.

No Deposit Bonuses with Bitcoin

On the other hand, there are the no deposit bonus offers, which do not require you to make any deposit before claiming the offer. However, this type of bonus, in most cases, is exclusive to players who have just joined the Bitcoin casino.

Bitcoin Casino Games

As it stands, there are a lot of casino games you can play at a Bitcoin casino. These games are usually offered by different providers in the industry. That said, some games are better than others, so you should a casino that features games from top providers.

If you choose the right casino game, you will find it easy to play, as well as enjoy, a wide range of special features. We have mentioned some of the top online casino game genres that you can choose to play in the list below.

  • Online slots
  • Table games
  • Live dealer games
  • Scratch games

Bitcoin Casino Game Providers

As we have mentioned, casino games are developed by a wide range of providers. Some of them are head and shoulders above others. So, you need to choose games from the top brands out there if you would like to get the best possible playing experience.

Some of the industry’s best providers include NetEnt, Microgaming, Novomatic, Amatic, Yggdrasil, Play’n GO, and Betsoft, among others. Among these listed providers, you will find a range of online casino games that you can choose to play at your preferred Bitcoin casino.

How to Spot Top Bitcoin Casinos

As we’ve stated, if you want to get a good playing experience you need to choose the right casino to join, and these days, there are a lot to choose from. As a result, it is crucial that you can easily spot a top Bitcoin casino.

For a start, you need to check to see if the casino is licensed before you proceed. Once that’s done, you can begin to check the common features of top Bitcoin casinos. The list below shows the common traits you will find at the best Bitcoin casinos.

  • They offer mouth-watering bonuses
  • They have a large collection of casino games
  • The casino partners with the best providers
  • They also have outstanding customer service.

Security and Fairness

One of the most important things when it comes to online casinos, in general, is security and fairness. Therefore, you need to ensure that the casino you choose is completely safe and secure, as well as fair to the players who join it.

To know if the casino is secure, the first thing you check is whether the site makes use of the latest SSL technology. Once that is confirmed, you need to go on ahead to see if the licence the casino holds is from a reputable jurisdiction.

Licences and Certification

As it stands, there are numerous licences an online casino can get. However, it’s recommended that you only join the ones with reputable licences, especially from the UKGC. The UK Gambling Commission is one of the industry’s highest-respected authorities and you can trust them to keep you safe.

Responsible Gambling

In addition to the licence, ensure that the casino is a responsible gambling ambassador. That way, you will find it easy to self-exclude from the casino anytime you find yourself exhibiting addition traits. Also, look at the different organisations the casino partners with.

What’s More

Bitcoin as a payment method gives players the liberty to maintain anonymity when they play. In addition to that, the payment option offers fast payouts and high security. Also, when you pay with Bitcoin, you may not need to pay any charges for transactions.

Apart from Bitcoin, you can also use other cryptocurrencies to make payments at an online casino. Impressively, these other types give you the same fast payout and high security that you receive when you choose to use Bitcoin. Simply create a crypto wallet to get started.

Bitcoin: A Brief Overview

Initially, BTC or Bitcoin was first seen in 2009, but it emerged as a modern form of decentralised currency in 2011. Bitcoin is different from traditional currencies like the Euro, Great British Pound and Dollars as it does not use any 3rd party.

Unlike the other forms of currency, BTC does not have any central bank, and its functionality is based on the peer-to-peer marketplace. Bitcoin has suffered in the past because of its volatile nature and has see-sawed in price.

Which has now seemed to level out, now its popularity is growing with every single day. As a result, many of the reputed online casinos have begun offering Bitcoin as one of their payment options.

Today Bitcoin Casinos are one of the latest emerging trends amongst online players. One of the biggest reason for the popularity of these casinos is the fact that cryptocurrency has become a secure banking method for hassle-free online transactions.

It helps players maintain their anonymity over the deposits and withdrawals. At the same time, the funds are processed in real-time, and there is no need to wait.

Bitcoin Casinos and how it works

For the past decade, several casino operators not on Gamestop have dipped their toes in the cryptocurrency pool. While some of them have chosen to embrace this digital currency as their sole banking method, other operators have included Bitcoin as one of their payment options for deposits and withdrawals. Since Bitcoin hasn’t been around for a very long time, there are very few Bitcoin Casino that is worth considering.

5 Reasons to Play at a Bitcoin Casino:

  1. Cryptocurrency allows players to control their bankroll correctly and prevents over-spending.
  2. Deposits are processed within seconds and players can start placing real money wagers immediately without any period of waiting.
  3. Withdrawals are also instant, the money is credited to a Bitcoin wallet soon after making the request.
  4. Players can choose from many games that include slots, table and card games, live dealer games, scratch cards and much more.
  5. There are several generous welcome bonuses and other promotions.
  6. Making Deposit at a Bitcoin Casino

How to Create a Bitcoin Wallet

Players must have a Bitcoin Wallet before they can start placing online transactions at BTC Casinos. The wallet can be set up through the Bitcoin site only. It is important to note there are two types of wallets available – web-based wallets and a desktop wallet. We recommend using the web-based wallet because the desktop wallet requires the installation of software and is cumbersome to use. Players would have to give their email address and a password to create the web-based wallet. Same as any other e-wallet like Skrill, PayPal or Neteller, the Bitcoin Wallet can be used for making online transactions.

