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Best Casino Sites UK - Online Casino 2018Best Casino Sites UK - Online Casino 2018

Welcome to the best guide to online casino sites UK! On Casinomir we guide you to the best casino sites and games for casinos online. You will find reviews on Internet Gambling websites and casino games such as table games and slot machines. Find a complete guide of all the casino bonuses and free spins promotions for UK gamblers.

We offer a lot of great deals in our list and we add new casinos each week with new generous offers. Get a flying start on your casino journey with the help of this guide. advocate responsible gambling and only work with safe and secure online casino sites. Read our guides to find the best websites to play roulette, blackjack and slot machines online this year. Look around the site and start winning real money today!

Find and Compare the Best Online Casinos for UK PlayersFind and Compare the Best Online Casinos for UK Players

We are an independent guide and base our ratings on several parameters. This websites aim is to provide UK gamblers with the best guide to online casino. We only list and recommend safe and secure casino websites and would not promote Internet Casino who cannot live up to our standards. A license from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission is one of the most important things to take into consideration.

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The most popular casino games right now in the UK are traditional table games like roulette and blackjack. You can play these games against a real-life dealer in the live casino lobby. Another popular type of games are slot machines from providers such as NetEnt and Microgaming. They can be played both from your computer and in the mobile casino. These are some of the things we look at when making our judgement on the best online casino UK websites.

  • Bonuses and Free Spins
  • Website theme and design
  • Safety and Security
  • Licenses
  • Casino Games
  • Customer Service
  • Mobile Casino
  • Payment Methods

To find the best online casino in the UK is not easy. The United Kingdom has long been regarded as a gambling nation and by every year more people play online casino. Compared with other countries we have a lot of experience when it comes to gambling online on casino sites. This also means there are many online gambling websites to choose from. Many can be tested already upon registration by using a free spins no deposit offer.

Top 8 New Casinos

£10 000 MAX BONUS
21 Casino
1st Deposit Bonus 121 % UNLIMITED BONUS
+ 10 Extra Spins
£6 000 MAX BONUS
Bronze Casino
1st Deposit Bonus 200% Bonus up to £2000
+ 50 Spins
2nd Deposit Bonus 100% Bonus up to £2000
+ 20 Spins
3rd Deposit Bonus 150% Bonus up to £2000
+ 30 Spins
£1 250 MAX BONUS
Signup Bonus 20 Free Spins No Deposit
1st Deposit Bonus 200% Bonus up to £200
+ 50 Spins
2nd Deposit Bonus 100% Bonus up to £200
£1 200 MAX BONUS
1st Deposit Bonus 200% Bonus up to 600
+ 50 Free Spins
2nd Deposit Bonus 100% Bonus up to 300
+ 50 Free Spins
3rd Deposit Bonus 50% Bonus up to 300
+ 50 Free Spins
1st Deposit Bonus 200% Bonus up to £200 & 50 Spins
Bonus Code WELCOME200
£1 500 MAX BONUS
Casino Venetian
Signup Bonus £10 Free
1st Deposit Bonus 200% Bonus up to 1500 Euro
+ 30% Cashback
Signup Bonus £5 Free for New UK players
1st Deposit Bonus 100% Bonus up to £200
Wagering Reqmts 30x
£5 000 MAX BONUS
Casino Disco
1st Deposit Bonus 300% Bonus up to £500
2nd Deposit Bonus 100% Bonus up to £500
3rd Deposit Bonus 250% Bonus up to £500

Play Online Casino with a Casino BonusPlay Online Casino with a Casino Bonus

Playing online casino with a deposit bonus is today very common. Online casino sites like to market themselves to players by offering casino bonuses. The purpose of the bonus from the sites perspective is not to give away free money. It is to give the player an extra incentive to play and in addition, bigger chances of winning at their casino sites.

These are some of the most popular bonuses in the UK right now:

  • Registration Bonus
  • No Deposit Bonus
  • Free Spins
  • Deposit Bonus
  • Reload Bonuses
  • Cashback
  • VIP Bonus
The casino bonus is often tied to wagering requirements, which reduces the risk for the casinos. Usually you should wager the deposit a certain number of times before a withdrawal can be made. This does not mean that you should not use a bonus next time you play slots or table games online. Top UK Casinos will offer you several options to play with.

