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Welcome to Casinomir, the best guide to casinos online in the UK! You will find reviews on Internet casino sites and games such as table games and slot machines. Find a complete guide of all the casino bonuses and free spins promotions for UK gamblers.

We offer a lot of great deals in our list and we add new casinos each week with new generous offers. Get a flying start on your casino journey with the help of this guide. Read our guides to find the best sites to play roulette, blackjack and slot machines online this year. Look around the site and start winning real money today! advocates responsible gambling and only work with safe and secure online casino sites.

Online Casinos UK Reviewed and ComparedOnline Casinos UK Reviewed and Compared

We provide a casino guide and base our ratings on several parameters. This website´s aim is to provide UK gamblers with the best guide to online casino. We only list and recommend safe and secure casinos. We would not review a site that cannot live up to our standards. A license from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission is one of the most important things to take into consideration.

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The most popular casino games right now in the UK are the more traditional such as roulette and blackjack. You can play these against a real-life dealer in the live casino lobby. Other popular games are slot machines from providers such as NetEnt and Microgaming. They can be played both from computer and smartphone. These are some of the things we look at when making our judgement on the best UK online casino sites.

  • Promotions and campaigns
  • Website theme and design
  • Safety and Security
  • Licenses
  • Game Selection
  • Customer Service
  • Mobile Play Options
  • Payment Methods
Online Casinos UK Reviewed and Compared

To find the best online casino in the UK is not easy. The United Kingdom has long been regarded as a gambling nation and by every year more people play online casino. Compared with other countries we have a lot of experience when it comes to gambling online on casino sites. This also means there are many online gambling sites to choose from. Many can be tested already upon registration by using a campaign offer.

Top 8 New Casinos

Volt Casino
1st Deposit Bonus 50 Spins Wager Free
Wagering Reqmts 35x
Getlucky Casino
1st Deposit Bonus 100% Bonus up to £50
Wagering Reqmts 35x
1st Deposit Bonus 150% Bonus up to £500
2nd Deposit Bonus Exclusive Offer
Wagering Reqmts 35x
1st Deposit Bonus 200% Bonus up to £100
+ 50 Spins
2nd Deposit Bonus 100% Bonus up to £100
3rd Deposit Bonus 100% Bonus up to £500
Fun Casino
Signup Bonus 11 Fun Spins
1st Deposit Bonus 100% up to 499
+ 100 Spins
2nd Deposit Bonus 50% up to 499
Signup Bonus £5 Free for New UK players
1st Deposit Bonus 100% Bonus up to £200
Wagering Reqmts 30x
No Bonus Casino
1st Deposit Bonus Always 10 % Cashback
£10 000 MAX BONUS
1st Deposit Bonus 100% Bonus up to £200
+ 200 Spins
2nd Deposit Bonus 50% Bonus up to £200
3rd Deposit Bonus 25% Bonus up to £300

UK Online Casinos List at CasinomirUK Online Casinos List at Casinomir

Playing online casino with a first deposit bonus is today very common. Online casino sites like to market themselves to players by offering casino bonus. The purpose of the promo from the sites perspective is not to give away free money. It is to give the player an extra incentive to play and in addition, bigger chances of winning at the best sites.

These are some of the most popular offers in the UK right now:
  • Registration Offer
  • No Deposit Bonus
  • Free Spins
  • First Deposit Bonus
  • Reload Bonuses
  • Cashback
  • VIP Promotion
UK Online Casinos List at Casinomir

The casino promotions are often tied to wagering requirements, which reduces the risk for the casinos. Usually you should wager the deposit a certain number of times before a withdrawal can be made. This does not mean that you should not use a bonus next time you play slots or table games online. Top UK Casinos will offer you several options to play with.

We have gathered a complete list of casino offers for UK players. You can read all about the terms and conditions on each individual review. If you want to learn more read our reviews, guides and news to get a better understanding of the industry.