Load the Bitcoin Wallet with Bitcoins

Once the Bitcoin account is created, the next step is to visit the official BTC site and purchase some Bitcoins. There are several ways to top up the Bitcoin wallet like Bitcoin Exchange, Mining Bitcoins, Bitcoin ATMs and Over the Counter, for example.

Registration at a Bitcoin Casino

Once the Bitcoin wallet is created, and it is adequately funded, the next step is to select a Bitcoin Casino and complete the registration process. It takes less than 2 minutes to complete the registration process. After verifying the account credentials, visit the Cashier Section of the casino and select Bitcoin as the payment method for online deposits and withdrawals.

Depositing Funds at Bitcoin Casino

Now the final step is to make the online transaction to start playing some casino games for real money. Unlike other payment methods that require entering card details, there is no such thing with Bitcoin. Instead, BTC utilises a Bitcoin Address to transfer funds between the player and the casino operator.

The address features a series of numbers and letters ranging between 27 and 38 characters long. Open the Bitcoin Wallet and choose the ‘Send Money’ option. After that, fill in the details about the amount to deposit along with an email address. Click on Confirm and the funds would be processed immediately.

Making Withdrawals at Bitcoin Casino

• Login the Bitcoin Casino
To withdraw the winning funds, the first and foremost thing to do is to log in to the Bitcoin Casino using the credentials. After that, go to the Cashier Menu and select on the Withdrawal icon.

• Enter Bitcoin Address
The operator will prompt to enter the Bitcoin Address in a marked field. After clicking on the Confirm button, the casino will initiate the process to transfer the funds from the casino account to the Bitcoin address.

• Completing the Transaction
The last step is to wait for the transaction request to process and get it transferred to the Bitcoin Wallet. It usually takes roughly 24 hours for the process to be completed.

Benefits of Using Bitcoin at Online Casino

  • Privacy:
    Bitcoin is a decentralised currency which means no bank or any government body has any authority over the transaction. It means that the Bitcoin transaction would not be visible anywhere. Just provide details about the Bitcoin Wallet where the coins are stored, and you are good to go. At the same time, there are several storage units available to store this cryptocurrency like KeepKey, Trezor and Ledger Nano S, among others.
  • Low Fees:
    Apart from keeping the banking details and sensitive information of the player safe, Bitcoin also offers meager transaction fees. The online transactions involving Bitcoin are kept on a public ledger known as Blockchain. It is a database for all cryptocurrencies and keeps track of the transactions of users. The fees are minuscule and used for the maintenance and smooth operation of Blockchain.
  • Blazing Fast Transactions:
    As we have already mentioned earlier that Bitcoin is completely decentralised, the overall time duration to process the transaction is quite less as compared to other payment methods. While some flat currencies can take from several hours to a few days to process, fund processing is instant with Bitcoin as there are no intermediaries involved. The money is credited to the Bitcoin Wallet as soon as the operator authorises the transaction. It is important to note that Blockchain processes each batch of the transactions and the reading speed varies from a few minutes to several hours. Even if the money is not processed instantly, the funds are processed in the minimum time frame as compared to other banking methods.
  • Security:
    While using Bitcoin, the casino operator would not ask for any personal or confidential data to process the deposit or withdrawals. They would only require the cryptocurrency wallet address and email ID to confirm the payment. So, there is no further information that needed to be submitted at the online casino, and hence it minimises the risk of cyber threats or the stealing of confidential data.

Some Disadvantages of Using Bitcoin at Casino

Bitcoin is an extremely volatile currency where its exchange rate can move up or come down drastically by the day. If Bitcoin moves positively against the dollar, then players would benefit and vice versa.

At the same time, withdrawals through Bitcoin can be time-consuming in comparison to the credit/debit cards. This is because several online casinos try to process the withdrawal request manually to avoid any security loopholes.

The number of online casinos that accept Bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals is currently low but growing daily. Players would probably have to invest some time to find a selection of Bitcoin Casinos that will suit their online gaming requirements.

Summary of Bitcoin Casinos

Whether you are an avid Bitcoin user or you are just want to start using it, we highly recommend this cryptocurrency for online casino gaming.
Not only will you benefit from some very tempting no deposit bonuses and promotions as that’s just the beginning.

The house edge at Bitcoin casinos is lower than its traditional counterparts, so your chances of winning are more significant. So, what are you waiting for? So register today at your favourite Bitcoin Casino and get ready for an immersive online gaming experience!

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