We have gathered a complete list of casino bonus offers for UK players this year. You can read all about the terms and conditions on each individual casino website review. If you want to learn more about online casinos, read our reviews, guides and news to get a better understanding of the industry. If you have more information you will more likely make better decisions.

Casino Venetians generous signup bonus

In the spotlight today is Casino Venetian, a brand new casino launched in June 2018. Venetian offers a modern Vegas inspired experience with live casino and a lot of great slots. For example you can play 28 Spins Later, a bad ass targeting zombie slot which brings a lot of gruesome zombies and weapons to the table. This awesome slot has been keeping me awake for a couple of nights, in more ways than one. I love it. Another great slot Venetian offers is Chubby Princess. This is a hilarious slot involving a beautiful princess that has a sweet tooth for chocolate and other sweets. If you have a sweet tooth for great cash prizes and fun slots, this is a treat you dont want to miss out on. Venetian really wants you to enjoy these great slots as well as their other casino games. Therefore they offer you a generous signup bonus of £10 free money. As if this bonus is not enough, they also present to you a 200% Bonus up to 1500 Euro + 30% Cashback on your first deposit. We will definitely keep our eyes on this classy casino, and of course keep you updated on other new casinos this summer. Click here to visit Casino Venetian!

2018-06-19  17:48:20

Rizk launches sportsbook just in time for the World Cup

Rizk Casino has been on the market for several years now. It has become known as an innovative casino with a huge game range. They belong to Gaming Innovation Group, which, in addition to Rizk, is also behind several successful gaming sites in recent years.You can choose from casino games from Microgaming, Net Entertainment, NextGen Gaming, PlaynGO, Quickspin, SG Interactive and Yggdrasil Gaming when it comes to slots and table games.Just to the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia, even the Norwegians behind Rizk are launching one of the best sportsbook products online. With a range of innovative features, you'll get a gaming experience beyond the usual.Do you think Brazil will be dancing samba all the way to the title or are other countries like Spain, France or Belgium able to stop Neymar, Gabriel Jesus and co?No matter what you think, you can go to Rizk directly and register an account and play with a bonus. Do not miss the summer's soccer festival and do not miss out on betting on the biggest top games!

2018-06-14  13:32:05

Bitcoin Currency Part 6

Show me the money. Where the money is there, it follows Wall Street; and cryptovalutor is no exception. The New York Stock Exchange recently filed an application from the SEC for the permission to launch two Stock Exchange Funds, ETFs, which will shadow bitcoin futures and give investors the opportunity to both shine and invest in the cryptovalutan without direct ownership, reported Business Insider. How do I get bitcoins? Or is everything just a big "scam"?Gold rush or bankruptcy? When it comes to criticism, Bitcoin's fate in 2018 depends on the willingness of private investors to deposit money in good faith - no matter what question. Why scrape a return of 3 percent on boring stock companies when you can get home 1500 percent in a month? At the same time, the risk seems to be as big as everything collapses and it becomes a "cryptovinter", as Jeff Garzik, an early bitcoin pioneer, recently predicted Dagens Industri. Trading platforms such as Coinbase, eToro and Gemini are becoming increasingly popular when the hype takes place. The Bitcoin fever went to Sweden this fall, when the company XBT Providers bitcoin certificate in December was among the most traded securities of Avanza and Nordnet. Now about 40,000 Swedish-owned bitcoins are valued at around SEK 2 billion, according to Claes Hemberg, Savings Economist at Avanza. How does crypto currencies work:The key building blocks in bitcoin and other crypto currencies are that they are decentralized, anonymous and without transaction costs (the latter has been attacked this year). All builds are based on the blockchain technique, or the block chain - a digital logbook that records each transaction in a long chain of code, which in turn consists of encrypted blocks.  When bitcoin changes owner, a traceable "record" is created that cannot be changed afterwards. Satoshi Nakamoto's great genius is believed to be in the fact that he with the block chain solved the "double spending" issue, that is, the same bitcoin cannot be spent twice. In addition, Nakamoto limited the proportion of bitcoins to 21 million, and created smart incentives for programmers to recover - and rewarded with - bitcoins by solving algorithms through so-called 'proof of work'. At the moment, the proportion of bitcoins is halved according to a fixed schedule, which causes the last coin to be recovered in 2140. This system, with a fixed number of coins, has made it possible to cryptically speak of a 'digital gold' - an alternative way of storing value (given that enough people really give value to bitcoin).