Online Casino Compliance Policy

Casino license conditions are terms giving to licensees to follow before they are permitted to operate. These conditions include codes of practice, like compulsory terms needed for financial auditing and reporting, requirements giving by national and local laws, and also more specific details that relate to the premise and the type of gambling service they are offering.  Casino license conditions are often designed players safekeeping, to ensure that no law is broken, and to prevent gambling hazard. Licensees must agree to these conditions, and always stick to them at all times in order to avoid getting a financial penalty from the law. If a casino shows its compliance policy, it means that they follow the complete rules and regulation of an authorised regulatory body. The Gambling commissions control gaming activities that are within their locality and also prevent illegal practices like house cheating and biases.  They also require online casino application to be just and random, and they watch all offline activities using lottery hosts, bookmakers, and other gambling tools. Compliance is not only necessary with these legal bodies, but also with the local law itself. Casinos are required to always run in accordance with the legal requirements unless they would lose their license and be shut down.

2018-11-14  16:52:41

Information about Premise Casino License

A premise license is a permit that allows you to operate a specific kind of entertainment in a physical place. They are needed for services that serve alcohol, that provide live entertainment and also offers gambling services. A premises license is also required by the Gambling Commission or any relevant regulator, but it is given by local authorities.  If a gambling service or casino plans to run from a physical premise instead of going online, they are required to hold all correct paperwork. A premise license is required to only gambling services or casinos running or trading to public from a physical space. Since casinos usually offer gambling in addition to other types of entertainment, like a live entertainer, live music, and bars that serve alcohol. The premise license would cover all the aspects of any services sold, like selling of alcohol and permitting gambling take place.  Premises with a license are required to meet certain conditions but if these conditions are broken, the license would be revoked shortly as a form of sanction, or completely when it is a major offense. Premise licenses are required with gambling permits and other parts of the legislation. The premise license approved cannot be used in place of a gambling or casino license.

2018-11-14  16:52:04

Information about Gaming Licenses in the UK

A Gaming License is a form of license that enables someone to operate a gambling service like a casino or bingo hall that people can wager money. Prospective licensees in the UK can simply apply for a form on the UK Gambling Commission website.  With the licensee’s details, they need in-depth information about financial and legal issues. To know the exact cost of a license the applicant have to go through the process and use the Gambling Commission online calculator to work it out.  The Gaming Commission states that they issue two kinds of licenses; the operating license and the personal management license.These licenses can permit operators for these sectors; arcades, bingo, remote betting, remote bingo, remote casino, casino, remote lottery, gaming machines, lottery, and remote gaming machines.  The Gaming Commission website has information on how to meet with your license conditions for the various sector. For example, an online casino needs to have its customer account information, can show transactions, give rules of the game and winning expectation or how they can win, show result determination, added financial limits, and information on the policies and procedures should be available. Any breach of these licenses would result in a financial penalty against the licensee.

2018-11-14  16:51:34

Information about Operating Licenses

An operating license is also a permit given to companies that want to offer to its customer a form of gambling services by a relevant authority in that nation or state. Casinos, arcades, lottery game companies, and betting shops all require an operating license in order to run properly.  Most of the nations that allow gambling requires gambling companies to have a form of licensing. The correct legal permission is required for companies who want to start gambling services as part of their businesses or as the major part of their business. For the most part, countries that allow gambling have regulatory agencies. Together with having an operating license, there are usually some related permissions needed like licensed premises permit for offering entertainment and serving alcohol. These licenses and permits are often issued by the local authorities instead of the Gambling Commission. To get an operating license there are many factors like the credibility of the business and ability to follow the set rules.  Regulators can decide to reject an operating license request if there is a belief that the requirements are not meant. All of these separate licenses and permits must be gained before the gambling premises can be opened to the public for operations to commence.

2018-11-14  16:50:44

Information about Casino Licenses

Casino licenses are permits that allow gambling companies to run legally. They are given by a relevant gambling authority from the nation or state where the casino will be running. Casino licenses are needed to be able to operate any land-based gambling operation, and also there is a required form of casino license needed for online casinos.  To be licensed all operators must adhere to stern regulatory conditions, otherwise they would not be able to get their license. For any individual or company wanting to run a casino or gambling institute, they are required to get a casino license first to avoid getting shut down. These licenses are conditional, this means that operators need to work with federal and local laws and submit to all necessary taxation, also meeting all conditions given by the national regulator. Casino licenses are often connected to land-based casinos, though others like racetracks, arcades, and even public houses need a license to run commercial gaming.  Depending on the nation's regulatory body most premises that have just one or two machines might not need a casino license. To run online casinos, you need an operating license. Some regions require different types of licensing like operating licenses, gaming licenses, and premises licenses.

2018-11-14  16:50:16

Important Information about Baccarat

An advantage of playing online instead of a land based casino is that you do not have to worry as much for the details of the rules! The reason for this is partly because there are actually three versions of the game: Chemin de FerBaccarat BanquePunto Banco In Punto Banco you simply play against the house (the bank) and it does not matter if there are other players or not. Most often you will play the last version (sometimes listed only as Punto Banco) at online casinos, which means that you do not have to worry about the details of the rules when playing Baccarat online - you will play through a software such as automates everything (for example, a developed by NetEnt). All you need is the following basic Baccarat game rulesYou play against the house (the bank) and not against other players. The idea is to bet on who wins, you or the bank, so you can bet against yourself. The winner, the bank or the player, is determined by who gets the next 9 with the distributed cards. The odds are generally 1:1, if you bet 1 on the bank (ie not your own cards) and the bank gets 9 or closer to 9 than you win you will also win 1 (plus you will get back your bet).  There is actually a certain condition - the house usually takes a small percentage of winnings against the bank, 5%, so you should win 0.95 in 1 bet on the bank (winning bet on the player is paid without the house taking a stake). Finally, it is also possible that there will be a draw in the game (in English "tie"), as both players and banks get the same total value on their cards. This you can also bet on and the payout is 9:1 so that's something to take into account! And that's about what you need to know about Baccarat games!

2018-10-22  11:28:01

Good Baccarat Tips!

We also want to give you some Baccarat tips and maybe help you a little along the wayThe first thing you need to remember is that Punto Banco is a random game; There is nothing you can do to influence the game, you do not use your skill against other players, and counting cards is impossible because online games do not use real card packs, it's a computer program so there are no "used" cards. There is not really any winning strategy for baccarat online as doubling your bet every time you do not win and the popular avant dernier tactics to always bet on what happened in the previous round is also fruitless. But one thing worth mentioning when it comes to playing baccarat online is that there is a little more chance that the bank wins than the player does. There are also a few casinos that take a smaller share than 5%, or no share at all, and that increases your chances to win more!Generally, it's a good Baccarat strategy, and this applies to both online and land-based casinos, is to initially decide how much to win before you end and also decide a sum you can lose and end after that. So, for example, if you start playing with 100, you may want to quit when you have built up to 120, alternatively quit if you have less than 80. Both of these numbers are realistic and can be obtained in a short or long period of time. Both cases give you a sparkling gaming experience without going bankruptcy. You can also choose to try playing online baccarat online before you start playing with real money. Finally, if you want an even more interesting gaming environment, you can play with a live dealer which is the closest you can play to "real" without having to go to a casino. You have a video link with a dealer but still play from home (or wherever you are!) So it's an ideal way to play if you do not want to visit a casino and also to those who do not have a casino near you! And keep in mind that among the best strategies for Baccarat is to keep your head cold and stop when you're on top!

2018-10-22  07:28:54

Bet on eSport Part 6 of 6

Bonuses in all honors, but the fact is that if you are good at e-sports betting, or even living on your betting, it's not the bonuses you really want. If you always win, you do not want to cover your losses, but instead win as much as possible. What determines the profit margin on your bets is the odds - the higher the odds and the bet, the greater the amount at the checkout. The gaming companies that usually offer the best odds on e-sports are either those big enough to afford to give you a better payout, or those who are so skilled at e-sports and odds that they know exactly what margins they have to play with. There is usually nothing better or worse, but what odds you should choose has to do with the game style you have and your personal preferences. But everyone, of course, likes high odds except the casino when they lose! Today there are about ten titles in the e-sport that you can count on. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is the largest and most visible e-sport of all of them. The opportunity to make money on the internet through Counter-Strike is certainly nothing new, but today you'll find skin betting - a phenomenon that has caused everything from pooled jackpots to skin roulette, as well as many other types of betting that you will not find in common gaming company. League of Legends (LoL) is considered by many to have taken over the first place of Counter-Strike in terms of the number of active users, and LoL betting is likely to get as strong a boost as the betting on CS: GO has.