2018-05-06  11:01:44

Bitcoin Currency Part 5

Business Insiders British editorial editor Jim Edwards writes that bitcoins' illiquidity can be a huge problem when the bubble bursts. When all investors go out at the same time through an extremely narrow emergency exit, it becomes panic, he says. The graph below shows how the waiting times for transactions have increased as the bitcoin price.           Environmental villain. According to the Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index, which measures the amount of energy used to wreck, or "mine" bitcoin, crypto currency now extinguishes more energy than 19 different European countries, including Denmark. The reason for the amount of energy is the complex algorithms like bitcoin "miners" must solve, which requires more computer capacity. Other problem areas have emerged during the year, not least hacker attacks against large bitcoin brokers - which resulted in thousands of people losing their holdings in the currency. Time for ETF. Whatever the Bank tops on Wall Street, interest in investors and stock exchanges worldwide has flourished this year. There are now hundreds of hedge funds actively speculating in bitcoin. Earlier in December, Chicago-based brokerage agency CBOE launched the world's first bitcoin futures, ie securities that allow people to speculate in crypto futures price movements without actually owning them. The interest should have been great, but many are the ones who ask what happens if a bubble hits a derivative market, which, in line with Lehman crash 2008, may manifestly worsen the consequences of a possible price crash. The week after CBOE, the broker CME Group followed up with its own futures contracts.The CBOE has recently followed up its futures launch with the application to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to release six different ETF instruments that will shadow bitcoin futures.             

2018-05-06  11:00:57

Bitcoin Currency Part 4

What is a bitcoin really? The discussion goes. Is it a currency? A commodity? An asset? A digital asset for value storage? What bitcoin really is supposed to be a relevant issue for everyone who puts their sparrows in the wet. We know that it has no direct underlying value - but it has the money we are using today nor for that matter, many mean it. Although bitcoin is called digital currency, its characteristics, according to many experts, have more similarities to gold than crowns and dollars. It's just because it's hard to accept bitcoin as a means of payment. Morgan Stanley recently wrote in an analysis that the true value of bitcoin "may well be zero" just because. However, the bank acknowledged that bitcoin may become a digital asset for value-added. Many industry insiders, including Christoffer de Geer, founder of the Swedish bitcoin broker BTCX - recently in Di Digital, responded to speech to Nordea chief von Koskull - as many of his colleagues in the industry argue that crypto currencies is first and foremost a protocol in line with the internet. Among the Swedish bitcoin community, where a front figure is YouTube star Ivan Liljeqvist, the bitcoin speculation eliminates attention from its greater potential. According to Liljeqvist, currencies such as bitcoins, which are not controlled by states and apply everywhere on earth, can be what gives the poor of the world a voice in the financial markets. Transaction costs. As trade in bitcoin has increased, it has become slower and more expensive to buy and sell the coins. According to Business Insider, it takes an average of 4.5 hours to register a bitcoin transaction on the block chain, while it may cost up to $ 250 to make a transaction. Both the block chain expert Magnus Kempe, as well as founder Emil Oldenburg have emphasized. Similar problems, of course, affect other crypto currencies. Early bitcoin developer Jeff Garzik recently told Di that bitcoins "childhood diseases" should be remedied, and in December, he launched a new altcoin with shorter transaction times: united bitcoin.