2018-09-26  10:42:27

Play at the Top UK Casinos OnlinePlay at the Top UK Casinos Online

Today it is very easy to browse the Internet. It is not a problem to find the services you are looking for online. To get started with betting and casino is as simple as anything else. Some casinos will give away free spins no deposit offers to new players. All you need to do to get started is to follow this simple step-by-step guide.

  1. Define what you are looking for in terms of promotions.
  2. Find a casino site in our list with a design and theme that appeals to you.
  3. Look through the review and ratings of the UK online casino you have chosen.
  4. Press “Play Now” to come to the site.
  5. Sign up by using correct information in the registration format.
  6. Go to the game selection of the site and find the game you like.
  7. Use a no deposit bonus or make a deposit to play real money casino.
  8. Not for you? Come back to Casinomir and find another UK casino site that suits you better.

An Internet Casino, also known as “online casino” or “virtual casino”, is an internet version of traditional land-cased casinos. Online casinos allow players to bet money on casino games through the internet. It usually offers players better odds and RTP (Return to Player) than their land-based counterparts, the reason behind this is that online have lower costs.
Every player has a different opinion on what a good online casino is. So, you have to ask yourself the question, what kind of casino do you want to play at? In general, the best casinos are often the big brands. They have many games, a well-established support functionality and many different payment methods. If you are a new player, we recommend you start at one of the big brands.
The most important thing that you should check before playing, does the website have a license? This is very important because a license can only be given to serious and safe online casinos. At our site we only list safe and secure casinos with a license.
In general, you have to fill in your personal information and confirm your account via e-mail. But there are also other ways, some sites demand that you connect your Facebook account to the casino to register and demand that you have to send a copy of your ID. Usually it often takes between 5-10 minutes to create an account.
If you play at an online casino you want to have fast payouts / cash outs. Some are offering instant payouts with just one click. When you are choosing a site check out their payment methods before. Some casinos have a limit of how much money you can withdraw each day/week/month. If you are a high-roller these limits will probably increase.
It depends. If you are British citizen and play at a website with a casino license it’s 100% legal. All your winnings are totally tax-free. In some countries however, gambling online is forbidden regardless where you are from. So when you are visiting other countries, make sure that you know and understand the laws regarding gambling online.
Today there are more online casinos than ever here in the UK and as a player it’s not always easy to sort out the good ones from the bad ones. We are experts and when we compare casinos we take a couple of factors into consideration; payment methods, support, mobile options, bonuses, games and the design of the site.
There are different types of promotions. Some casinos have spins without any requirements and you will receive these just by registering an account. You can win real money with this bonus and some players have even won millions. Another popular promo is the deposit bonus and you will receive this bonus once you have made a deposit. Some will have up to five deposit bonuses.
When you make a deposit it’s important that the payment methods are safe, cheap, simple and fast. Every website has different types of payment methods. The more payment methods a casino has, the better. Make sure that a site supports your favourite method.
At our site we only list casino sites with a license, this means that all of your winnings are totally tax-free. However, there are some new players out there that you might have to pay tax on. Try to avoid these by just playing at a casino with a real license to avoid any trouble. All the serious operators have a license in Malta, UK or Curacao.

Compare and find the Best UK Casino SitesCompare and find the Best UK Casino Sites

Today there are more casinos than ever in the UK. They all want to compete for the players by offering generous promotions. The casino sites keep evolving and many new gambling websites today offer a lot of entertainment. We aim to guide you to best casino websites with the best bonuses and offers.

In the list on this page you will find all the best online casinos in the UK. We try to update our list daily and to always keep the information up to date. When a new casino opens its door, we test it to make sure it meets our requirements.

As an online casino player, the options can easily overwhelm you. At Casinomir we are experts at online casinos and we offer the best bonuses and reviews for the top online casinos in the UK. We do also pay attention to who the best payout casinos are in the UK.
Compare and find the Best UK Casino Sites

Everyone likes different types of games, some like slot machines and some prefer table games like roulette or blackjack. We have all the best casinos regardless and can promise you that you will find your next favourite site here in our list.