2018-05-06  11:00:12

Bitcoin Currency Part 3

During the fall, there was a political war between bitcoin and bitcoin cash camps, not least after the Swedish bitcoin veteran and co-founder Emil Oldenburg revealed to Breakit that he sold all the bitcoins to switch to bitcoin cash ( advocates bitcoin cash today). Bitcoin Cash is today the fourth most valuable currency and recently experienced a strong upturn after Coinbase, the leading crypto broker, made the currency available for trading. "Avoid like the plague". Many are the Wall Street veterans who feel the threat of crypto currencies and went to a hard attack in the fall. "Avoid like the plague," said Vanguard founder Jack Bogle, while Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan, said his bitcoin is "a fraud" and promised to give the boot to the trader who was dealing with them. Nordeach Casper von Kosull has been firmly disturbed by bitcoin: he recently called the "bitcoin" for an "absurd design" and pointed to the risks it could affect the financial system. On the academic front, Nobel Prize Winners Joseph Stiglitz and Paul Krugman have given the currency a proper blow, aimed at the fact that bitcoin is completely unregulated. Following some more cautious introductory comments from Goldman Sachs boss Lloyd Blankfein, the news came the hello week: the investment bank will open a trading desk for crypto currencies. Bitcoin bonanza in the east. Bitcoin and crypto currencies are governed in much of what is happening in Asian.  South Korea accounts for as much as one-fifth of global trade and is one of the world's top trading venues for crypto currencies. Deutsche Bank estimates that about 40 percent of all trade in crypto currencies in the fall was made by Japanese men in the 30s to 50s. When looking at the actual bitcoin recovery, China is dominant. More than 70 percent of bitcoin mining pools, computer networks that solve the algorithms that give rise to new bitcoin, are currently in China, according to Jordan Rochester at the investment bank Nomura.

2018-05-05  21:16:15

Bitcoin Currency Part 2

Among the richest bitcoin magnates are the twins Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss - best known for the controversy with Mark Zuckerberg on the copyright to Facebook (filmed in Social Network). The two brothers received proper compensation in the trial against Zuckerberg and invested early $ 11 million in bitcoin - an investment that grew to $ 1.3 billion today. "We're not going to sell until bitcoin is worth at least as much as gold, or about $ 380,000 dollars per coin," Tyler Winklevoss told the New York Times recently. "Anyway then." Bitcoin's father Satoshi Nakamoto, whoever he is, is estimated to own bitcoin worth $ 20 billion. In the wake of bitcoin, many other crypto contractors have created their own coins, and these have been released to the public through Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). A wave of money has swarmed into these alternative crypto currencies, "altcoins" and made ICOs this year exceeded the amount of money invested by world venture capitalists. Among the 1360 different altcoins available today are the most famous pieces Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Dash and Zcash - most are variations on bitcoin. The differences between the coins are primarily technical, and differ from current issues such as smart contracts, the amount of coins, the size of memory blocks where the transactions are stored and more. Bitcoin is by far the largest crypto currency market today, accounting for about 265 billion of the crypto currency market's total capitalization of $ 600 billion (5 trillion), according to        Bitcoin Cash. After unsuccessful attempts to fix bitcoin's slow transaction times and high costs, in August, a so-called "hard fork" of bitcoin, the launch of bitcoin cash, was launched. The new crypto auction was received as a kind of new issue: Everyone who owned 100 bitcoin suddenly got 100 in bitcoin cash.

2018-05-05  19:14:39

Bitcoin Currency Part 1

Did you miss the bitcoin hysteria? Here are some tips that you need to know. Last year it increased in value by over 1500%. In addition to Trumps escapades, fake news and hurricanes, the progress of bitcoins and crypto currencies is the great news when 2017 is summarized. Bitcoin was a long time just as well well-known and the cryptoanists were cared for. But with the rocket-like upturn, the world's media, banks and small savers have opened their eyes to what was launched in 2008 by a mythical programmer who called himself Satoshi Nakamoto. The subject of crypto currencies leaves hardly anyone untouched. Wall Street executives at Citi to JP Morgan to Vanguard are talking about clever currency as a "plague", "a fraud", something "for criminals" while tech magnates like Bill Gates see the potential of bitcoin and its underlying technology - the block chain - which is believed to be a of the coming decade's major breakthrough. At the same time, bitcoin has no underlying value; few understand how it works; It is completely unregulated, and can fluctuate in price by tens of percent within a day. Is this 2000's tulip bubble, or a revival of the IT boom? Or are we witnessing the beginning of a totally digitized economy?Hang on the thriller that was 2017 and take on the unprecedented course of events that made the crypto currencies mainstream. At present, the annual return on bitcoin is more than 1500 percent. Its first step had the bitcoin peak peak at around a thousand dollars a coin a few years earlier. With the unprecedented price hike, a little bit of early bitcoin investors have made a lot of wealth - at least for the moment. It is estimated that about 1000 people own 40 percent of all bitcoins.

2018-05-05  19:13:20

How to Start Playing at a Top Online Casino in the UKHow to Start Playing at a Top Online Casino in the UK

Today it is very easy to browse the Internet. It is not a problem to find the services you are looking for online. To get started with betting and casino is as simple as anything else. All you need to do in order to get started is to follow this simple step-by-step guide.

  1. Define what you are looking for in terms of promotions and bonuses.
  2. Find a casino site in our list with a design and theme that appeals to you.
  3. Look through the review and ratings of the UK online casino you have chosen.
  4. Press “Play Now” to come to the casino website.
  5. Sign up by using correct information in the registration format.
  6. Go to the game selection of the site and find the game you like.
  7. Use a no deposit bonus or make a deposit to play real money casino.
  8. Not for you? Come back to Casinomir and find another UK casino site that suits you better.

An Internet Casino, also known as “online casino” or “virtual casino”, is an internet version of traditional land-cased casinos. Online casinos allow players to bet money on casino games through the internet. The online casinos usually offer players better odds and RTP (Return to Player) than their land-based counterparts, the reason behind this is that online casinos have lower costs.
Every player have a different opinion on what a good online casino is. So you have to ask yourself the question, what kind of online casino do you want to play at? In general however, the best casinos are often the big brands. They have a large number of casino games, a well-established support functionality and many different payment methods. If you are a new casino player, we recommend you to start at one of the big brands.
The most important thing that you should check before playing, does the casino have a casino license? This is very important because a casino license can only be given to serious and safe online casinos. At our site we only list safe and secure casinos with a casino license.
In general, you have to fill in your personal information and confirm your account via e-mail. But there are also other ways, some casinos demands that you connect your Facebook account to the casino in order to register and some casinos demands that you have to send a copy of your ID to the casino. Usually it often takes between 5-10 minutes to create an account.
If you play at an online casino you want to have fast payouts / cash outs. Some casinos are offering instant payouts with just one click. When you are choosing a new casino check out their payment methods before. Some casinos have a limit of how much money you can withdraw each day/week/month. If you are a high-roller these limits will probably increase.
It depends. If you are British citizen and play at an online casino with a casino license it’s 100% legal. All of your winnings are totally tax-free. In some countries however, gambling online is forbidden regardless where you are from. So when you are visiting other countries, make sure that you know and understand the laws regarding gambling online.
Today there are more online casinos than ever here in the UK and as a player it’s not always easy to sort out the good ones from the bad ones. We are experts at casinos online and when we compare casinos we take a couple of factors into consideration; payment methods, support, mobile casino, bonuses, casino games and the design of the site.
There are different types of casino bonuses. Some casinos have free spins without any requirements and you will receive these just by registering an account. You can win real money with this bonus and some players have even won millions. Another popular casino bonus is the deposit bonus and you will receive this bonus once you have made a deposit. Some casinos have up to five deposit bonuses.
When you make a deposit it’s important that the payment methods are safe, cheap, simple and fast. Every casino have different types of payment methods. The more payment methods a casino has, the better. Make sure that a casino supports your favourite method.
At our site we only list casino sites with a casino license, this means that all of your winnings are totally tax-free. However, there are some new dodgy casinos out there that you might have to pay tax on. Try to avoid these by just playing at a casino with a real license to avoid any trouble. All the serious casinos have a license in Malta, UK or Curacao.

Compare and find UK Casino SitesCompare and find UK Casino Sites

Today there are more new casino sites than ever in the UK. They all want to compete for the players by offering generous promotions. The casino sites keep evolving and many new gambling websites today offer a lot of entertainment. We aim to guide you to best new casino websites with the best bonuses and free spins offers.

In the list on this page you will find all the best online casinos in the UK, including many new casino sites. We try to update our list daily and to always keep the information up to date. When a new casino opens its door, we test it to make sure it meets our requirements. Vegas Luck Casino is one of the biggest casino releases this year. It is a cutting-edge casino site, created by a very experienced group of people.

As an online casino player, the options can easily overwhelm you and each week new casino sites and games are introduced. At Casinomir we are experts at online casinos and we offer the best bonuses and independent reviews for the top online casinos in the UK.

Everyone likes different types of casinos, some like slot machines and some prefer table games like roulette or blackjack. We have all the best casinos regardless and can promise you that you will find your next favourite casino here in our list.