Play from your iPhone or Android PhonePlay from your iPhone or Android Phone

Mobile Play is something that has become more popular over the last ten years. People in the UK and other countries nowadays play games from all sort of devices. These include smartphones and tablets of different brands. Most promotions are equally good, or even better. when playing from the phone. These are the most popular types of mobile casinos in the UK today:

  • iPhone Casino
  • iPad Casino
  • Android Casino
Slot machines are today the most popular mobile casino games. The casino game provider NetEnt introduced their new technology called Touch a few years back. NetEnt Touch set the standard for mobile casino in the 21st century. Read more about how you can play mobile casinos with no deposit required in our guide section on Casinomir.

Most mobile casino games can be played directly through your browser with no app download required. No matter you play mobile casino through your iPhone or Android phone, you can play most slot machines and table games that way. You can also access live casino games through your mobile devices. Read more about each online casino site and their mobile options on our site.

Why Provide the Best Guide Online 2018Why Provide the Best Guide Online 2018

Casinomir is always trying to give a good and unbiased guide to online casino. We have a lot of experience within the industry and each day we try out new and exciting casino games. If they are good enough, we put them up at our site.

We rate all the best online casinos based on several parameters. The most important ones are the games, payment methods, customer support, bonuses, mobile casino and the design of the site. Our website is designed so that you can compare all the top UK casinos according to what you think is important.

We help online gamblers to:

  • Find the best casinos online in the United Kingdom.
  • Get the largest amount of free spins and the highest casino bonuses possible.
  • Find Safe & Trusted Casinos
  • Stay updated with the latest information through our news section.
  • Tax-free winnings online.

Train Play on the train...
Coffee shop in the coffee shop...
Beach or on the beach...

The casinos that we list are all 100 % safe and secure. Every reviewed site in our list have a license in the UK, Malta or in Curacao, which means that all your winnings are tax-free. We also ensure payment methods and customer service is at a satisfying level.

For you to find the best casino sites, we have worked hard to rate all the Internet casinos and provide you with all the information you need. This will save you a lot time. We are totally independent and want you to take part of fun casinos with great promotions. If you come from New Zealand we recommend you to check out Kiwislots.

Online Casino 2019 – The Future of Casino SitesOnline Casino 2019 – The Future of Casino Sites

Playing casino online is nowadays something that anyone with an internet connection and a computer or smartphone can enjoy. The amount of games that are available today have skyrocketed. There are now more games, more sites and many more players than it was just a few years ago.

There are several reasons behind this, but the two most important ones are the fun games and the accessibility thanks to mobile play. In 2019 the development is likely to continue with even more innovations. The games are very likely to develop even further, and more new sites will launch. There are also a few other trends that are likely to reach online casino soon.

Many people predict that Virtual Reality (VR) and Bitcoin will be things to look out for even when it comes to future online casino. The VR technology will keep on developing more realistic worlds for the casino players, whereas the Bitcoin Casinos will simplify the transaction process, when making deposits and withdrawals from your player account. This is done by using the Blockchain technology. Keep an eye on our news section on Casinomir to follow the latest developments.

Responsible Gaming at Casinomir.comResponsible Gaming at

Our belief at Casinomir is that playing casino should be a fun experience and not a problem. The casinos we are working with in the United Kingdom offer services on their websites, where you can set limits for deposits and stakes per day, week or month. You can also exclude yourself completely if you need a break from your gambling. This ban can be set in several different time intervals. These are some easy steps to take if you feel that you have a problem with your online gambling.

  • Take the help of a friend/family member.
  • Identify how much money you have spent on gambling.
  • Make a monthly budget.
  • Contact the website and tell them about your problem and get gambling limits.
  • Be honest to everyone.
  • Do something else when you want to gamble.
If you feel that you don’t have control over your gambling, please contact the online gambling sites customer service to get help to set your responsible gaming limits. All games shown on and all our partner sites are only allowed for people over 18 years and it is strictly forbidden to hold an account or to play for money before your 18th birthday. Stay responsible and be careful, we wish you the best of luck!