Play Mobile Casino from your iPhone or Android PhonePlay Mobile Casino from your iPhone or Android Phone

Mobile Casino is something that has become more popular over the last ten years. People in the UK and other countries nowadays play online casino games from all sort of devices. These include smartphones and tablets from different brands. Most bonuses and promotions are equally good or even better when playing from the phone. These are the most popular types of mobile casino in the UK today:

  • iPhone Casino
  • iPad Casino
  • Android Casino
Slot machines are today the most popular mobile casino games. The casino game provider NetEnt introduced their new technology called Touch a few years back. NetEnt Touch set the standard for mobile casino in the 21st century. Read more about how you can play mobile casinos with no deposit required in our guide section on Casinomir.

Most mobile casino games can be played directly through your browser with no app download required. No matter you play mobile casino through your iPhone or Android phone, you can play most slot machines and table games that way. You can also access live casino games through your mobile devices. Read more about each online casino site and their mobile casino options in our review section.

Why Casinomir Provide the Best Guide to Online GamblingWhy Casinomir Provide the Best Guide to Online Gambling

Casinomir is always trying to give a good and unbiased guide to online casino. Our greatest passion in this life is casinos online. We have a lot of experience within the industry and each day we try out new online casinos and exciting casino games. If they are good enough we put them up at our site and give them independent reviews.

We rate all the best online casinos based on several parameters. The most important ones are the casino games, payment methods, customer support, bonuses, mobile casino and the design of the casino site. Our website is designed so that you can compare all the top UK casinos according to what you think is important.

We help online gamblers to:

  • Find the best casinos online in the United Kingdom.
  • Get the largest amount of free spins and the highest casino bonuses possible.
  • Learn more about the online casino market.
  • Stay updated with the latest information through our news section.
  • Tax-free casino winnings online.
The casinos that we list are all 100 % safe and secure. Every online casino website in our list have a license in the UK, Malta or in Curacao, which means that all your winnings are tax-free. We also ensure payment methods and customer service is at a satisfying level.

For you to find the best casino sites, we have worked hard to rate all the Internet casinos and provide you with all the information you need. This will save you a lot time. We are totally independent and want you to take part of fun casinos with great promotions.

Train Play on the train...
Coffee shop in the coffee shop...
Beach or on the beach...

The casinos that we list are all 100% safe and secure. Every online casino website in our list have a license in the UK, Malta or in Curacao, which means that all your winnings are tax-free. For you to find the best casino sites, we have worked hard to rate all the Internet casinos and provide you with all the information you need. This will save you a lot time. We are totally independent and want you to take part of fun casinos with great promotions.

Online Casinos 2019 – The Future of Online GamblingOnline Casinos 2019 – The Future of Online Gambling

Playing casino online is nowadays something that anyone with an internet connection and a computer or smartphone can enjoy. The amount of casino games that are available today have skyrocketed. There are now more casino games, more online casino sites and many more players than it was just a few years ago.

There are several reasons behind this, but the two most important ones are the fun games and the accessibility thanks to mobile casino play. In 2019 the development is likely to continue with even more innovations. The casino games are very likely to develop even further and more new online casinos will launch. There are also a few other trends that are likely to reach online casino soon.

Many people predict that Virtual Reality (VR) and Bitcoin will be things to look out for even when it comes to future online casino. The VR casinos will keep on developing more realistic worlds for the casino players, whereas the Bitcoin Casinos will simplify the transaction process, when making deposits and withdrawals from your player account. This is done by using the Blockchain technology. Keep an eye on our news section on Casinomir to follow the latest developments.

Responsible Gaming at Casinomir.comResponsible Gaming at

Our belief at Casinomir is that playing casino should be a fun experience and not a problem. The casinos we are working with in the United Kingdom offer services on their websites, where you can set limits for deposits and stakes per day, week or month.

You can also exclude yourself completely from the casino if you need a break from your gambling. This ban can be set in several different time intervals. These are some easy steps to take if you feel that you have a problem with your online gambling.

  • Take the help of a friend / family member.
  • Identify how much money you have spent on gambling.
  • Make a monthly budget.
  • Contact the online casino website and tell them about your problem and get gambling limits.
  • Be honest to everyone.
  • Do something else when you want to gamble.
If you feel that you don’t have control over your gambling, please contact the online gambling sites customer service to get help to set your responsible gaming limits. All games shown on and all our partner sites are only allowed for people over 18 years and it is strictly forbidden to hold an account or to play for money before your 18th birthday. Stay responsible and be careful, we wish you the best of luck!